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“Fusion Summon! Meteor Black Dragon!”

The brand new trump card in Jonouchi was freshly released, with its powerful aura, and domineering posture, and the key point was that its attack power was as high as 3500 points, surpassing even the legendary strongest dragon, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon…

(BEWD: I’m angry!)

The emotions of the audience were constantly arising between the chain of continuous exchange of offense and defense between the two sides.

At this time, the arrival of a legendary ace like the Meteor Black Dragon made everyone extremely excited.

They felt it was a blessing that they could see such a duel on the street.

Well, of course no one felt anything wrong about activating Polymerization in the Battle Phase.

Yuei Vu felt that there must be something wrong with this world…

“I can do Fusion Summon too.” Jonouchi started to be cocky again, “But the monsters that are Fusion Summoned can’t attack this turn, so I end my turn!

Alright, it’s your turn, Yuei Vu! If you can defeat my ‘Meteor Black Dragon’, come to try it! ”

Although in Yuei Vu’s opinion, it was nothing but a Normie with high attack power, 3500 ATK seemed to have brought quite inflated confidence to Jonouchi.

After all, Yuei Vu’s hand has been exhausted, and there was only a Nova Master left on the field.

The inner thought of Jonouchi at this time was probably like this——

——Can you beat me with a single card

If you can beat me with one card today, then I will eat this Duel Disk on the spot!

“My turn, draw!” Yuei Vu glanced at the card after drawing the card, and inserted it into the Duel Disk without thinking, “Spell card – Pot of Greed!”

A green pot with intricately carved patterns appeared in front of everyone, with thick red lips and huge yellowed teeth showing a low smile at everyone.

“Pot of Greed’s effect: I can draw two more cards from the deck!”

The onlookers, including Jonouchi, calmly watched him draw such two cards at random, but no one took it seriously at all.

Only the person who activated the spell card felt dark in his heart——

——MMD, this is worthy of being a banned card for thousands of years.

It is really fun to earn cards out of nothing!

Yuei Vu decided that he must put three copies into his deck before the Battle City officially started! No matter what kind of deck he builds, let’s put three pots first, and then the Closed Beta players would know what is die from jealousy!

Immediately after he drew two new cards, Yuei Vu’s eyes lit up again.

“I’ll activate Spell card – Graceful Charity!”

An angel dressed in white, flapping his wings, and wearing a holy halo appeared above Yuei Vu’s field, and his white feathers flew down.

“Graceful Charity’s effect: I draw three more cards from the deck,” he said, “and then discard the two cards in the hand into the graveyard.”

This card was not drawn by him when he opened the pack, but from Pandora’s “gift pack”.

Thousands Of Years Banned Card x2, in the same turn.

Only people who had a taste of it could know how blissful it was!

“Set two cards.” In front of Yuei Vu, there was two more card back images appeared on the ground, “I end my turn.”

“Sure enough, he is still helpless.” A passerby began to point.

“He can’t help it.

When a powerful monster like the Meteor Black Dragon has been summoned, anyone in his shoes will have no way to turn the table, right”

“To defeat this kind of monster, as expected, only top-level monsters like ‘Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon’ have hope…”

The passerby duelists were talking a lot, and Jonouchi seemed to feel the same way.

He drew a card and entered the Battle Phase without thinking.

“Meteor Black Dragon! Attack Nova Master!”

Sure enough, it was a decision with the style of Jonouchi – rush recklessly!

What Backrow Ambush card What it is

In the original work, when he duel with the pit god Rishid in the DM with a deck full of traps, he never made it past the backrow.

How is it possible to back off just because of mere two set cards

The black dragon had already opened its mouth, and the flames poured into the mouth along the lines of the lava, forming a huge churning fireball, which was about to roar towards the hero on the Yuei Vu’s field.

At this time, Yuei Vu had already pressed his finger on the activation button on the Duel Disk: “Open the Set card!”

Mirror Force Sakuretsu Armor Widespread Ruin

Sorry to bother you, of course, he didn’t have that kind of expensive stuff.

But he has this—

——“Quick-Play Spell, De-Fusion!”

To be fair, in the current environment where spell cards could be activated in the opponent’s turn, and there was no restriction even in the battle phase, Yuei Vu really didn’t know the meaning of the “Quick-Play” icon of the Quick-Play spell.

If he had to say it, he guessed that the speed of Quick-Play spell was faster, and after activation, Quick-Play spell cards usually could not be chained…

“What!” Jonouchi suddenly realized that it was going to be bad.

“De-Fusion’s effect: I return Meteor Black Dragon to the Extra Deck!” Yuei Vu pointed at the huge black dragon that was preparing to attack, “Then I special summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Meteor Dragon on your field in attack position!” (animation effect)

The huge and majestic black dragon was forcibly split under the effect of the spell card.

It let out a high-pitched roar unwillingly, and then the body was divided into two under the irresistible force, and the postures of Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Meteor Dragon were re-transformed respectively.

[Red-Eyes Black Dragon, attack power 2400]

[Meteor Dragon, Attack Power 1800]

“It’s not over yet!” Yuei Vu pressed another button on the Duel Disk, “Open the Set card: Trap Card – Dark Renewal!

This card can only be activated opponent Summons a monster(s) or attacks: Target 1 of those monsters and 1 monster I control; send both monsters to the Graveyard, then I can Special Summon 1 Spellcaster monster from my Deck or Graveyard! ”

“I see!” Yugi watching next to him exclaimed, “Activate ‘De-Fusion’ to Special Summon the two monsters used as fusion materials on the field of Jonouchi, so as to satisfy the activation conditions of ‘Dark Renewal’! It’s amazing!”

Next to him, Anzu, who didn’t know anything about duels, asked suspiciously, “then this person…is he strong”

Yugi looked at Yuei Vu with a solemn expression and nodded vigorously.

“Well!” he said, “very strong.”

“I sacrificed your Red-Eyes Black Dragon, as well as my own Elemental HERO Nova Master!”

A white whirlwind surrounded the body of Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Nova Master, and the two turned into golden arrows respectively, and both flew into the red coffin that appeared in the field.

The coffin board was then snapped shut and sank into the ground surrounded by the billowing black mist.

(Nova Master: Even though it was my first show, I was sacrificed without even a chance to make a move==)

“Reborn from the graveyard!” Yuei Vu raised his voice, and a card bounced from the Duel Disk’s graveyard tray at the same time, “Dark Magician!”


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