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Noah narrowed his eyes and seemed a little unhappy with this unexpected change.

This guy…why could he use a card that didn’t exist

But he did say just now, “As long as it is a card recognized by the Duel Disk, it can be used”, and most of his own card decks were cards that he has printed privately, which could only be used in his own virtual world.

If he directly denied that rule, it was equivalent to him admitting defeat.

Noah thought about it, and used a part of the program to investigate Yuei Vu’s deck and cards, and also confirmed that the cards he used were genuine dueling monster cards, not fake and inferior products from a small workshop.

Compared to him, Noah was more like the one who played the fake cards…

Although Pegasus, known as the “Father of Dueling Monsters”, was the one who resurrected this ancient game in modern times, not all the cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh world were printed by Pegasus.

For example, every generation of Yu-Gi-Oh villains, as long as they’re a bit important, would use all the special cards.

At first glance, everyone could tell that those cards were not printed by the Industrial Illusions.

But as mentioned before, all real dueling monster cards had some supernatural powers inside them, which was the essential difference between real cards and fake cards.

So even if the villains of all generations took out a bunch of cards that no one had heard of, they would still be recognized by the duel rules.

So Noah didn’t doubt that the card deck in Yuei Vu’s hand would be a fake card, he just cared about how Yuei Vu took out the cards that were not in the database in the virtual world he controlled.

“It seems that I underestimate you, Yuei Vu.

You are also a person with secrets.” Noah said lightly, “It doesn’t matter.

I will dig out your secrets after I defeat you.”

When it came to playing cards, Noah had absolute confidence.

After all, most of his decks and the Deck Master behind him were all printed by himself.

In this virtual world, he is absolutely invincible when playing cards!

“Duel!” x2

【Noah, LP 4000】

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

This time, for a rare moment in ten thousand years, the Duel Disk actually gave Yuei Vu the right to decide who should go first.

However, Yuei Vu wisely chose…

“I’ll let you go first.” He shrugged, “I don’t want to be called bullying children.”

He said so, but what he thought in his heart was—

——I’m playing a pure HERO deck this time.

When playing HERO, who wants to go first

“Oh Are you so confident” Noah smiled, “Then don’t regret it later.

My turn, draw!

I summon ‘Aeris’ in attack position.


Aeris was also a card printed by him.

Although it was based on Ares, the Greek God of War, it was a bit sloppy: just a Level 4 Normie, and his appearance was still very frustrated, with a sling on his back and shirtless, like a primitive man in the tribe.

[Aeris, ATK 1800]

“Set a card on, I end my turn.” Noah confidently said, “Okay, it’s your turn.

Of course, no matter what you do, it’s useless.”

Yuei Vu looked at his self-confident appearance and felt amused in his heart.

Of course, he knew what Noah thought he could not lose.

In fact, when it came to dueling skills, Noah was really not good.

In the animation, he could suppress the Kaiba entirely due to the fact that the card printed by himself was more unreasonable than the fake card.

For example, Giant Flood, a Normal Spell card that could directly send all monsters on the field and from both players’ hands to the Graveyard.

For example, Ice Age Panic, a Normal Spell card that could Special Summon 1 EARTH monster from his Deck when he controlled no monster.

But these OP cards were nothing compared to his Deck Master – Shinato’s Ark.

Shinato’s Ark’s effect 1: In this duel, all monsters sent to the Graveyard by both sides are not sent to the Graveyard, but are “contained” by the Ark.

The contained monsters were neither banished from the game nor in the graveyard, so you could understand that Noah directly cut down the graveyard of the opponent player at the beginning of the game…

And Yuei Vu, who has been playing cards for so many years, has only heard of sending it to the graveyard and banishing it, and it was the first time he has heard of such a strange concept of “containment”.

Imagine this: You were playing cards and looking into your empty graveyard, feeling confused: where were my monsters

Then the opponent: Hahaha, your monster has been contained by my Deck Master!

You: Damn, then I would contain you too (physically).

This was just the first effect of this damned thing, and you must know that this Deck Master had a total of six effects.

Effect 2: Once per turn, remove all monsters contained in the Ark from the game, and restore LP equal to the number of removed monsters x 500.

Effect 2: Whenever the opponent announced the start of the Battle Phase, according to the number of monsters on the opponent’s field, randomly select the same number of monsters from the Ark’s “contained area”, and special summoned to the player’s field in defense position.

Effect 4: If Shinato’s Ark that was summoned to the field was destroyed by the opponent, specially summoned “Shinato, King of a Higher Plane” and it would be regarded as the new Deck Master, thus the player would not lose by the destruction of the Ark.

Effect 5: When “Shinato, King of a Higher Plane” attacked a monster in the defense position, the opponent’s player’s LP would be halved, and the player gained the same amount of LP.

Effect 6: Once per Duel, when “Shinato, King of a Higher Plane” was sent to the graveyard from the field, the effect of sending it to the graveyard would be negated, and “Shinato, King of a Higher Plane” could be revived as the Deck Master.

When Yuei Vu watched the anime, the first thing he wanted to do was to complain – How could you print so many effects on such a small card

Kaiba Noah kept saying that he would fight with Kaiba Seto in a “dignified” duel, but in fact, it’s all bull**!

