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When Snow Wave first entered the Noah arc, as the only player who had the opportunity to get in touch with this plotline—the point was that he was even with Yuei Vu, he was looking forward to this virtual world journey.

When the plot officially started and everyone was sucked into different maps, others might be too nervous to notice, but Snow Wave saw the perfect position beside Yuei Vu at a glance and wanted to grab it without saying a word.

In any case, I must land on the same map as Yuei Vu!

When Miss Yuehua, who was close behind him at that time, saw Snow Wave’s conspiracy face, she immediately understood the little scheme in the other party’s heart.

Ah! Want to monopolize Yuei Vu

No way!

So Miss Yuehua didn’t hesitate and immediately stepped forward to the same position.

The one who can follow Yuei Vu through the plot is me!

As the old saying, “the gap of a duel between two masters is as wide as a thread, and the details of a moment can often determine success or failure”.

Snow Wave was the first to leave, Miss Yuehua was the first to arrive, and the two rushed to the halfway and bumped into each other.

Then at exactly the same second, the random teleportation began.

A few seconds later.

Snow Wave sat up on a transparent glacier, looked around, and found Anzu, Shizuka, and Miss Yuehua who was trying to snatch Yuei Vu with him.

The three girls were lying motionless beside him.

A boy and three girls were on the endless and uninhabited glacier.

Among the girls, there was a loli, a beautiful high school student, and a female streamer with a lovely figure.

Facing this situation, even Snow Wave couldn’t help but think about it…

…Damn it! Why haven’t I been assigned a map with Yuei Vu

Damn Noah, this must be his shady ploy, right He actually left me with three useless girls!

The three girls were obviously not as physically fit as Snow Wave, and they just woke up one by one leisurely.

Miss Yuehua got up, and at the first sight of meeting Snow Wave’s eyes, she became angry.

Why do you have to argue with me Well now, the golden thigh of both of us was gone!

Snow Wave rolled his eyes and ignored her.

He who had gained more than 40 favorability from Yuei Vu, had absolute confidence in his bootlicking ability.

At this time, his mentality when facing Miss Yuehua was like a master player facing a bronze player, and he didn’t bother to argue at all.

Hmph, it was me who came first!

Anzu and Shizuka also woke up at this time.

Unlike the two players whose nerves were disconnected, the two girls were a little scared right now.

After all, the two of them were only rookies in dueling.

If they are defeated by The Big Five and their body was taken away, it was no joke.

Not long after they got up, a penguin in a suit and top hat floated up under the water in front of them.

That short stature, that chubby belly… Did it look a little cute

“Ha! There are three beautiful girls!” The penguin patted his belly happily, “Great, it seems that today is Shuzo Otaki’s lucky day for the first time in 55 years!”

Anzu and Shizuka instinctively retreated: “What’s the situation”

“The Big Five, who used to be the personnel department of the Kaiba Group” Snow Wave tried to recall the DM plot, “I remember his name is Sanji… Sanji Okina”

The penguin almost took a mouthful of old blood.

Who the hell was Sanji Okina!

“Hmph, it looks like you have done some homework.” The penguin hummed, “Yes, I am the former head of the personnel department of the Kaiba Corp.

Remember it for me, my name is Shuzo Otaki, and I’m 55 years old! ”

Anzu looked puzzled: “Why does he keep emphasizing his age”

“Because he’s a pervert.” Miss Yuehua was full of disgust.

Although she hasn’t played cards, Miss Yuehua has watched the anime.

She also knew the details of this guy.

Not only he was a super penguin addict, but he was also an old pervert.

It was said that when he was in charge of personnel at Kaiba Company, he had ravished countless young and beautiful girls, which caused a lot of judicial disputes.

Every time, it was settled thanks to the presence of a lawyer in the Big Five, Chikuzen Ouka.

“I remember this was still a neuropathy” Snow Wave stared, “The reason why he hates Kaiba seems to be because Kaiba doesn’t let him build a penguin swimming pool in Kaiba Land”

“Ah” Anzu was confused.

“Hmph, that’s right!” Shuzo Otaki was still angry when he talked about this, “That fellow Kaiba Seto… that fellow dares to underestimate my most important penguin! The penguin is clearly so cute!

But you know what he said to me then He actually said, ‘If you want to keep black and white things in the park, you might as well choose pandas’!

It really pissed me off! So I can never forgive him! ”

Everyone: “…”

Miss Yuehua thought at first that it seemed strange to go evil for such a reason, but then she thought about it, thinking about the increasingly strange murder motives of the murderers in elementary school detective boy of the next door studio over the years, she suddenly felt that this did not seem strange…

“Ha! I know all your details! Anzu Mazaki, who is 16 years old, and… uh… what’s your name, little sister”

Penguin’s eyes fell on Miss Yuehua.

He has collected most of the information about people around Kaiba and Yugi, but now he had no impression of these two weirdos who suddenly popped up here…

But this was also a beautiful girl!

Shuzo Otaki’s eyes began to flicker.

The three little sisters are all so beautiful, I really want to grab a young and beautiful body…

At this moment, even Anzu and Shizuka could see that the penguin in front of them was a complete scum and pervert.

“Okay! Then let’s fight according to the rules set by Mr.

Noah!” A Duel Disk appeared on the penguin’s arm.

“The loser will be robbed of her body!”

As soon as the words fell, Snow Wave and Miss Yuehua both stepped forward and said in unison, “I’m coming!”

Anzu looked moved: “You…”

At this time, the two helpless girls, Anzu and Shizuka, automatically understood that two players took the initiative to protect them.

Obviously, if someone could do this to a stranger whom they just met, they were really a good person…

Penguin glanced at Snow Wave with disgust and pointed at him: “You, get out.”

What’s the point of playing cards with a stinky guy

Then he turned to Miss Yuehua with a smile on his face: “Do you want to duel with me Okay, no problem, come with me, we’ll start now.”

Snow Wave: “”

Fuck, what the hell kind of mission is this Is there a gender limit

This is such a naked sexist!

Snow Wave shivered in anger.

He didn’t know when the position of male duelists would be able to rise…


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