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“Hey, is this really alright” Six-year-old Marik began to mock, “Just finish without doing anything, do you want to surrender”

Snow Wave’s face darkened.

Do you think I want to pass without doing anything Do you blame me for the brick hand accident

Among the people presented, Yuei Vu may be the only one who was not surprised that such a situation would occur.

Yuei Vu speculated that the so-called “duelist rank” should be an attribute unique to NPCs, and there was no such thing for players.

In other words, players were really looking at their faces when playing cards.

When their face was bright, they would have a heavenly hand, but when their face was dark, it may be like Snow Wave right now, passing the turn so fast that it made the opponent confusing…

Marik, who was confused, was not in a hurry to make a move, but reached behind his back and miraculously took out the Millennium Rod from the legendary “four-dimensional *sshole” – other than that, there was really no explanation for its appearance.

Where did he hide something so thick and so long on his body

“Hahahaha! Look, the dark feast that will destroy you has begun!”

Marik directly started the Shadow Game, and the dark and thick mist instantly formed a sphere that covered the entire venue, and even the crowd watching under the stage felt inexplicable pressure.

Only Snow Wave looked around with a curious look: “Wow, this effect is really good! Is this the legendary Shadow Game I’ve got it…”

“You can only stay so optimistic now.” Marik hummed, “Those who lose in the Shadow Game will meet the eternal darkness and be buried in the deepest depths of darkness! Hahahaha!!!”

Marik laughed, looking forward to seeing the other’s face distorted from fear…

…However, he laughed dryly for a long time, and the guy on the other side looked at him with an “is this guy an idiot” look, as if he didn’t feel anything about “death” at all.

“Cough cough.” Even the six-year-old felt a little embarrassed, “Don’t believe it Then I’ll let you feel it with your body.

My turn, draw!

Summons ‘Worm Drake’ in attack position! Direct attack! ”

[Worm Drake, ATK 1400]

The green squirming giant worm rushed forward, opened its bloody mouth, and took a bite of Snow Wave’s arm.

【Snow Wave, LP 4000→ LP 2600】

“Haha, how about that bite This is the pain of Shadow Games!” Marik laughed.

“Go mad under the torment of pain!”

However, Snow Wave still didn’t seem to respond, as if he couldn’t feel the pain at all, and even looked at him with an expression like looking at the mentally handicapped…

Marik: “!”

This guy… can’t feel the pain

Marik began to look suspiciously at his Millennium Rod.

Could this thing be broken

The damage of the Shadow Game was of course real, especially the advanced Shadow Game that Marik has opened.

But no matter how strong the pain was, it was useless, because the opposite side has already set the pain simulation in the game to zero…

Next came Snow Wave’s turn.

It was a little accidental last turn, but it didn’t matter.

The duels of real duelists are inevitable, as long as you believe in the deck, it will definitely respond to you!

Snow Wave felt that he was instantly transformed into the protagonist, and his momentum was like a rainbow.


…I’m so stupid.

“I… I summon ‘Elemental HERO Avian’ in the defense position.

I… I end my turn…”

[Elemental HERO Avian, DEF 1000]

Snow Wave wanted to cry.

It’s over, it’s over.

It would be too funny for his match in the Battle City quarterfinals to end like this, and he would be nailed to the wall of shame among all players and even all NPC duelists!

He even made up the scene – the screwball players hung his black and white photos on the wall, decorated with wreaths, and read: “Cause of death: Don’t believe in Heart of the Cards.”

That’s too funny!

“Hahaha, do you only get this kind of trash at a critical time” Marik laughed, “Then you will die miserably.

My turn, draw! Summon ‘Dark Jeroid’! ”

[Dark Jeroid, ATK 1200]

“Although I don’t know why the pain of the Shadow Game doesn’t work on you, I still have a lot of methods.” Marik laughed and waved his arm, “This time I’m going to change to a new one – Dark Jeroid, smash his defensive monster!”

The moment Avian was broken, the image of a person suddenly appeared in front of Snow Wave’s eyes.

Before he could see it clearly, it was split into two halves.


What the hell just happened

“Hahaha!” Marik continued to laugh, “The new rules of the Shadow Game! Every monster we summoned in the duel represents your memory of a person!

When the monster is destroyed, you will randomly lose the memory of any one person, until you have nothing left in the end! ”

Ha Is this game so real

But Snow Wave was puzzled at the same time.

In theory, the game couldn’t affect the mind of the player, and even a Shadow Game couldn’t delete his memory…

…Well, wait a minute, didn’t it seem like there was someone missing from the audience

Snow Wave looked down the stage again and was surprised to find that… Jonouchi seemed to be gone

He seemed to suddenly understand something.