Not only you added such a unilaterally beneficial rule like “Deck Master”, but you were also shameless enough to imprint so many effects on your card.

Why didn’t you just write the effect of the Deck Master as “I will win directly”

Even if you used this kind of cheat card to defeat Kaiba Seto, could this really prove anything

Therefore, Yuei Vu didn’t intend to be polite to players who printed cards without permission and had no intention of playing cards fairly.

Don’t you like playing fake cards

Then get ready to be punished by heroes!

“My turn, draw! Activate Spell Card – Pot of Greed.

I draw two cards from the deck.”

Yuei Vu came up with the old routine first, and then started to unfold immediately!

“The first thing I want to play here is a Spell Card…” Yuei Vu drew a card from his hand, “… ‘A Hero Lives’! If I control no face-up monsters, I can pay half of my LP; Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower ‘Elemental HERO’ monster from my Deck!

Bring it on! Elemental HERO Stratos! ”

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000→ LP 2000】

A Stratos with the exact same shape as the Deck Master behind him flew out of the deck, the bi-wing turbine mounted on his back flew, and his figure was suspended in mid-air.

[Elemental HERO Stratos, ATK 1800]

Noah laughed: “Hey, did you make a mistake Losing 2000 LP in one go did you special summon the same monster as the Deck Master

Do you really know the rules Deck Masters can be summoned directly to the field.

Yuei Vu ignored him, and just continued to operate.

“Stratos’s effect is activated! When it is successfully summoned, I can add 1 ‘HERO’ monster from my deck to my hand.

My choice is ‘Elemental HERO Shadow Mist’!”

Then he brought out the Shadow Mist and another card that he had added to his hand at the same time.

“Normal summon ‘Elemental HERO Solid Soldier’! Then the effect of the Solid Soldier – When this card is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower HERO monster from my hand!

Special Summon ‘Elemental HERO Shadow Mist’! ”

[Elemental HERO Solid Soldier, ATK 1300]

[Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, ATK 1000]

Noah snorted: “Summoned three monsters in one breath Are you ready to launch a strong attack in the first turn”

“The effect of the Shadow Mist is activated!” Yuei Vu has just started, “If this card is Special Summoned, I can add 1 “Change” Quick-Play Spell Card from my Deck to my hand! I add ‘Mask Change’ to my hand!”

Then he pointed to the Stratos floating behind him.

“I’ll activate the ability of the Deck Master, ‘Elemental HERO Stratos’!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Once per turn, ad 1 ‘HERO’ monster from my Deck to my hand.

What I choose is…’Vision HERO Faris’! ”

Vision HERO was the deck used by Aster Phoenix in Yu-Gi-Oh!GX manga.

Noah frowned.

Vision HERO

Another card I’ve never heard of…

“The effect of Vision HERO Faris: this card can be Special Summoned from the hand by discarding 1 other ‘HERO’ monster.

I discard a card in my hand and Special Summon ‘Vision HERO – Faris’! ”

[Vision HERO Faris, ATK 1600]

“At this moment, the ‘Shinato’s Ark’ Deck Master ability is activated!” Noah waved, “Monsters sent to the graveyard by both players will not enter the graveyard, but be contained by the Ark instead!”

The huge wooden boat behind Noah slowly hung up, absorbing the monsters abandoned by Yuei Vu.

In this way, the graveyard on Yuei Vu’s side was equivalent to being scrapped directly.

Even for many of Yu-Gi-Oh meta decks today, it was a cheating-level interference ability.

But Yuei Vu was already mentally prepared for this.

“The effect of ‘Vision HERO Faris’ is activated!

When Faris is successfully summoned, I can choose a ‘Vision HERO’ monster from the deck, and place it in my own Spell Trap Zone as a Continuous Trap Card! ”

Noah continued to be surprised: “Treat monster card as Continuous Trap Card!”

Placing monsters in the Spell Trap Zone was actually not very uncommon at the time of GX animation.

The Crystal Beast in the animation was the most famous deck with such characteristics.

In this respect, Vision HERO was actually similar to Crystal Beast.

“I place ‘Vision HERO Increase’ in the Spell Trap Zone!

Then, by the effect of ‘Vision HERO Increase’, when this card is treated as a Continuous Trap: I can Tribute 1 “HERO” monster; Special Summon it!

I use ‘Vision HERO Faris’ as a tribute, and special summon Vision HERO Increase! ”

[Vision HERO Increase, ATK 900]

Noah was even more confused, gritted his teeth, and said, “Use a monster with high attack power as a tribute to summon a low-level monster”

In the eyes of duelists of this era, this was unimaginable behavior, and Noah, who has all knowledge of dueling from network data, was no exception.

How could someone tribute a Level 5 monster with 1600 ATK to summon a Level 3 monster with only 900 ATK

“The effect of ‘Vision HERO Increase’!” Yuei Vu said loudly, “When it is Special Summoned from the Spell & Trap Zone: I can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower ‘Vision HERO’ monster from my Deck!

Special Summon ‘Vision HERO Vyon’! ”

[Vision HERO Vyon, ATK 1000]

“In this way, the preparation is complete.” Yuei Vu smiled, raised the Duel Disk, and the Field Spell area on the side of it automatically popped up.

“Field Spell – Fusion Gate, activate!”


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