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Yuei Vu sneezed loudly and rubbed his nose.

He has sneezed several times since he woke up this morning, and his overall condition was not very good.

Yuei Vu felt that he may have caught a cold at night.

This also confirmed that even the game was a real world, and he was now a real person living in this world.

【Favorability 1】

Yuei Vu silently turned his gaze to Itou Chika, who quickly retracted her gaze, and silently ate the grilled salmon for breakfast with a blank expression on her face.

Although he wanted to complain about how a sneeze could raise Favorability, now he has gotten used to it.

Maybe this was the trouble of being handsome.

In life, there are times when the favorability level will be raised.

“Your cooking is getting better and better.” Yuei Vu began to look for topics.

“Yeah.” Chika replied casually, “Because I learned a new recipe.”

Before Yuei Vu crossed over, as a gamer, he knew nothing about cooking, and Chika was responsible for solving the food problems these days.

According to what Chika said, she seemed to have been living here during the holidays, and would not move out until the school year began.

But the store manager should have returned by then.

“Speaking of which, the store manager hasn’t come back yet.”

Yuei Vu felt a little strange.

The mysterious store manager didn’t appear.

He has been here for more than a week and has not been seen yet.

“Oh, he said that things were done, but it was rare to go out and want to play outside for a while before coming back.” After eating the salmon, Chika took the miso soup and drank it.

After a pause, she suddenly glanced at Yuei Vu one more time.

“Who are you waiting for”

“Huh Why do you say that”

“Because you have been looking outside every now and then since last night,” she said, “as if you were waiting for someone.”


In fact, her observation was indeed correct.

Yuei Vu was indeed waiting for something, but it was not a specific person.

Because according to his memory, the Closed Beta period of World Link Online was in these two days.

The Closed Beta test was actually very simple.

It only lasted for two days.

After logging in, players basically only have time to familiarize themselves with the basic operations and systems.

This was a non-deleted internal test, and the official launch of the server seemed to be just after that.

If Yuei Vu remembered correctly, the game was officially launched just half a month after the end of the Closed Beta – just before the opening of the Battle City Competition.

So in the past two days, he should have had the opportunity to get in touch with the players for the first time.

In order to facilitate players to search for strategies, card lists, and exchange information at the same time in the game, Link World also had an official forum login interface in the game.

In other words, players could also log in to the game forum within the game.

It’s just that you could only watch in the game.

If you wanted to post a reply, you still had to exit the game and log in through the browser.

Thanks to this feature, Yuei Vu, as an NPC with his own game panel, could also log in to the forum to view the comments of players.

It’s just that the game has not yet started the Closed Beta, and the official forum was also locked.

Even if he went in, it was a lifeless gray and black, and there was nothing.

But it shouldn’t be long.

The forum should also be open when the test server was launched, and it would be lively soon.

After finishing breakfast, Chika suddenly asked, “Do you have a cold”

“A little.” Yuei Vu rubbed his nose, “but it’s okay, it’s not serious.”

Chika was thoughtful, but she didn’t speak.

She turned her head and went back to the kitchen.

Unexpectedly, she came out of the kitchen again after a while, holding a bowl of ginger syrup in her hand.


Yuei Vu was stunned for a moment, and he was a little moved while smiling bitterly.

I said that it’s just a little cold, but she’s still done that much…

…then he saw Chika-chan sitting down beside him, holding the bowl of ginger syrup and drinking it by herself…

Yuei Vu: “…”

Seemingly noticing Yuei Vu’s strange gaze, she gave an “oh” and explained, “Because I was afraid of being infected, I drank some soup to prevent it.

What, do you want it too ”

“…no, I don’t need it anymore.”


Yuei Vu definitely remembered correctly.

Just tonight, the world of Yu-Gi-Oh—or, to be more precise, the game world of World Link Online, ushered in a moment that may have caused the history of this entire world to deviate.

That was the arrival of duelists from another world—real card players!

They brought some dueling monster cards that did not exist in this world and brought a series of concepts such as “earning cards” and “card difference” that were puzzling to local duelists.

In addition, some people brought some wonderful Decks and combos that no one had thought of before.

But more than that.

Not only do these duelists have dueling styles and tactical thinking that were completely different from the existing system, but…

…their mind also didn’t seem to be quite normal!

For example, many of them were always blabbing and saying things that no one could understand.

For example, they would walk on the street in costumes that normal people find weird even on Halloween.

For example, most of their names were either too long or too stupid, some were very unqualified and some were very unhealthy.

Another example was that they would not hesitate to pay a lot of money for some things that ordinary people didn’t care about at all, and they were “helpful” to the point that they like to do white jobs for others and only receive almost negligible remuneration.

All in all, it’s a bunch of weirdos who could only play cards!


When the player with the ID “Snow Wave” opened his eyes, he had already landed on an open space in the wilderness.

Snow Wave was a little stunned.

Is this already in the game How does it feel like in reality

He caught a glimpse of the Duel Disk that was automatically put on when the account was created in his hand, and only then did he make sure that he had indeed logged into the “World Link Online” game.

Woc, is this game too real

This sense of manipulation of the avatar’s body, touching objects, and even the touch of the breeze blowing at night.

Even the feeling could be reproduced so vividly.

Snow Wave suspected that if he stayed in this game for a long time, he might not be able to distinguish the game from reality.

But the key is…

……Shouldn’t this be a card game

In the past, there was a lot of publicity about the game.

A consortium boasted that the game has made a huge technological breakthrough and has a great sense of real experience.

Most players still think it was bragging.

After all, it should be a collectible card game in essence.

The elements of MMORPG were secondary, and it was expected that the game production will not be much better.

But now it seemed that the production of this card game really has some tricks in their pocket!

Snow Wave glanced at it and found that there seemed to be no other players around – this was not surprising.

It was said that there are only a few hundred slots for the Closed Beta, and it was normal for hundreds of players to randomly throw them in and not find each other.

However, according to the official instructions of the game, the landing location of the Closed Beta players should be the main stage of the animation – near Domino City.

Judging from this, the brightly lit modern city not far from him should be Domino City.

After judging the direction, Snow Wave no longer hesitated, jumping and rolling, all the way to the direction of the city.


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