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The next development was exactly the same as in the animation.

Noah hijacked the airship and entered the underwater base, forced everyone to disembark by force, and made them unknowingly enter the virtual digital world.

But not everyone went out.

Ishizu, who saw through everything, stayed on the boat and did not get off, and the six-year-old also hid in the corner to watch.

In fact, if Yuei Vu chose not to get off the boat here, but hid in his room and slept for a whole day, he would still pass through this scenario safely.

Although the quest “Duel Invitation from Kaiba Noah” has popped up in the quest panel at this time, the option attached to the quest also stated that this was an optional quest, and players could refuse to participate in.

Of course, in that case, there would be no reward.

So in the case of having trump cards, there was definitely no reason to miss this plot.

Not to mention Snow Wave and Miss Yuehua.

For players, encountering a unique hidden plot was their dream came true.

How could some people choose to skip it and not accept it

Press “Accept” without thinking!

So after the group disembarked, these two were the most emotional, obviously being held hostage but as happy as an outing…

However, although Noah said that it was decided by playing cards, in fact, the rules were still different from traditional Master Rules.

It was mainly manifested in the introduction of a new mechanic called “Deck Master”.

In fact, this rule was common in some other games.

It worked like this: Before the duel started, each duelist chose any card they would otherwise use in the Duel, including cards from the Extra Deck, to be their Deck Master.

These Deck Masters were not classed as being on the field and stayed face-up next to the player until the player decided to Special Summon it to his/her side of the field.

The Deck Master’s effect(s) were still active while not being played on the field.

Aside from their own effect, they also had an additional special effect which was called “Deck Master ability”.

The Deck Master could be Special Summoned at any time during the Duel.

However, if a player’s Deck Master was destroyed, the player lost the Duel.

The description of this part of the rules in the animation was very vague, and it can only be inferred from the performance of the animation that there may be restrictions on the monsters that could be selected as the Deck Master.

For example, in the later duel of the Big Five, they did not choose to use their ace monster “Five-Headed Dragon” as the Deck Master.

Instead, they specially summoned Five-Headed Dragon by using Ritual Spell to sacrifice their five Deck Masters with different attributes.

(The Five-Headed Dragon in this episode of the animation was Ritual Monster, not Fusion Monster.)

For example, Kaiba did not directly regard the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as the Deck Master, otherwise, it could jump out unconditionally and beat the opponent to death.

The behind-the-scenes BOSS Noah did not directly use his ace monster “Shinato, King of a Higher Plane” as the Deck Master, and it may be because that monster has a summoning restriction.

In other words, Nomi monsters that had summoning restrictions like “must meet certain conditions to be summoned”, may not be able to be selected as Deck Masters.

After explaining the rules of the game here, Noah directly divided everyone and threw them into different corners of different maps in the virtual world through different tunnels.

And he arranged one of The Big Five for everyone in each map as the opponent.

If someone lost to The Big Five in a duel, his (her) physical body would be taken away, and the original owner of the body would replace the Big Five himself and wander forever in the computer world.

It felt a bit like a technological version of a Shadow Game…although no one knew what kind of magical black technology was capable of stealing people’s flesh and skin.

Yuei Vu was also thrown into a certain map in the virtual world along a space tunnel like Yugi and others in the animation.

After he landed, he stood up straight, looked around, and found that there was no one around him, as if no one else had landed at the same spot as him.

The Duel Disk in his hand was still there, but the deck was gone.

He tried to call the Dark Magician Girl a few times, but his spirit who was always on call did not respond.

Of course, this is to be expected.

After all, this is the computer world, and everything here is data, not real.

The real Dark Magician Girl spirit is still in the real world outside, of course, it is impossible to be called out here.

Before Yuei Vu could confirm further, a building in the shape of a military factory next to him opened its door with a low “rumbling” sound.

What came out of the door was… a robot

“It’s really an interesting opponent.” The robot-shaped guy walked out slowly, looking rather cumbersome, “I’m Soichiro Ota, one of The Big Five, formally the chief technical officer at Kaiba Corp.”

Yuei Vu frowned: “This image… Robotic Knight”

Robotic Knight was a Normal monster with an attack power of 1600.

Now it was Soichiro Ota who appeared in front of him, borrowing the image of a Robotic Knight.

“That’s right, this is my current posture, and it’s also my Deck Master.” Soichiro’s voice continued to sound dull, “Before Kaiba Seto came to power, people used to call me the ‘Demon Warlord of the Factory’, and I have a very high reputation in the Kaiba Corp…”

“Okay, stop talking nonsense.” Yuei Vu interrupted impatiently, “It doesn’t matter if you are a sergeant or not, it’s time to play cards anyway, right”

Soichiro: “…”

What he said is so reasonable that I can’t refute it at all

“Hmph.” Soichiro snorted, and a Duel Disk was conjured out of thin air on his arm, “Since you know the rules, that saves me the trouble of explaining.

Let’s start directly.

First, choose your deck.”

While speaking, a floating interface appeared in front of Yuei Vu, and countless dueling monster cards slowly rolled past him.

Soichiro explained at the same time: “Your cards can’t be used here.

But this system is directly connected to the Kaiba Corp’s database, which contains all the cards registered with the Kaiba Corp.

You can choose any forty cards you want.”


This was what Yuei Vu was looking forward to – the full card library! (DM era only)

With all the cards in hand, of course, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Not to mention that his base was more than that.

Yuei Vu then opened the system task panel and checked his card library…

……As expected, all the cards opened in the system were also there!

Sure enough, the system was still reliable.

No matter whether he was in the real world or the virtual world, the system was always bound to him, and the cards would follow him wherever he went…

…Wait a minute, something seemed not right…

The cards in the system library… how come there be so many


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