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After Yuei Vu OTKed Ota Soichiro with Exodia deck, a door appeared in front of him.

Yuei Vu, who has watched the animation, was familiar with this process.

After winning the duel, there would be a door leading to the next map in front of you, which was a bit like a classic game.

Yuei Vu didn’t hesitate, opened the door and walked in, and immediately came to a new map.

Arriving here, the art style suddenly changed.

A second ago, he was standing in a place with a painting style similar to an industrial area, but now he is standing in a tree-lined path with birds and flowers.

Thick trees stood on both sides of the road, the sun cast mottled shadows, and the air was filled with a faint scent of sandalwood.

There was only one road, so Yuei Vu didn’t think much, he walked forward along this road, and even had time to browse the forum while walking.

This was the advantage of being able to visit the forum, as he could also know the situation of the two players.

Miss Yuehua’s live broadcast was running the whole time.

Taking a peek at the screen, Yuei Vu saw her situation.

If fact, he didn’t even need to visit the live broadcast room, as Snow Wave and Miss Yuehua couldn’t wait to post and pretend to show off.

Yuei Vu glanced at the two’s posts, and found that it was a bit embarrassing for the two of them – it was obvious that the two of them had gone through the same process, but the content of the posts was still different.

To be precise, their focus and presentation angles were different.

Yuei Vu guessed that his two spare tires temporarily reached a consensus to unite the front, and adjusted the content after a little discussion before posting.

Otherwise, if two people showed off in exactly the same way, it wouldn’t do anyone any good.

Walking to the end of the forest path, another door soon appeared in front of him.

Yuei Vu opened the door again, and a strong light flashed behind the door, making him unable to open his eyes.

When he came back to his senses, he had already left the forest and was standing in a barren open space.

A light appeared on the stone directly opposite him, followed by the silhouette of the individual.

That was a green-haired boy who held his hands behind his back and had the expression of a superior looking down.

That person was Kaiba Noah, or to be more precise, an AI with memories of Kaiba Noah.

“Oh Is it really good to just appear in front of me as a behind-the-scenes boss” Yuei Vu smiled, “I just passed the first level.”

Noah smiled: “But your performance exceeded my expectations, and now there are not many things in the world that can surprise me.”

This might be true.

The current Noah was still an AI in essence.

He has the learning ability of a supercomputer, and he knew all the knowledge in various fields.

There may not be many things that can surprise him.

It was precise because of this that he was interested in the occasional variable.

“Exodia… It is indeed in the database of the Kaiba Corp.

However, no one ever builds the entire deck around this and completes the seal release of the Exodia the Forbidden One within one turn.

As far as I know, you are indeed the first.”

In the animation, the tactics of building decks around Exodia were not without precedent.

There was at least one rare hunter of Ghouls who played this deck.

Ten years later, there was Amon in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

But at least so far, Noah has not heard of anyone who was able to collect five parts of Exodia in one turn.

“I remember you’re Yuei Vu, right” Noah said, “One of the top eight players of the Battle City Competition… Oh no, it should be the top four now.”

He smiled softly: “I’m very interested in you, Yuei Vu.

I think you have something about you, something other duelists don’t have.

As you may have discovered, this is a world entirely under my control.

If I wanted to, I could forcefully take your body right now.

But don’t worry, I won’t do that.

What I am presenting to you here is an opportunity for cooperation.

Here we go again, the old “we can rule together” cliche.

However, Yuei Vu didn’t take it to heart at all.

Noah felt that he could take away Yuei Vu’s body at any time, but Yuei Vu felt that he could not.

Just kidding, how could he dare to break into the virtual world so mindlessly if he didn’t even have any protection measures for his trump cards

Although his Dark Magician Girl couldn’t follow him into this world, but if Noah wanted to break the rules and skipped playing cards directly, Yuei Vu had a countermeasure.

Of course, it’s just an assumption.

Cards must still be played, especially for players with hair color like Noah.

At the first glance, anyone could tell this was a dueling addict.

“My target is only Seto from the beginning, and the others are just accessories that have been affected.

They don’t matter at all.

But your tactical ideas as a duelist interest me.

If you can prove yourself in a duel… it is not impossible to allow your allegiance.”

Yuei Vu rolled his eyes and raised the Duel Disk directly: “If you want to duel, hurry up, but allegiance or something is exempted.

I’m not interested in little kids.”

Noah just smiled: “Really Well, that doesn’t matter.

After you lose to me, you might change your mind.”

While speaking, the interface of the card list appeared in front of Yuei Vu again, which stored all the card data recorded by Kaiba Corp.

Yuei Vu glanced around and found that he opened the list this time, the deck-thinning cards he had stuffed into Exodia’s deck, as well as “Makyura the Destructor” which allowed him to activate trap cards from his hand, seemed to be gone…

On the contrary, the most widely used Pot of Greed and Graceful Charity was still on the list, but if he used them to form an Exodia the Forbidden One deck, it may be difficult to ensure that he could get them all in one turn.

Yuei Vu glanced at Noah, who was pretending to not do anything.

Your words were so arrogant, but in fact, you were still a coward in front of the Egyptian defender……

But it was no big deal.

Yuei Vu, who has access to all banned cards, had more options available.

If Noah took Exodia away, he would simply choose another tactic.

Yuei Vu thought for a while, and this time he chose a deck from the system card pool.

The forty-card deck was ready, and the deck automatically appeared in the Duel Disk he was wearing.

“Then the two sides choose ‘Deck Master’ now.

I believe that you don’t need me to introduce the rule again, right” Noah said, and drew a card from the deck, “The Deck Master I choose is… ‘Shinato’s Ark’!”

There was a crack in the ground behind Noah, and the huge wooden boat slowly floated up with a roar, hovering behind Noah.

“Hey, is this really good” Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows, “You said before that everyone uses the card in the Kaiba Corp’s database, right I don’t remember that there is such a card in the Kaiba Corp’s card pool.

You print it for yourself, don’t you”

Noah smiled: “The rule of the game is that any dueling monster card can be used in this space, as long as the Duel Disk can bear its power.”

“Well, that’s fine.” Yuei Vu nodded, expressing that he happily accepted this setting.

Then he also drew a card from the deck: “Then the Deck Master I want to choose is… ‘Elemental HERO Stratos’!”

A HERO image in blue armor appeared beside Yuei Vu, with arms and feet floating in mid-air, with metal gliders behind him, and the whirling turbine rolled up the hurricane, keeping it floating in mid-air.

This time, Noah’s face changed slightly.

“A card that I haven’t seen” He frowned.

“What kind of monster is this”

Yuei Vu smiled lightly.

Noah, you don’t expect this, do you! I can also print cards!


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