That was to say, Avian who was just wiped out represented his memory of Jonouchi.

Because Avian was eliminated, he couldn’t see Jonouchi now.

This was the Shadow Game that Marik opened to Kujaku Mai in the animation.

Then this punishment didn’t seem to be particularly severe, it was acceptable…

…Wait for a second!

Snow Wave’s body trembled.

Didn’t that mean…he has a chance of forgetting Yuei Vu in this duel

In that case, he would never see Yuei Vu in the game again!

Snow Wave was shocked.

Damn Marik, this little scumbag, this is so cruel!!

Seeing Snow Wave clearly panicking, Marik thought he had finally found his weakness and couldn’t help laughing.

“Hahaha! So that’s the case.

What you fear most is the loneliness of losing your companions”

Marik laughed and raised the Millennium Rod, trying to seize the spiritual breakthrough he found and take advantage of it.

“Let me see your greatest fear!”

Yami Marik penetrated into the “heart” of Snow Wave with the power of the Millennium Rod and wanted to check his most precious and fragile memory.

Of course, all he could see is the player’s video experience while playing on World Link Online.

Marik checked his memory from a month ago and found that he was running errands for Yuei Vu.

Marik then checked his memory from a week ago and found that he was sweeping the floor for Yuei Vu.

Marik checked his memory from a few days ago and found that he took Yuei Vu’s request and ran to the road to learn how to bark.

Marik: “…”

It was extremely rare that Marik didn’t do anything after invading people’s heads.

He silently withdrew without saying anything and doing nothing.

Six-year-old felt like a new world has opened up in front of his eyes…

“Worm Drake.” Marik waved his hand, “Direct attack.”

【Snow Wave, LP 2600→LP 1200】

Now he was really in danger.

Snow Wave’s eyes stared straight at the deck on his Duel Disk.

This turn has to be a godsend! I beg you!


– YaDaZe! (successful)

“Spell Card – Card Destruction!” It was Snow Wave’s ultimate divine draw, “All players discard all cards in their hands, and then draw the same number of cards!”

The player in the live broadcast room exploded on the spot: “OMG, we are all still playing Normies, why does he have such a divine card”

“It is known that Snow Wave has a set of Elemental HERO, multiple fusion monsters, the Fusion Gate, and the Card Destruction.

I wonder how many times Snow Wave sells his body per night…”

The two sides replaced all the cards in their hands, and Snow Wave finally got better here.

“Continuous Spell – Heart of the Underdog… I activate two of them!”

As soon as this card came out, the entire audience, including Marik on the opposite side, was instantly alert.

They had seen with their own eyes how Snow Wave relied on this card to summon four fusion monsters in one turn, giving Kujaku Mai a full LP OTK.

Having two copies of Heart of the Underdog meant that if Snow Wave drew a normal monster, then he could draw two more cards in a row.

However, Heart of the Underdog’s effect was “During your Draw Phase, when you draw a Normal Monster(s): You can reveal it; draw 1 more card.” This turn, Snow Wave’s Draw Phase has passed, which meant that the effect could not be triggered until the next turn.

But it didn’t matter.

“Activate Spell Card – Polymerization! I fuse Elemental HERO Heat and Elemental HERO Lady Heat in the hand! Fusion summons! Elemental HERO Inferno!”

[Elemental HERO Inferno, ATK 2300]

Of course, Yuei Vu had this card, but he never used it.

Because this thing not only needed two specific fusion materials, but also had only 2300 attack power, and the effect was “gains 1000 ATK when battling gains 1000 ATK”, which was far more useless than Nova Master.

Of course, it was precise because he felt that it was useless, so the price was relatively low, and Snow Wave could afford it…

To be fair, Snow Wave bought this set of low-level heroes from Yuei Vu by spending a number of crystals that ordinary players couldn’t imagine.

In fact, this was all thanks to Yuei Vu – he gave Snow Wave almost all of his daily quest experience in the first half month so that his experience for a simple quest was many times that of other players, and the leveling-up speed was as fast as a rocket.

Therefore, the crystals came rushing.

…of course, most of them ended up in Yuei Vu’s pocket.

“Then I normal summon ‘Elemental HERO Wildheart’.” After changing his hand, Snow Wave’s situation got better.

[Elemental HERO Wildheart, ATK 1500]

“Use the Spell Card – Quick Attack, so that the fusion monsters can attack this turn!” Snow Wave waved, “Go on, Inferno! Attack Dark Jeroid!”


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