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“Fusion Summon! Elemental HERO Nova Master!”

It was an Elemental HERO who was in red and gold armor, his face was wrapped by the visor of the helmet, and the red cloak behind him rose and fell with the scorching waves.

The moment he appeared, he brought scalding lava that spread across the ground, and the air seemed to be distorted by the high temperature it carried.

Obviously, it’s just a virtual image, but even just watching the hero’s appearance made people feel like a searing wave of air is blowing towards the face.

[Elemental HERO Nova Master, ATK 2600]

“Nova… Master!” Jonouchi looked stunned, “What kind of monster is this The attack power actually exceeds that of Red-Eyes!”

The fusion condition of Nova Master was 1 “Elemental HERO” monster 1 FIRE monster, so it could be summoned by the fusion of Elemental HERO Avian and the Fire-attribute Burstinatrix.

This card was the result of Yuei Vu constantly fighting and buying new packs these days.

It’s just that he hasn’t gained a single Polymerization until today, so this fusion monster was naturally useless.

Thanks to the friendly sponsorship of Chika-chan just now, he got a Polymerization, and the Nova Master got the chance to make this debut.

“Battle!” Yuei Vu entered the Battle Phase without hesitation, “Nova Master attack Red-Eyes Black Dragon!”

He waved his hand and pointed to the dragon on the Jonouchi’s field, and issued an attack declaration.

However, the Nova Master on his side of the field still floated in place with a pair of cool pose arms, completely ignoring the master’s order and having no intention of going up.

Yuei Vu couldn’t help being stunned: “Nova Master”

what’s going on

Could it be that Jonouchi activate an effect to limit the attack, but he inadvertently ignored it

“Uh… that, don’t you know” Jonouchi said with a stern look, “About the new rules for dueling monsters formulated by Battle City”

“Ah” Yuei Vu was taken aback.

Yugi explained: “According to the new rules of Battle City, fusion monsters cannot attack in the turn when they are Fusion Summoned.”

Yuei Vu: “…”


What the hell kind of rule is this

To get out a fusion monster, I have to suffer a 3-for-1 disadvantage, and you told me that I can’t attack this turn

However, the idea of ​​President Kaiba setting such a rule was quite simple.

Because according to the new rules, if you wanted to summon powerful monsters, most of them rely on sacrifices to be Tribute Summoned, but it was not easy to maintain sacrifices on the field while defending against the opponent’s attack.

In contrast, fusion was a bit too easy to summon high-star monsters because you could directly select materials from the hand, so of course, an attack limit should be added.

It’s just that this kind of rule was very funny to players who are used to the modern master rules…

In fact, Yuei Vu has seen the animation and knew there was such a rule, but the age of Yu-Gi-Oh DM was so long that he forgot it.

The corner of Yuei Vu’s mouth twitched, and suddenly he felt a little pain in the ass.

This rule…it’s an epic nerf to the Elemental HEROes that focus on fusion…

So he summoned such a fusion monster at the cost of -2 card advantage, but it couldn’t attack.

Is it just to let people get rid of it in the next turn

Well, I’m playing other people’s games, and the rules and everything are all determined by the dog’s planning.

Yuei Vu put all the last two cards in his hand into the slots of the Duel Disk: “I set two cards, I end my turn.”

“Wow~ it’s dangerous, but fortunately, you can’t attack in the turn of fusion summoning.” Jonouchisaid, “My turn, draw!”

He glanced at his new hand and smiled complacently: “Yuei Vu, since you can’t attack, I’m going to be rude this turn! I activate Equipment Spell – Dragon Nails from my hand! Equip to Red-Eyes Black Dragon to increase its attack power by 600 points! ”

The Red-Eyes Black Dragon that was strengthened by spell screamed in the sky, the entire outline seemed to be covered by pitch-dark waves, dispelling the oppression of the Nova Master’s high temperature, and his momentum instantly surpassed the opponent.

[ Red-Eyes Black Dragon, ATK 2400 → ATK 3000]

The passerby A: “Attack…Attack power is 3,000!”


The passerby B: “The same attack power as the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!!”.

(BEWD: I am already a unit of attack power =)

“In this way, the attack power of Red-Eyes Black Dragon surpasses that of the Nova Master!” Jonouchishouted excitedly, “Red-Eyes Black Dragon, attack! Dark Flame Shot!”

The high-temperature energy simmered in the open mouth of the dragon, and the jet-dark electric current was wrapped aturn the dark red sphere, rolling up a hurricane-like turbulent airflow.

“Not so fast!” Yuei Vu pressed the button on the Duel Disk and waved his arm, “Open the set card: Spell Card – Beckon to the Dark!”

Yes, this was also a Normal spell card.

Anyway, according to the current rules, there was basically no difference between Normal spell and Quick-Play spell, so Yuei Vu took advantage of this rule rudely.

Speaking of which, this card was also from the “novice gift pack” given by Pandora.

Pandora also used this card when it was dueling with Yugi in the DM anime.

It has the powerful effect of instantly killing a monster on the field.

In fact, Pandora’s novice gift package was really rich.

It not only presented rare cards such as Dark Magician, but also presents a lot of cards that are quite practical at this stage.

Well…it’s just that he may not be very happy to give this gift package.

The field was instantly covered with dark clouds, and scarlet lightning fell.

The demon’s pitch-dark hands stretched out from before the dark cloud and grabbed straight at the red-eyed dark dragon on the field Jonouchi.

“It’s useless!” Jonouchi didn’t retreat half a step, “Open the set card: Trap Card – Metalmorph! When my opponent attacks, metalize 1 monster on the field, and if it was a magical attack, reflect it back.

