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“Card of Sanctity’s effect!” Yuei Vu said, “Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand.

My hand is now zero, so I draw six cards.”

Soichiro also drew two.

However, this one obviously didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem and only snorted: “It’s just drawing a few more cards.

Your action doesn’t make any sense.”

“You will soon find out if it makes any sense.” Yuei Vu continued, “Next, I will activate the ‘Pot of Greed’ set on the field and draw two more cards from the deck.”

The greedy big pot with a weird grin appeared, and Yuei Vu continued to draw two cards.

“Then I open another set card – Graceful Charity.

I draw three cards, then discard two cards from the hand to the graveyard.”

The holy angel with a halo above her head appeared and descended with endless brilliance.

Yuei Vu drew three more cards from the deck, picked out two cards from his hand, and discarded them.

At the same time, the three indicator lights on the “Royal Magical Library” on the field were also lit up.

“The effect of the Royal Magical Library!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Each time a Spell Card is activated, place 1 Spell Counter on this card when that Spell resolves.

I activated three Spell Cards, so there are three counters!

Now I remove all three counters and draw a card from the deck! ”

“Drawing cards again” Soichiro frowned.

“And then I activate Spell Card ‘Card Destruction’!” Yuei Vu said, “All players on both sides discard all cards in their hands, and then draw the same number of cards!”

Soichiro silently discarded all the cards in his hand, drew cards, and at the same time looked at Yuei Vu’s deck whose thickness was reduced at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the ominous premonition became stronger and stronger.


It was as if something extremely terrifying was hidden in the forty-card deck, and now it was being released bit by bit by Yuei Vu.

He felt like he was prey that has fallen into the middle of a spider’s web.

The more he struggled, the tighter the threads around him became.

When he came back to his senses, he had already fallen into the other party’s layout, unable to break free, he could only watch his fate be arranged.

“I’m going to use my Deck Master here, the effect of ‘Makyura the Destructor’!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Its Deck Master ability can only be used once in a duel.

During this turn, I can activate Trap Cards from my hand.”


Soichiro Ota was even more puzzled.

Shouldn’t such a powerful Deck Master ability be activated in the opponent’s turn

For example, at the moment when the opponent summoned a monster or declared an attack, activate a Trap Card from the hand to counter the opponent’s monster, it would be very hard to prevent.

There was only one chance in the duel to use that Deck Master ability, why did he use it in his own turn

Wasn’t this kid just bluffing Or did he really plan to settle the battle in this turn

“What I want to activate from my hand is the Trap Card – Jar of Greed.

Draw a card from the deck.

Then I activate another Trap Card – Reckless Greed.

Draw 2 cards and skip my next 2 Draw Phases.

Then I activate Trap Card – Legacy of Yata-Garasu.

Draw a card from the deck.

Then I activate another Reckless Greed, and I draw two more…

Another Pot of Greed, and I draw two more cards!

Activate Spell Card – Into the Void.

Draw 1 card, but during the End Phase of this turn, I must discard my entire hand.

At this moment, the effect of the ‘Royal Magical Library’ can be activated again.

I remove three Spell Counters and draw another card! ”

Soichiro heard the sound of his own heavy breathing – only then did he realize that he had been out of breath for some time.

After a series of card draw operations, Yuei Vu paused for a while and seemed to have finally stopped.

Then he slowly drew out another card.

“Spell Card – Foolish Burial.” He turned over the card, and the image of the Spell Card appeared beside him, “Send 1 monster from my deck to my graveyard.”

Yuei Vu pulled out the deck and found the last card he wanted from the penultimate position.

“You’re really lucky.” Yuei Vu glanced at Soichiro and shrugged, “The last one actually sank in such a bottom position…”

Soichiro made a subconscious gesture of swallowing, staring at Yuei Vu without blinking, eager to know what medicine the other party was selling in the gourd.

“The monster I’m going to send to the graveyard is this guy.” Yuei Vu revealed the card he had taken from the bottom of the deck, “Left Leg of the Forbidden One.”

Soichiro Ota: “!!”

It was actually Exodia

It was only at this moment that Soichiro suddenly realized the opponent’s tactics, and at the same time looking at Yuei Vu’s nearly drained deck, he couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat.

Yuei Vu has already drawn more than half of the deck.

And the effect of “Exodia the Forbidden One” was that the victory of the game could be declared directly by collecting all five parts.

But Soichiro quickly forced himself to calm down——

– No, I haven’t lost yet!

This means that the opponent hasn’t got all the parts in his hand, and I still have a chance…

“Hmph, it doesn’t look like your luck is very good.” Soichiro sneered, “Even if you draw out most of the deck, you still can’t get ‘Exodia’ with so many cards in your hand

The victory can only be declared when all the parts of the Exodia the Forbidden One are gathered in the hands, and it is meaningless to send them to the graveyard…”

“That’s why I always felt that you really have no talent for a duel, like others in The Big Five.” Yuei Vu shook his head.

The Big Five was really an interesting group.

They were obviously a bunch of lawyers and factory managers.

They might be good at playing tricks, but now they had to challenge Kaiba and his friends to play cards.

It may be rude to say this, but the Big Five were really good at being feeders…

Soichiro’s face changed (although it couldn’t be seen from the Robotic Knight’s face): “What did you say”

“I said you are a chicken when comes to playing cards.” Yuei Vu was straightforward, and he had nothing to show mercy to.

Then he swept his arm: “Activate Spell Card – Dark Factory of Mass Production! Return two Normal monsters in the graveyard to the owner’s hand.”

“What!” Soichiro’s heart skipped a beat.

“I add the ‘Left Leg of the Forbidden One’ in the graveyard, and the ‘Right Arm of the Forbidden One’ that were discarded into the graveyard by ‘Card Destruction’ to my hand.”

Yuei Vu’s GY area burst into golden light, and Exodia’s right hand and left foot immediately popped out.

Yuei Vu took the two cards in his hand, and Soichiro smiled slightly: “Are you ready”

Soichiro felt like he stopped breathing.

“If you’re ready, then I’ll continue~ I use five parts to my hand to lift the seal of the legendary ultimate mage!

Come on! The sealed Egyptian defender—

– Exodia! ”

Legend becomes reality.

The space of the virtual world trembled as if it were about to collapse, and the engraving slowly carved a huge dangling seal formation in the space.

A huge golden palm protruded from the magic circle, dragging the torn chain on his wrist.

Then came the huge body, which seemed to be about to burst through the magic circle.

That was the invincible ancient Egyptian defender, the ultimate Exodia the Forbidden One, one of the rare “invincible” existences in the duel monster rules.

[Exodia, ATK ∞]

The Exodia the Forbidden One’s attack power was… infinite!

Although players won directly by collecting five cards according to the rules, the specific form of victory in the DM animation was to summon Exodia, who has unlimited attack power.

After all, it’s cool to have animation effects!

For example, right now, watching the huge Exodia create the magic ball in front of him, Soichiro Ota pissed himself…

The Egyptian defender pushed with both palms, and the palms released the shock of obliteration.

The golden light swept through Soichiro’s field, smashing his monster and his set card, and his screams seemed to stop abruptly.

Soichiro Ota’s entire body was engulfed in a golden whirlpool, and at the same time, he shouted unwillingly——

——This is cheating! ! !


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