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The Battle Ship moved slowly on the endless ocean, gradually leaving the dark night behind.

The red sun rose, and the junction of water and sky in the distance was dyed orange-red.

The fiery sun hung in the clouds, and the red glow was reflected on the undulating sea, entwined with the layers of clouds.

After fierce competition in the knockout round last night, four finalists were finally decided.

According to Kaiba, the elimination on the Battle Ship was still only a prologue, and he has prepared a more lofty venue for the semi-finals.

At that time, Kaiba glanced at Jonouchi consciously or unintentionally and added: “The duel really depends on strength, not dog ** luck.

Those who advance to the semi-finals are those who should be promoted…”

The implication was that Jonouchi belonged to the level that “should not be promoted”.

Jonouchi wanted to pull up his sleeves and start a fight with Kaiba, but his good friend Honda tried his best to hold him again out of the consideration of “not wanting to be thrown off the boat by Kaiba’s bodyguards”.

After four knockout games, a total of two people fell.

At this moment, Bakura was still in a coma on the bed (at least on the surface), while Snow Wave jumped out of bed not long after the accompanying doctor declared “brain dead”.

While the doctor was exclaiming “this is a medical miracle”, the six-year-old looked shocked and doubted his life.

In theory, even if the loser survived the punishment, it shouldn’t be completely unaffected.

For example, Snow Wave should have lost his memory of some people in the Shadow Game, but now it seems that this guy has not been affected at all.

In fact, this is also a matter of course.

Because in fact, Snow Wave has really “died” once and has used up a chance to resurrect.

After the resurrection, all negative states would be cleared.

“Impossible…impossible…” Yami Marik stared at his Millennium rod at the time, suspecting that he might mistakenly take a fake Millennium rod.

Was this guy a superman How did he not dead yet

At this time, Marik secretly made up his mind that he would never play cards with this madman again.

Yami Marik liked to see people’s pain and despair when playing cards, using Shadow Game to torture and kill any opponent.

Because the six-year-old didn’t think about winning by normal means at first, he spent the whole process trying to figure out how to crash the opponent, and he almost capsized in the gutter…

However, when playing cards with this madman, he used all his dirty tricks, but his opponent was still there and didn’t respond at all, and could still jump around as if nothing had happened.

The threat level of Snow Wave in Marik’s heart suddenly rushed up.

However, Marik didn’t know that just when he was amazed at the player’s awesomeness, the players on the forum at this moment were still dissatisfied with it.

“Damn, is this six-year-old a little too sly, isn’t it The Winged Dragon can clear the field, and after that, it will directly attack and make people forcibly go offline.

Isn’t this invincible”

“Snow Wave should be the one who wins… is this what people called ‘plot armor’”

“I can’t say the same.

In the original, Marik played like this.

If it wasn’t for his tricks, Kujaku Mai and Jonouchi wouldn’t have lost…”

“That’s the kind of boss who can only be so arrogant in a card game.

In another game, we would let him know what is the fourth crisis (1).”

“I hope Yuei Vu will beat him to a bloody mess in the final.”

“ 1, thousands of people wrote in blood to ask Yuei Vu to beat the six-year-old into a bloody mess.”


After dueling for the entire day, everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

A night passed in silence.

The morning light penetrated into the room from behind the veil, and the sun comfortably sprinkled on the bed.

Yuei Vu opened his eyes.

The soft sound of the airship running smoothly echoed in his ears, and only felt as if he could smell it…

……a fragrance

In the early morning, his brain was still in a dazed state that was unable to function.

Yuei Vu sat up lazily and yawned.

Immediately next to him, Dark Magician Girl also sat up lazily from the bed, her delicate snow-white arms stretched lazily.

“Good morning, master~” Dark Magician Girl yawned and straightened the magic hat on her little head.

“Well, good morning…

…! ”

Only then did Yuei Vu realize that something was wrong.

“Wait a minute,” Yuei Vu suddenly felt a lot more awake, “…Dark Magician Girl”

“Ah It’s me.” The girl rubbed her sleepy eyes, “Is there any order”

“…How did you materialize today”


Dark Magician girl sat up straight, lowered her head, and touched her body.

“Huh Really.” She was surprised, “I don’t remember when it came out.”

Then Dark Magician Girl was a little embarrassed: “That might be because I accidentally…”

Yuei Vu understood.

So it’s like sleepwalking

So far so good.

When he woke up and saw his spirit partner on the bed, he was still a little panicked.

For a moment, he thought that he had tried to transfer mana to her last night and forgotten about it… (2)

But he still felt a little strange: “Has this kind of thing happened before”

“…No.” Dark Magician Girl shook her head, “This has never happened before.

I’m sorry master, I promise it will never happen again.”

Yuei Vu subconsciously wanted to wave his hand generously, saying that it didn’t matter if she did this again next time, but when he thought about it, it might be ambiguous, so let’s skip it…

After a while, Yuei Vu finished washing up and came to the canteen to eat.

When he came, he saw that Jonouchi and Snow Wave, who had been complete strangers until yesterday, were already familiar with each other.

To say how they became so familiar, the process seemed to be quite simple.

It’s nothing more than while having breakfast, then their eyes met and they began to chat casually.

Snow Wave expressed his admiration for the God of Gamblers over the years, and Jonouchi also admired Snow Wave’s performance when facing the Shadow Game.

Then the revolutionary friendship would be sublimated at once.

The friendship between men was as simple as that.

Seeing Yuei Vu entering the door, Snow Wave jumped up from the dining table and greeted him enthusiastically: “This way, this way!”

Seeing Snow Wave’s reaction in Jonouchi was not surprising, but was even more impressed: “It seems that he is also a person who pays attention to his companions.

They should be good companions, right”

Shizuka whispered, “I think Yuei Vu is very nice and handsome…”

Anzu agreed: “Yeah yeah, and I feel he is very reliable.”

Jonouchi nodded: “He is indeed a good guy.

The dueling skills are quite high, and when he defeated me, he didn’t take away my precious rare card…”

Even the kind-hearted Yugi expressed his goodwill: “He’s a duelist who thinks about others.”

You see, this was the benefit of having Charisma 95.

As the saying goes, “a handsome man can solve a thousand sorrows” (3), as long as your face value was full, the initial favorability would not be too low.

However, at this time, the Pharaoh hidden in the Yugi body seemed to be slightly unhappy…

TL’s note:


“The fourth crisis” means the non-standard actions of players (out of stupidity and/or curiosity) that causes severe consequences.

It is a reference to the game Stellaris.

In this game, an event that threatens the entire galaxy and all life within it is called a Crisis.

There are three of them: Prethoryn Scourge, Extradimensional Invaders, and The Contingency.

Players can also destroy the whole galaxy, ending the game (hence “the fourth crisis”)


A reference to Fate/Stay Night.

Master transferred mana to Servant through sexual intercourse.


A version of “a cup of wine can solve a thousand sorrows”


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