Then, this card becomes an Equip Card, and the monster gains 400 ATK and DEF!” (anime effect)

The jet-dark steel armor covered the surface of the dark dragon, and its whole body reflected the unique luster of metal under the illumination of the lights.

[Red-Eyes Black Dragon, ATK 3000 → ATK 3400]

“But it doesn’t make any sense to increase the attack power!” Yuei Vu said loudly, “‘Beckon to the Dark’ can drag the monster into the void of infinite darkness and send it directly to the cemetery!”

“Hey, but attacking power is not my goal!” Jonouchi smiled confidently and raised his voice, “The metalized Red-Eyes Black Dragon is protected by spell reflective armor, and any form of spell attack will be bounced off by the armor!

In other words, whether it is the effect of a spell card or the attack of a Spellcaster, it is ineffective against the current Red-Eyes Black Dragon! ”

Yuei Vu: “”

Are you lying to me I recognize this trap card, when did it have such an effect

Then he suddenly remembered that in the animation, Bandit Keith who played against Jonouchi in the Duelist Kingdom arc seemed to say the same thing when he used this trap card, and Pegasus, the founder of both the game and Duel Monsters, was still ignorant.

This meant by default, he accepted this kind of stupid BISS… (1)

Yuei Vu: “…”

That…Orange (that is, Jonouchi), I am very sympathetic to you being bullied, but even so, you can’t bully others like that!

Just like revenge will only give birth to new hatred, and revenge on the society with BISS will only lead to more and more BISS!

However, the system really recognized Jonouchi’s words, and the reflective armor actually bounced off the effect of the spell card that Yuei Vu activated on Red-Eyes’ body.

The dark clouds in the sky disappeared instantly.

Yuei Vu was momentarily dumbfounded at the time…

The passerby duelists were still excited: “What a powerful tactic!”

“As expected of the runner-up in the Duel Kingdom, he is a might!”

Even Yugi was helping: “Beautiful! This way, Jonouch’s Red-Eyes Black Dragon will not be destroyed!”

It’s just that according to Jonouchi, the spell reflective armor would reflect any spell effect on Red-Eyes Black Dragon, which naturally included the equipment spell “Dragon Nails” that he activated.

As Metalmorph came into play, Dragon Nails also destroyed itself.

[Red-Eyes Black Dragon, ATK 3400 → ATK 2800]

But its attack power was still higher than Nova Master!

“Go, Red-Eyes!” Jonouchi clenched his fists, “Destroy Elemental HERO Nova Master!”

The fire in the mouth of the dragon continued to simmer, and the Nova Master was not calm at the moment, his palms were wrapped in the flaming Fires, and he was ready to fight with the dark dragon in front of him.

But it didn’t matter!

Yuei Vu still had a trick here!

“Open the set card!” He flipped over the last remaining card on his field, “Trap Card – Dust Tornado: Destroy a spell or trap card on the field! I destroy ‘Metalmorph’!”

“What!” Jonouchi was shocked.

From the image of the trap card, the sky-shattering sand and dust rolled up, and the inverted funnel-shaped tornado rushed towards Jonouchi with the leaves swirling at high speed.

Jonouchi raised his arms to cover his face.

The trap card in the S/T area in front of him instantly shattered under the gust of wind, the armor on the dragon also disappeared, and its momentum also dropped along with its attack power.

[Red-Eyes Black Dragon, ATK 2800 → ATK 2400]

[Elemental HERO Nova Master, ATK 2600]

“In this way, the attack power of both sides will be reversed again!” Yuei Vu shouted, “Nova Master, counterattack the attack of Red Eye!”

The dark fire bullet that had been brewing for a long time in the mouth of the dark dragon finally sprayed out, but now its attack has not posed any threat to the Nova Master under the reversal of strength.

Elemental HERO Nova Master deftly evaded the attack of the dark Fire bullet with a sideways movement.

With a flick of his figure, he dragged a flowing cloak behind him and instantly appeared in front of Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

His palms were burning with fires, and the line of sight from under the helmet was aggressive as if to say—

——Reptile, you seemed a little arrogant just now.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon let out a roar unwilling to be outdone, but its confidence was obviously not as strong as before, as if it had foreseen the fate of his soon-to-be lunch…

“Damn! It’s not over yet!” Jonouchi shouted, “I also have a last resort! Open the set card…”

Boom! ! !

The fire swept the audience, and the towering fire column engulfed the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Jonouchi together.

After watching so many animes and playing cards for so many years, Yuei Vu knew one thing well—there was no harm in smoke.

So he instinctively guessed that this attack was 80% unsuccessful…

Sure enough, when the fires and smoke screen dissipated, Jonouchi’s LP was still 3200, and there was no change.

And the red-eyed dragon on his field was gone, replaced by a huge dark dragon with a larger body and set with lava-like lines.

[Meteor Black Dragon, ATK 3500]

Yuei Vu suddenly had a very ominous feeling…

“Hey, it’s very dangerous.” Jonouchi wiped his sweat and said with a smile, “I activated this card at the moment when Red-Eyes Black Dragon attacked just now.”

He withdrew a card from the cemetery and showed it to Yuei Vu.

“I also activated Spell card – Polymerization!” He said proudly, “I fused Red-Eyes Black Dragon on the field with Meteor Dragon in my hand.

This is my new ace – Meteor Black Dragon!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

Hey, it’s too much!

Even if you can activate spell cards in the Battle Phase… how are you able to use Polymerization

(Author’s note: Because a reader asked, I would like to add that the rules here are not made by the author himself.

The rules of the anime were originally like this.

However, this part of the rules will be revised with the follow-up plot)

TL’s note:


BISS is the term for effect or rule that players made up during the game (For example, Multiply Kuriboh = infinite Kuriboh).

It is short for “Because I Said So”


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