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At this time, Miss Yuehua was already following behind the little penguin controlled by Shuzo Otaki and jumped to an ice block.

The penguin controlled by Shuzo Otaki jumped to the ice block on the opposite, turned around, and the Duel Disk in his hand flashed with a golden light, and the deck automatically appeared in his hand.

“Okay, your deck is useless in this world, so hurry up and choose the cards you want to use in this duel.” Shuzo Otaki smiled, “This is a great opportunity for you.

All cards in the Kaiba Corp’s database are here, even the ones you don’t usually have access to.

Take advantage of this opportunity and try to challenge me, uh… how old are you, little sister ”

Shuzo Otaki, who didn’t know the other party’s age, asked.

Miss Yuehua proudly stood up and raised her flat chest: “Eighteen years old!”

Besides her, Snow Wave looked blankly at the void: “How do I remember that when I visited your live broadcast three years ago, I heard you say that you were eighteen years old…”

Miss Yuehua was suddenly unhappy: “I am eighteen forever.

Do you have any opinion”

“Very good, very good.” Shuzo Otaki was very happy to hear that, “It’s good to be eighteen, very good.”

While talking, Penguin looked at her with more and more satisfaction, and finally even nodded slowly.

He was quite satisfied with this girl now.

The face was pretty good, and the chest was a little too flat, but it was a small problem.

After robbing her body and working a little harder, this defect was not irreparable…

The old gentleman penguin laughed wickedly while thinking about it.

Miss Yuehua rolled his eyes at him, ignored the pervert, and began choosing her own cards from the card pool.

As mentioned before, although Miss Yuehua has been a streamer for a long time, she was still a complete rookie in Yu-Gi-Oh, and her dueling skills were just newbie-level.

At present, she just copied a recommended deck for novices in the forum and beat the passers-by who barely make a living…

At this time, all the cards were suddenly opened to her, and the rookie streamer was a bit at a loss.

Holy crap, what effect does this card have It looks so awesome!

Hey, I haven’t read the effect of this card yet, why did it pass…

……Like the new players in the follow-up version who want to enter Yu-Gi-Oh, they were confused when facing those new cards that were filled with a bunch of effects.

Download World Link Online!

Launch World Link Online!

Uninstall World Link Online!

The whole process was carried out in one go without any pause, commonly known as one-stop.

But it didn’t matter, because Miss Yuehua was not fighting alone here.

There were thousands of audience behind her.

“Mirror Force! Take a Mirror Force!”


“I saw the Magic Cylinder! Must take the Magic Cylinder!”

“Adding three Pot of Greed is the basic, right”


Of course, Miss Yuehua also noticed that there seemed to be more cards in the system card pool than usual, but as a newcomer, her card pool was very monotonous and far less rich than Yuei Vu’s.

So with the concerted efforts of many audiences, a deck with half of her favorite deck and the other half mixed with strange things was born…

Many cards were the kind of “You must take it”, so Miss Yuehua chose it without looking at it.

She didn’t even know how to use it or its effect.

So she still has to read the effect one by one…

Shuzo Otaki was very generous and didn’t rush her, but he just looked at her with a smile on his face, secretly overjoyed in his heart.

Haha! It’s luck!

What I caught this time was not only a young and beautiful little sister, but she also seemed to be a complete rookie!

How can I, Shuzo Otaki, lose to a rookie who doesn’t even know the effect of the cards

At this moment, Anzu and Shizuka in the back were even more shocked.

She actually… didn’t even recognize all the cards in her deck

We were done!

After a long while, Miss Yuehua finally inserted the deck back into the Duel Disk.

“Oh Are you ready” Shuzo Otaki smiled, “Am I generous”

Miss Yuehua was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, so she directly opened the Duel Disk.

Shuzo Otaki didn’t take it too seriously and was quite confident.

He felt that the result was stabilized.

Now his penguin’s mind has even automatically skipped the card-playing step and started to figure out how to do whatever he wanted with her body after winning…

… However, at this time, the 55 years old pervert did not realize the seriousness of the problem at all.

“Duel!” x2

The Duel Disk randomly chose Miss Yuehua to be the one who went first.

Here she still chose the meta that she has just played in the game these days – summoning “Marauding Captain”, and then special summoned “Command Knight” from the hand by the effect of Marauding Captain.

