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“Inferno, defeat ‘Dark Jeroid’! Wildheart, attack ‘Worm Drake’!”

【Marik, LP 4000 → LP 2800】

As we all know, the rules of Shadow Games were generally relatively fair, and the conditions for both sides were the same.

Since if the monster on Snow Wave’s side was destroyed, one person would be forgotten, this condition also applied to Marik.

For example, when Elemental HERO Inferno fired a fireball, Marik directly hit the jackpot and forgot Yugi.

Then the whole plot ended, and everyone lived happily ever after…

…well that’s certainly not possible.

Marik only forgot about the miscellaneous fish who was in charge of guarding outside the gate of Ghouls.

It was the kind of guy that he had to concentrate on for a long time before having a chance to remember that guy’s appearance.

There was no difference between forgetting and not forgetting.

It’s Marik’s turn again.

The six-year-old first performed a round of face art, then he laughed vainly, and then performed another round of face art.

“You’re lucky.” Marik sneered with a grim expression, “It was not necessary to deal with a duelist of your level.

But since this is the situation… then I’ll give you a chance to see it.”

Speaking of which, his eyes suddenly changed, and by the way, he performed a face art that YGO fans called “big right eye and small left eye”.

“…Prepare to meet the most powerful god!”

“What!” Yugi under the stage was surprised, “Is he going to call The Winged Dragon of Ra in this situation”

President Kaiba also secretly raised his spirits: “Is it finally coming Let me confirm it, the power of The Winged Dragon of Ra!”

“It’s all thanks to Card Destruction you just played, so I was able to successfully make the god sleep in the graveyard…”

Marik smiled and raised a card in his hand.

“…Activate a Spell Card from the hand – Monster Reborn! Resurrect a monster in the graveyard! Of course, what I want to choose is–

——The strongest god, The Winged Dragon of Ra! Come in the form of a phoenix! ”

Behind Marik, the ankh of Monster Reborn appeared.

The dark green ankh began to burn as if some kind of great being was preparing to arrive through the medium of powerful magic.

Marik crossed his arms, closed his eyes, and began to silently recite the ancient and mysterious incantation.

That was the ancient priest’s script.

The Winged Dragon of Ra was the most flamboyant and the most stubborn of the three Egyptian gods, and he became obedient only if the controller read the ancient priestly script correctly.

Otherwise, even if you successfully summoned The Winged Dragon of Ra, it would shrink into a ball and float in the sky, like a golden egg, and it would ignore your command no matter how much you asked.

After the incantation was recited, the ankh disappeared.

The flames soaring into the sky rolled up, and turned into a substantial bird, flapping its wings and approaching the duel field.

It was a flaming bird that was burning all over its body, exuding a sacred golden glow, making it impossible to see its true body.

Those flaming wings spread out, and a scalding wave of air instantly seemed to drain the air of the audience.

Even the ones who were not directly facing the stage could feel the scorching heat like hell.

Snow Wave swallowed: “Fuck, it turns out that the corpse bird can be so handsome…” (The focus seemed a bit strange)

Because The Winged Dragon of Ra in the animation could be resurrected from the graveyard with a powerful quick attack effect, but the resurrected sun god would return to the graveyard after one round, so Marik’s tactics in the animation revolve around letting The Winged Dragon of Ra repeatedly reborn.

Because of this, the Winged Dragon was also dubbed “the corpse bird” by the majority of players…

“The Winged Dragon of Ra’s ATK and DEF are the sum of the ATK and DEF of all monsters used to Summon it.” Marik chuckled, “But of course, the Winged Dragon that was resurrected from the graveyard has no sacrifice, so…”

[The Winged Dragon of Ra, ATK 0]

On the side, Kaiba frowned: “Attack power is 0, so there must be a powerful special ability hidden…

Mokuba! Give me an immediate call to the Kaiba Corp’s satellites to capture Marik’s Duel Disk from Earth orbit, and let me see what’s written on the Winged Dragon of Ra’s card! ”

Yuei Vu on the side looked at the Kaiba.

