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The sky was clear, the rain stopped, and the six-year-old felt that he could do it again.

This saying was basically a true portrayal of Mariks emotions at this time.

At the last second, he looked like he was going to be miserably cornered, but now his confidence had swelled and he felt that the situation was stabilized.

Just kidding, do you know how many people Marik has been in (referring to the brain)

The spiritual function of the Millennium Rod was still stable.

It allowed the holder to see the truth of anyones heart, see the darkest and most vulnerable corners of the other persons mind and make use of it, and even turn others into puppets at the mercy of the holder.

No matter how strong the soul was, there would always be weaknesses in the depths.

Now all Marik had to do is to find a weak point of Bakura that he could break through…

Marik: “…!!”

As previously said, he has read countless people and brainwashed at least hundreds of people, but so far he has never… seen such a strange mind.

Even if he felt weird, this was the fact that was presented to him—there was nothing in the heart of this boy that could be called a weakness.

What Marik saw here was darkness and only darkness.

It was boundless like an ocean, with pure hatred and anger, that seemed to devour everything.

Then in the dark depths, he saw a pair of eyes.

The scarlet color, as if the lord from the depths of hell looked at him maliciously, expecting him to go further and drag him into the dark abyss.

The next second, before he could react on his own, an instinct for danger made him involuntarily withdraw from Bakuras consciousness.

Marik was surprised to notice that he was sweating profusely before he knew it, and his clothes were soaked with sweat.

“Hahaha! Do you want to take advantage of the darkness in my heart” Bakura laughed, “Thats really unfortunate, I am the darkness itself!”

In a nutshell: my whole heart was black, how could you find anything else, let alone my weakness

The last resort was also countered.

At this time, Marik had completely lost his ability to resist.

Originally, he wanted to take advantage of Bakuras coma to get on his Millennium Ring, but now he was going to die first…

“Okay, hand over the Millennium Rod to me.” Bakura muttered, “Really, I should have done this a long time ago.

If I did, I would not lose a Shadow Game in vain…”

After all, the Great Evil God Zorc was not in his complete body by now, and the degree of resurrection was also limited.

Although the defeat of the Shadow Game couldnt eliminate him, it was still quite painful.

If he did not earn something like the Millennium Rod, even Bakura himself felt that his blood was at a loss.

However, when Bakura was ready to start harvesting, the situation reversed again.


Marik, who was cornered, hugged his head in pain and let out an indistinct growl.

The Millennium Rod, which had already dimmed, suddenly erupted again, and a transparent golden shock erupted.

Bakura was taken aback, hurriedly took a step back, and took a defensive stance.

“What” Bakura frowned.

“Hey~ yay…” Marik began to make a sound of unknown meaning, his body joints twisted at an unscientific angle, “kimoji (so comfortable)~”

Bakura had an expression of disgust on his face.

Whats up with this guy Did he want to pretend to be crazy and foolish to trick the

It didnt look like the case…

Marik suddenly laughed twice, and when he raised his head again, a golden eye-shaped mark was already lit up on his forehead.

His face twitched, his facial muscles began to pull in a gradually weird direction, and the overall aura made people instinctively feel bad.

If this was not intuitive enough, then you only needed to look at the explosive head on this guys head that automatically stands up like a Super Saiyan, and the hairstyle that has obviously become a true duelists style, and you could probably understand how his strength has skyrocketed…

This guys voice and expression have become completely different from just now as if he became a different person within a second.

Bakura, being an expert on Millennium Items, quickly guessed what happened: “You guy… have your personalities exchanged”

This was not too uncommon, many Millennium Items holders have two personalities.

For example, Yugi, or Bakura himself.

It was the dark personality that Marik had nurtured in his heart that appeared in front of Bakura at this time.

“I finally came out, hahahaha!!!”

Yami Marik was worthy of being the first brother of face art (1).

When he appeared, he first controlled his facial muscles to make an expression that was impossible for ordinary people and then laughed a few times in a vain manner.

Usually, because the elder brother Rishid shared the pain for Marik, the dark personality has always been suppressed by Marik in the depths of his heart.

At this time, in the competition with the dark power of Bakura, Marik was suppressed in all directions and forced into a desperate situation.

His instinct was stimulated, so the seal was lifted, and this personality found a gap and drilled out.

“Is it a dark personality this time” Bakura snorted disdainfully, “But its useless.

No matter how you change, the Millennium Rod is going to be my property from today!”

“Oh~ thats really good.” Yami Marik stretched out his tongue and licked the Millennium Rod, and chuckled softly, “Its really good to be able to move your muscles and bones as soon as you come out to breathe.

But I have to say it first, I am not easy to bully like that weak chicken who called himself Marik.

Bakura hummed and grabbed the Millennium Ring: “I cant ask for more.”

The two dark personalities confront each other, and the Millennium Items shine brightly.

Dark energy filled the room for a while as if the millennium war was about to break out at any time…

Then came the sound of footsteps outside the door.

“…It seemed to be the voice from Bakuras room just now!” It was the voice of Jonouchi.

Obviously, when the two dark bosses were clashing, the third game between Jonouchi and Kaiba was already over.

“Bakura! Are you okay” That was Anzus voice.

“Bakura!” What followed was obviously Yugi.

Yami Marik tilted his head towards the door and cut: “Is the nameless Pharaoh here It seems that you are really a lucky guy…”

Marik turned around again, only to find that the Bakura, who was just too hung up to compete with him, was already in bed at the speed of light, covered with the quilt, his eyes closed and motionless like a dead fish.

Marik: “…………”

Then the door opened.

Jonouchi rushed in first, and protected in front of Bakuras bed: “Marik! I was surprised that I didnt see you up there just now.

What do you want to do to Bakura!”

In theory, Bakura was actually a good classmate of Yugi and his friends, and he has a good relationship with them when he was not possessed by his evil personality.

The control of the body has also been exchanged before Yugi enters the door.

At this time, Yami Yugi is on the line.

The Millennium Puzzle hanging on his chest lit up with golden light, and at the same time stared at Marik coldly: “Marik, what do you want”

“Hmph, its boring.” Yami Marik put away the Millennium Rod and walked towards the door.

“Ah~, its boring, its boring.” He hummed as he walked, “Alright, Im almost ready for the game.

Who will be buried next to the darkness Hehehe…”

TLs note:


Face-art: Slang for the exaggerated facial expressions that were made by characters in manga/anime.


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