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“The pool is open! Snow Waves game is about to start, everyone can still bet now…”

Since the Battle City competition started, the player forum has been very lively.

At this time, Snow Wave and Miss Yuehua among the players were already furious.

As previously said, President Kaiba seemed to have made up his mind that this conference, his company would only pay and have no return, so they would not even have an online broadcast.

Therefore, everyone could only know the game status through the real-time battle report score.

But players were different.

Now all players knew that Yuei Vu brought a tool person who acted as a camera to participate in the competition, so Miss Yuehuas live broadcast room has become the only broadcast platform for the Battle City Competition.

So you could imagine how popular she was by now.

At this moment, Miss Yuehua followed Yuei Vu quietly and obediently like a little follower, her face flushed with excitement.

She looked at the audiences popularity in the live broadcast room, which had exceeded the usual ten times, and even the increase had not stopped.

Her whole person felt airy.

No, there are too many, I cant come in anymore… (referring to the audience)

If you continue to enter, it will be (happily) broken…

Before the game, Snow Wave looked at the posts on the forum and the large number of his fans who had followed the thread and nodded involuntarily.

As the only designated number one bootlicker around Yuei Vu… ah no, the head of the fan club, Snow Wave felt that he had reached the peak of his life.

Originally, as the only player who worked in the Dream Card shop, Snow Wave has already gained a lot of fame among players.

Now he has overcome all obstacles, fought against strong enemies, reached the top eight (in fact, he has abused a few passers-by through dog ** luck), and has ushered in a wave of popularity.

At this time, Snow Waves name was literally everywhere in the forum.

Especially after he played an Elemental HERO deck, he attracted a large number of diehard fans of the HERO archetype.

Snow Wave swiped the post and looked at the comments and IDs of the screwball players, and couldnt help showing a smirk like an idiot.

Take a look at the “Snow Wave, I love you” message… the player ID was “Yujiang, A Girl With Vitality”… must be a cute girl, right

From today onwards, I am also a man with fangirls! From this point of view, it is not impossible to get off the list of Incels!

…No, what am I thinking

Snow Wave shook his head, quickly cast off his distracting thoughts, and began to reflect on himself.

What about love It only slows down your drawing speed!

As everyone knows, most men who have girlfriends are suck at playing cards.

Besides, I have Yuei Vu-san!

Snow Wave, who gradually began to giggle, did not notice the knock on the door at all.

“Hello Player Snow Wave Are you in the room” A bodyguard of Kaiba Corp knocked on the door, “Its time for you to play.”

“…Huh Oh, oh.”

At this moment, Snow Wave regained his senses and quickly got up and came out.

Having come to this point, the knockout stage meant a lot to every contestant.

Everyone was very nervous before the game, locked in their own rooms to adjust their mentality and modified their decks.

Even the arrogant six-year-old Marik honestly made adjustments.

But Snow Wave was different.

He was sticking to his tactics until he got on stage…

This guy has been browsing the forum even on the way to the arena with the bodyguard.

On the duel stage, Yami Marik has already changed into his classic attire in black with a cloak, a wrinkled old face, and a non-mainstream white explosive head.

Seeing his opponent take the stage, he stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, and laughed twice.

“Looks like its decided to be you.” He said while giggling, “the next person who is about to be swallowed up by the darkness… becomes a sacrifice.

I cant wait any longer to see your face twisted with fear and plunged into endless despair…”

Yami Marik said with a grim smile again.

And then our Snow Wave… Snow Wave showed a foolish smirk again…

Yami Marik: “”

No, it doesnt matter if this guy is not afraid, why is he smiling there

Is he a fool

“…Ah Oh, sorry…” Snow Wave hurriedly closed the forum, “I just posted a reply… ah no, I was thinking about something.

What are you just talking about”

The six-year-old looked unhappy.

“Hmph.” Yami Marik tossed his cloak, “Youll know right away anyway…feel it with your body.”

Its really thanks to Snow Wave who knocked down Kujaku Mai, otherwise, if she had to fight Marik now, she would be tortured to death after a while…

“Then the last knockout match!” Uncle Isono raised his arms, “Snow Wave vs.

Marik Ishtar, start!”

A game between the gimmick HERO player and the six-year-old Tomb Kepper has officially kicked off.

Each player drew five cards from the deck.

Snow Wave drew the cards imposingly… and the cards in one hand were almost blown away by the oncoming gust of wind.

(Jonouchi cheered from the audience)

Snow Waves face was hurt.

MD, its all the fault of the presidents whimsical tricks.

If my precious card is blown away, can you make up for it

He even thought very maliciously that the president might have calculated that the card was easy to blow away, and specially arranged bodyguards to stand by at all times around the dueling platform.

when the sun god in Mariks little bastards hand was quilted.

As soon as it blows down, a group of big men pops up to pick it up…

Marik was the one who went first.

However, Marik was very handsome (and very self-contained), he just set two cards and didnt even summon a monster.

However, our Snow Wave player was even more handsome.

He directly passed the turn without playing even a card.

His speed was so fast that Marik mistakenly thought it was his first turn.

This was the essence of the legendary high-end skill “High-Speed ​​Duel”.

…well, he actually had a brick hand.

“By the way, what is Snow Wave doing” Someone in the live broadcast room felt strange.

“…brick hand accident.”

“What kind of brick hand that doesnt even have one card which can be set”

“Maybe three Fusion Gates and three Polymerizations”

“Then why doesnt he set a Polymerization as a bluff”


At this time, everyone in the audience was confused.

Mokuba: “Big brother, what is this man doing”

“…It must be his tactic.” Kaiba said with his arms crossed, “Maybe it is a specific tactic that needs to lure the opponent to attack or sell a part of LP before it can be triggered.”

Yugi also said: “Indeed, when Bakura was playing with me before, he deliberately let me attack to reduce a lot of LP, and then I found out that it was a terrifying tactic like the Destiny Board.

Maybe its a similar tactic now ”

Jonouchi pondered for a long time: “Could it be that he didnt even draw a monster that could be summoned”

Yugi shook his head: “No, this should be a deliberate tactical arrangement.”

Kaiba hummed disdainfully: “Humph! Sure enough, horse bone is still horse bone.

Only you can have such a naive and simple idea!”

He said so, but in fact, after the last game, President Kaibas recognition of Jonouchi has increased…

After all, he was the man who could snatch the White Bride from him! (though only for a short while)

What Dead draw Brick hand

Yugi and Kaiba said that they have never been exposed to such a concept.

The duelists who made it to the Battle City quarter-finals were all strong.

If it wasnt for a deliberately arranged strategy, how could anyone be unable to play a single card


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