Then the effect of Command Knight increased the attack power of all Warrior-Type monsters she controlled by 400.

[Marauding Captain, ATK 1600]

[Command Knight, ATK 1600]

Then she…set four cards and ends turn.

Snow Wave looked at her from behind and took a breath of cold air – Four set cards in the first turn Are you so self-contained

“Hehe, Warrior deck It won’t work in front of me! My turn, draw!”

Shuzo Otaki was full of confidence: “You must feel that you are protected by your back row, right Let me tell you how wrong you are!

Activate Spell Card – Cold Wave! Neither player can activate or set any Spell or Trap Cards until my next turn! ”

Miss Yuehua awkwardly pressed the button on the Duel Disk: “Wait a minute! Counter Trap – Dark Bribe! Negate the activation of an opponent’s Spell or Trap Card and destroy it.

The opponent draws 1 card!”

“Huh, already prepared for that Then I summon ‘Mad Lobster’!”

[Mad Lobster, ATK 1700]

“Wait a minute again!” Miss Yuehua pressed the button again, “Activate Trap Card – Trap Hole! When a monster with an ATK of 1000 or more is summoned, destroy the monster!”

Mad Lobster, who had just debuted, hadn’t stood firm yet, and opened a hole under his feet and fell down.

Before dying, he roared angrily and waved his pliers, looking incompetent and furious…

“What Do you still have such a thing” Shuzo Otaki gritted his teeth, “Damn, since that’s the case, I can’t let my field empty for the next turn… Activate pell Card – Premature Burial! Pay 800 LP, and my Mad Lobster will be resurrected!”

【Shuzo Otaki, LP 4000 → LP 3200】

The red lobster reappeared on the field under the effect of the Spell Card, panting, looking even angrier than before…

“Then here I activate the ability of my Deck Master ‘Nightmare Penguin’ to increase the ATK of all WATER monsters on my field by 200!

[Mad Lobster, ATK 1900]

Then I attack Marauding Captain with Mad Lobster! ”

“Just… wait a second!”

As soon as Miss Yuehua raised her hand, Shuzo Otaki’s eyelids jumped in a conditioned reflex.

Holy crap, isn’t there still another

“Activate Trap Card – Mirror Force! When the opponent declares an attack, destroy all attack position monsters on the opponent’s field!”

Shuzo Otaki: “…”

Shuzo Otaki, who has eaten three pits in a row, has begun to doubt his life.

The Mad Lobster on the field seemed to go mad for real, yelling at the divine power that shone with light in front of him, but in the end, it was helpless and vanished under the brilliance…

“Damn it!” Shuzo Otaki stomped his feet in anger.

What the hell is this **

He couldn’t summon monsters, and he couldn’t attack.

Shuzo Otaki said that he had never heard of such an autistic duelist.

Don’t you dare to not play nether cards

But now Shuzo Otaki had to face a more serious problem.

Now his LP was only 3200, and the combined attack power of the two monsters on the beautiful girl’s field was exactly 3200.

If he ended his turn like this, he would undoubtedly lose…

So now he has no other choice.

“I… I summon my Deck Master!” Otaki shouted, “Summon the ‘Nightmare Penguin’ in defense position!”

[Nightmare Penguin, DEF 1800]

Although it was a very dangerous bet, because he would lose if his Deck Master was destroyed, now he has no other choice.

Nightmare Penguin’s defensive power was 1800, as long as it survived the next turn…

“Wait… wait a second again!”

Shuzo Otaki almost spat out a mouthful of penguin blood.

Please don’t say “wait”, auntie!

Do you have so many tricks

“Activate Counter Trap… Solemn Judgment!” Miss Yuehua shouted, “Pay half of my LP, negate the Summon of your monster and destroy it!

According to the rule, the person whose Deck Master is destroyed cannot continue to fight! YOU LOST! ”

The image of the majestic old man was projected on the trap card, and he raised his hand to announce with a denial gesture.

The Nightmare Penguin disappeared in an instant, and the 55-year-old former HR Shuzo Ohtaki was also sucked in a whirlpool and disappeared in a series of unwilling screams.

Before disappearing, Shuzo Otaki’s mind was filled with one thought—

——What the hell is this deck Is it too nether!


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