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This time, it was completely beyond Yuei Vu’s expectations.

According to the animation plot, he has long known that under the rules of this virtual space, everyone could select any card stored in the Kaiba Corp’s database, which is commonly known as the full card file in stand-alone games.

But he did not expect that it also applied to the system card pool.

Maybe it’s because the rule maker of this arc was Noah, and according to the rules set by Noah, “there are no restrictions on the cards that can be used here”, so the system also acquiesced to the rules of the game.

Then it was more than stabilized!

Yuei Vu took this rare opportunity to check what cards were in the system card pool.

After all, the cards he opened from the system were all random, and all Yuei Vu could check were the cards that he has acquired.

He couldn’t see which card was in the card pool in version 1.0.

Now that he had this great opportunity, he must first confirm the limit of the card pool.

Calming down and taking a closer look, he found that it didn’t seem to be a “full card file” in the true sense.

What was unlocked here was actually only the cards that belonged to the series that he already had in his hand, as well as the cards derived from related series.

As for those series that he hasn’t got his hand on, they didn’t appear here.

Yuei Vu suddenly couldn’t help speculating that perhaps each player’s own system card pool was not static.

The total number of cards in each person’s card pool might gradually increase as players collect more and more related series of cards during the game.

Like now, his entire card pool was basically composed of the Dark Magician series, the HERO series, and some general-purpose cards.

Sure enough, just like his previous guess, there was no key card like Dark Magical Circle or Eternal Soul in the 1.0 version, which may be because the strength of such a card was indeed beyond the current environment.

Yuei Vu was a little disappointed, and he found that a legendary monster which was the nightmare of countless Yu-Gi-Oh players – Red Daddy, was not in the card pool …

Red Daddy was the nickname of Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, the fusion of Jonouchi’s ace monster “Red-Eyes Black Dragon”, and Yugi’s ace monster “Dark Magician”.

It was a symbol of the bond (gay love) between the two.

This monster was extremely simple to summon, and the effects were extremely scary.

The first effect was a strong resistance; the second effect was to destroy the opponent’s monster and deal damage to the opponent’s monster’s attack power; the third effect was to negate and destroy the activation of any card effect of the opponent and increase its attack power.

Due to its tyrannical resistance and oppressive power, this monster that has dominated the environment for an entire generation was also awe-inspiringly called “Red Daddy” by players.

(soon to be listed as a banned card)

Think about it, if there was such a thing in the 1.0 version card pool, it would be too discordant.

Considering its almost no-threshold summoning conditions, even the animated Egyptian gods seemed to pale in comparison…

The HERO series gave Yuei Vu a lot of surprises.

Most of the HERO that appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh GX anime and manga was actually in this card pool.

Not to mention famous series like Elemental HERO and Destiny HERO, even the ace Masked HERO of Yuki Judai in the comics, and the Vision HERO series of Aster Phoenix seemed to be all here.

This was a bit surprising.

After all, he has spent so many crystals, and he has never seen one of the derivative HERO series other than Elemental HERO.

He didn’t expect all of them was in the card pool.

In this regard, he could only speculate that it may be because he has the most Elemental HERO in his hand, so he has the highest chance of opening cards in this series.

As for Vision HERO, Destiny HERO, and Masked HERO series, because he didn’t have a related card in his hand, the probability of opening one was very low.

Yuei Vu glanced at it roughly and found that the HERO series mobs in this card pool are quite comprehensive, but the monsters with strong individual abilities are harmonized in the 1.0 card pool.

For example, the eldest brother of the Vision HERO series, “Trinity”, had an attack power of 5000 and could attack three times in one turn (cannot directly attack the player), so this card did not exist.

For example, Masked HERO Dark Law, who was dubbed “The hero that caused your buddy to unfriend you”…

Masked HERO Dark Law, ATK 2400 – Any card sent to your opponent’s GY is banished instead.