President, I didn’t expect that a straight guy like you actually use a trick like this.

Are you bullying the rural Marik for not understanding high technology

“Hahahaha, I’ll let you know one of the hidden abilities of The Winged Dragon of Ra!” Marik laughed, “Pay 1000 LP, and all the monsters on the opponent’s field will be buried!”

According to the animation performance, this should be the third ability described in the text of The Winged Dragon card, which could only be activated when The Winged Dragon of Ra was specially summoned and transformed into an “Immortal Phoenix”.

However, this effect was not clearly described.

From the performance, it usually seemed that as long as you pay 1000LP, you could destroy all the opponent’s monsters.

But in the final battle between Yugi and Marik, this effect only killed Sky Dragon.

The other monsters on the field, including Obelisk and Dark Magician Girl, were unscathed.

From this, it could be speculated that when there was another god on the opponent’s field, The Winged Dragon of Ra’s third effect could only destroy one monster.

It was indeed an effect with animation characteristics…

Of course, Snow Wave obviously has no god on the field, so the result was naturally undisputed.

“What!” Jonouchi was shocked, “What kind of OP effect is this Is this cheating”

【Marik, LP 2900 → LP 1900】

“God phoenix! Burn everything on the field for me!”

The burning bird flapped its wings, and a tornado of flames rolled up on the field! The ultra-high temperature flames swept toward the opponent’s half, and a tyrannical force beyond the description instantly burned the heroes on the Snow Wave’s field to ashes.

Marik laughed twice and slowly raised his arm.

“Then I’ll use The Winged Dragon of Ra…to attack the player directly!!!”

“What” said Jonouchi, “A direct attack with a monster with 0 ATK”

“It’s a Shadow Game!” Yami Yugi, an expert in this field, understood in an instant, “Marik wants to use the damage of the Shadow Game and the physical attack of the gods to directly cause mental damage to the opposite player!”

“How can you still play like this! Hey! Then he’s a jerk!” Jonouchi turned to Kaiba, “That boy Marik is a jerk, Kaiba! Don’t you care”

However, maybe because the president chose to believe in science, he didn’t care about Jonouchi’s words at all.

The flame storm instantly drowned Snow Wave’s entire body, and it was like a wave of raging flames.

That domineering flame was like it was about to evaporate the water in all living things, burning the body and impacting the opponent’s spirit at the same time.

Even if the attack power was 0, even if it could not cause damage to the opponent’s LP according to the rules of the game, the impact damage was still real.

To put it bluntly, it was an out-of-the-table move.

Compared with the main personality, Yami Marik had no principles at all.

From the very beginning, this guy never wanted to win by playing cards honestly, but by playing some kind of physical damage or playing some memory loss tricks.

In gaming terms, he just wanted to use The Winged Dragon of Ra’s attack to force the opponent to disconnect.

It was no different from hacking in the game…

“Hey, The Winged Dragon of Ra will go back to the graveyard at the end of the turn.” Marik laughed, “I end my turn.

Come back, phoenix… well, it’s just that poor bastard may be all over the ground now.”

The body of The Winged Dragon of Ra gradually faded into a phantom, turned into a beam of flames, and shot into the graveyard of the Duel Disk in his hand.

However, what Marik never expected was…

“My turn,” Snow Wave patted his body nonchalantly.

Marik: “!!”

What, what, what Is this guy a superman

Why are you still standing nonchalantly after receiving this level of bombardment

Marik looked horrified: “Why…why haven’t you fallen yet”

“Huh Why would I fall if I have LP left” Snow Wave looked confused.

Snow Wave just happened to skip this part of the anime.

As he completely blocked the pain sensation, he didn’t even notice the shady trick Marik played.

At this time, he only felt that Marik, who commanded The Winged Dragon of Ra with 0 attack power to slap him in the face, was like a mentally retarded child…

“That can’t be… it is impossible…” Marik doubted his life.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy. Snow Wave thought that but still continued to duel.


