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The airship continued to move on, and the destination of their trip finally appeared ahead.

It was a man-made island, the entirety of which was made of steel.

A towering iron tower lay at the center of the island, standing like a lone giant among the wreckage and ruins of steel everywhere.

Alcatraz Island, the stage for their final battle.

As mentioned before, Kaiba Corp was originally a military manufacturing company, and its former chairman, Kaiba Gozaburo, even had the grand desire to “rule the world by weapon technology”.

At this time, this island was the product of Kaiba Gozaburo’s ambition.

It was a collection of the top technology developed by Kaiba Corp.

There were rumors that the weapons on it are enough to destroy all mankind countless times.

Of course, that was also in the past tense.

Since Kaiba Seto took over the company, all that was left on this former island was only ruins.

Every bullet left by Kaiba Gozaburo has been arbitrarily destroyed by Kaiba Seto.

Now that the Kaiba Corp has undergone a complete transformation.

This Devil’s Island, which represented Gozaburo’s ambition, has become a thing of the past.

Now Kaiba chose to play cards on this island just to prove that he has surpassed everything that Gozaburo left behind.

He wants to gather all three Egyptian gods on this island, ascend to the throne of the Duel King, and then use this as a starting point to create the world’s top and best…

…game center.

But of course, his plans could not have gone so well.


Yuei Vu looked out through the window of the dueling boat and saw the outline of Alcatraz appearing on the other side of the sea from a distance, and he was already prepared.

In fact, after traveling for so long, Yuei Vu probably already had guesses about this world.

He didn’t feel like he’s stepped into a game world written entirely of 0s and 1s now.

Not only because this world was too realistic for a game, but also because the official game publisher has always been the same as they announced until the very late version of World Link Online——

——”Even we cannot intervene and predict any progress of this world.”

Yuei Vu speculates that this was more likely to be a parallel world of Yu-Gi-Oh, and the official game was only equivalent to building a bridge between reality and this parallel world, nothing more.

In the previous version 1.0, no player had the strength to make it to the quarterfinals of Battle City, so Yuei Vu was not completely clear about the next plot from now on.

But if this was really the parallel world of Yu-Gi-Oh, then no matter whether there are players involved or not, Yuei Vu speculated that the plot that would process in the future should also be certain…

……Turned out he guessed right.

The entire airship shuddered suddenly without warning as if the accelerator was slammed on a bus traveling on a highway section, and many unsuspecting passengers were thrown to the ground by inertia.

Yuei Vu remembered that six-year-old Marik seemed to be posing on the open deck above and blowing his hair.

It would be a lot of fun if Marik was thrown straight from the boat into the sea now…

“What’s going on” President Kaiba quickly came to the control room.

“No…I don’t know!” The black suit sailing the boat was sweating profusely, “Someone is hacking into our system!”

“Hacking into our system Impossible!” Kaiba waved, “If that’s the case, then switch to manual operation!”

“…The system is not responding!” said the black suit, “there is no induction signal from the island, we can’t approach Alcatraz!”


Kaiba, who has always been calm, frowned, unable to stop a terrifying thought from constantly popping up in his mind——

——Could it be that Gozaburo’s soul was preventing us from landing on that island

The calmest people on the whole ship should be Yuei Vu and the two players who have watched the animation.

Sure enough, as he expected, the important main storyline that should be in the animation must happen.

The airship’s huge hanging screen was also hijacked, showing…

…President Kaiba

Well, to be more precise, it was someone who looked like the president of Kaiba in his youth, except that the hair color was very healthy and pure green.

The child looked like he was only ten years old, and when he showed up, he chuckled with a scheming look: “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Seto.”

At this time, all the passengers have come to the control room to inquire about the situation.

But for Yuei Vu, the next step was basically the same as the cutscenes CG, and there was nothing he needed to see.

Anyway, he knew all the necessary information.

The child who appeared on the screen was named Kaiba Noah, the biological son of Kaiba Gozaburo.

Kaiba Noah received a gifted education from a young age and was the original heir to the Kaiba Corp.

It’s just that he suffered a car accident when he was a child, and Gozaburo tried his best to save his consciousness and download it into the computer used by the Kaiba Corp for military operations.

So to be precise, what existed in front of everyone was no longer the real Kaiba Noah, but the AI ​​that preserved Noah’s complete consciousness and memory.

It’s just that the AI ​​living in the virtual world has always believed that it was Noah himself.

This time, he also appeared to compete with Kaiba Seto, who usurped their family business, to prove that he was better than the other party.

By the way, he also wanted to take a body that could move in reality and took the company back from Kaiba Seto.

All of the above were the goals of Noah.

As for the means to achieve the end…

…that’s still playing cards, of course.

What else In the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, what did you do if you didn’t play cards

As we all know, in this world, whether it was gods or demons, humans or ghosts, even computer AI solved problems by playing cards.

Since the problem could be solved by playing cards, there was nothing to panic about.

Moreover, he also had a rough idea of ​​which plan Noah would execute next.

First, Noah would hijack the dueling boat to a hidden underwater military base, and use a set of automatic Gatling guns that have not been in maintenance for 30 years to force everyone to disembark.

To put it bluntly, Noah has been alone in the virtual world for a long time, and he has become addicted to duel, so he has spent a lot of time hijacking the world’s best duelists to play poker with him.

Whoever dared to refuse to play with him would be shot (although this may not work for many of them)……

Then he would unknowingly drag the consciousness of everyone who disembarked into the virtual world where he was, and then sent his only subordinate “The Big Five” to attack.

The Big Five was a group of five high-level corporate executives of Kaiba Corp.

They were Kaiba Corp’s head of acquisitions, the head of the personnel department, the chief lawyer, the director of the weapons factory, and the initial assistant beside Kaiba Seto.

These five people were originally generals who helped Kaiba Seto to overthrow Gozaburo.

But then Kaiba snatched the Blue-Eyes White Dragon collected by Yugi’s grandpa and caused the Yami Yugi to be angry.

So the Yami Yugi started the Shadow Game, defeated the Kaiba Seto, and punished him.

After that, Kaiba fell into a coma for a long time, and the company’s stock fell into a landslide.

It was at that time that The Big Five decided to betray Kaiba and wanted to take Kaiba Corp with their own hands.

After this attempt failed, they tricked Kaiba into accepting their challenge in the virtual game and tried to lock Kaiba’s consciousness in the virtual world.

Originally, this plan has been successful, but unexpectedly, Muto Yugi was there to intervene.

Yugi rushed into the virtual world and rescued the Kaiba, and in the end, The Big Five were locked in the computer world and wandered forever…

…until the five of them meet Noah, who also lived in a virtual world.

So Kaiba’s former personnel director, chief lawyer, weapons factory director, vice president, and CEO decided to seize this opportunity and make full use of their top experience in various fields…

…to play cards with the president.


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