Once per turn, if your opponent adds a card(s) from their Deck to their hand (except during the Draw Phase or the Damage Step): You can banish 1 random card from your opponent’s hand.

Because Dark Law was easy to summon and had an unreasonable ability to interfere with those decks that were highly dependent on drawing speed and graveyard resources, it was nicknamed “The Unfriend Hero”——

– “A true HERO doesn’t need friends.”

Yuei Vu was still checking one by one, but Soichiro on the opposite side was already impatient: “Hey, hurry up and decide your deck.

If you want to find the God cards, it’s useless! All God cards have been removed from the system.”

Yuei Vu rolled his eyes.

You see, after all, he’s just a reckless weapon maker.

What a barren imagination.

You have opened all the DM card files for me, why do I need the God cards to OTK you

Not only Yuei Vu could use the cards in the system card pool, but also a bunch of overpowered anime cards from the database of Kaiba Corp that was unique to the DM era!

Although Kaiba’s data did not absolutely cover all cards in this era, it was enough.

“Let me see…then use this set first to deal with you.”

Yuei Vu quickly selected forty cards.

With a burst of golden light, a complete deck appeared in his Duel Disk.

“Hey, whatever you choose, it’s impossible for you to win against my Deck Master – Robotic Knight!”

Yuei Vu just remembered.

Oh, there’s still the matter of the Deck Master, I forgot about it.

But it isn’t important anyway.

Yuei Vu roughly browsed his deck and quickly selected his Deck Master.

“The Deck Master of the deck I chose is ‘Makyura the Destructor’.”

The executioner warrior with sharp claws on his hands and a suit of armor appeared behind Yuei Vu.

“Huh, did you choose such a gloomy monster to be the Deck Master” Soichiro hummed and smiled, “It’s really not cute as a kid.”

Yuei Vu opened the Duel Disk to test and grope for a bit, and soon he roughly understood the Deck Master ability of “Makyura the Destructor”.

He turned around and chuckled: “Soon you’ll know how powerful it is.”

“Duel!” x2

“I go first, draw!” Soichiro looked confident, “I summon ‘Cannon Soldier’ in attack position!”

[Cannon Soldier, ATK 1400]


“Set another card and I end my turn.”

Soichiro sneered in his heart.

The card he set was the Trap Card “Bottomless Trap Hole”, a powerful trap that could destroy and remove from the game any monster with an ATK of 1500 or more.

The attack power of the Cannon Soldier was 1400.

In the next turn, as long as Yuei Vu tried to summon a monster with an attack power of 1500 or more to defeat it, the trap would be triggered immediately, and his monster would be instantly killed in the bottomless hole.

At that time, Yuei Vu would have to end his turn with an empty field, and at best he could only rely on Trap Cards to resist attacks to pass the next turn.

But Soichiro already had a Spell Card in his hand that could clear all the Spell Traps on the field – Heavy Storm.

As long as it’s his turn, he would use a Heavy Storm to destroy Yuei Vu’s back row.

Next, he only needed to summon another monster, and special summon his Deck Master “Robotic Knight” to the field, and the total attack of all monsters would directly give him a victory!

“My turn, draw.” Yuei Vu glanced at the cards in his hand, “I summon ‘Royal Magical Library’ in the defense position.”

[Royal Magical Library, DEF 2000]

Soichiro pouted.

A defensive monster with 0 attack power In this case, the “Bottomless Trap Hole” could not be activated.

What a lucky bastard, he unknowingly saved his own life.

While Soichiro was thinking so, he saw Yuei Vu smile mysteriously at him, and that smile made the cunning and sly Soichiro Ota have an ominous premonition for no reason.

“Let’s do our best to resolve the battle as quickly as possible, and end this duel within this turn.” Yuei Vu said lightly.

He said it so lightly as if it was a trivial matter to OTK Soichiro.


Soichiro was shocked.

Where did this guy’s confidence come from

“I set four cards in my hand on the field.” Yuei Vu said, “Then I activate Spell Card – Card of Sanctity! Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand!”


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