Snow Wave’s eyes lit up and excitedly showed the “Elemental HERO Sparkman” he had just drawn in his hand.

“Because I draw a normal monster, the effects of two ‘Heart of the Underdog’ on the field were triggered, so I continued to draw two cards!




Snow Wave’s combo finally started again.

And because there was two Heart of the Underdog left on the field this time, he could draw two cards at a time, and as long as one of them was a normal monster, he could continue to draw!

“It’s coming,” Kaiba said to Mokuba next to him, “that powerful OTK combo.”

Yugi also narrowed his eyes: “That Marik… Will he be defeated like this”

With two Heart of the Underdog, Snow Wave’s drawn twelve cards consecutively in one breath and instantly had nearly twenty cards in hand.

Come, come, come!

“Activate Field Spell – Fusion Gate!” Snow Wave began to perform.

“Elemental HERO Avian Elemental HERO Wildheart! Fusion Summons! Elemental HERO Wild Wingman!”

“Elemental HERO Sparkman Elemental HERO Clayman! Fusion Summon! Elemental HERO Thunder Giant!”

“Elemental HERO Burstinatrix Elemental HERO Sparkman! Fusion Summons! Elemental HERO Grandmerge!

Elemental HERO Bubbleman Elemental HERO Clayman! Fusion Summons! Elemental HERO Mudballman! ”

[Elemental HERO Wild Wingman, ATK 1900]

[Elemental HERO Thunder Giant, ATK 2400]

[Elemental HERO Grandmerge, ATK 2100]

[Elemental HERO Mudballman, ATK 1900]

“This is the end!”

Snow Wave felt that he had reached the peak of his life at this time.

I’m really going to win!

I’m going to finish the last boss in seconds!

At this time, Marik’s entire face was deformed with fear.

“This can’t be… it can’t be…” The six-year-old continued to doubt life.

Am I going to fall here and be directly killed by this screwball

Marik began to panic, this time for real.

The only hope he could cling to now was that Snow Wave didn’t have a second “Quick Attack” card in his hand, in that case, his fusion monsters couldn’t attack this turn…

…But considering that Snow Wave just drew half of the deck in one go, the probability of this seemed unlikely.

Sure enough, Snow Wave excitedly played the last card: “Activate Spell Card – Quick Attack! The fusion monster summoned this turn can attack!”

Marik’s heart skipped a beat, and he instantly became half-cold.

It’s over, everything is over.

“This is the end!” Snow Wave shouted excitedly, “Thunder Giant! Attack directly…”

The voice stopped abruptly.

Without warning, Snow Wave’s body softened and fell to the ground.

Marik: “”

Snow Wave: “”

Although Snow Wave’s consciousness was clear at this time, his game character suddenly fell down completely uncontrollably.

A large line of words popped up in front of him—

– “The stamina is too low, and the duel cannot continue.”

Snow Wave: “……”

WTF! Is this kind of operation acceptable

Snow Wave suddenly noticed that throughout the duel, his stamina had been plummeting vertically at an extremely alarming speed.

Originally, under Yuei Vu’s unremitting training every day, with his speed of upgrading, now his stamina has reached the point where he could play two-people-game seven times a night (referring to dueling).

But today, he only lasted three minutes, and his entire body became soft.

It was only now that he suddenly understood why Marik had just attacked him directly with The Winged Dragon of Ra with zero attack power.

That scumbag actually burned my stamina bar directly!

This was a little too obscene, isn’t it

… Snow Wave couldn’t get up again.

Three full minutes passed, and Snow Wave was still lying on the ground motionless, unable to get up.

In this case, the result was of course nothing to say.

The referee Isono raised his arms high: “The winner is Marik Ishtar!”

Yami Marik crossed his arms: “Hahahaha!!!”

The six-year-old’s face was full of “everything is according to my plan” as if it wasn’t him but someone else who was scared **less minutes ago.


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