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Snow Wave was walking on a busy street, looking at the pedestrians passing by, colorful neon lights, and a beautiful young lady in cool clothes, he couldn’t help being surprised for a while.

Wow, this detail is too realistic and in place, right Is this really a card game

A certain unscrupulous consortium who only thinks about selling cards all day would be willing to spend a lot of money on such a conscientious game This looks like I’m transferred to another world!

He suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly and nervously reached out and touched below…

… Phew, it’s okay, the tools are still there.

I just don’t know what the function is, whether there are any age-restricted play items in the game or the like.

However, walking all the way from outside the city to here, he didn’t seem to see any other players.

This was not surprising at all.

There are only less than 1,000 people in the Closed Beta test, so throwing such a small number of people into such a big city, finding another was simply looking for a needle in a haystack.

The slots for the Closed Beta were randomly selected from players from many countries around the world.

Under such a huge base, there were only less than 1,000 chosen players in total.

If the pre-determined slots were excluded, the ones who are selected were the luckiest among the luckiest.

However, although the players come from all over the world, the language would not be a problem.

In fact, that problem has long been solved since the development of VR online games.

Players could choose their own familiar language and interface to play the game.

Everything that players come into contact with during the game would be translated into words they are familiar with, and communication and dialogue were also handled by the game’s built-in translation system, so there was no obstacle.

In addition, it was quite easy for players to judge their own identities from each other.

First, all players had IDs on their heads.

In theory, only players could see each other’s IDs.

Second, the players walked differently from normal people.

As if the floor in the game was scorching hot magma, players like to jump after a few steps, and occasionally they may even roll in place.

According to legend, this inexplicable tradition was left before the popularization of VR technology.

Players in those days could only rely on keyboard and mouse devices to play games.

Players in those days had a special liking for the two commands “jump” and “roll”.

Later, although VR technology became popular, and everyone no longer played games with keyboard and mouse, this “fine tradition” was still passed down by generations of players.

Snow Wave wandered around the city streets with a face full of novelty, looking around like a countryman entering the city, as if everything he saw was novel.

For a moment he even forgot that he was playing a card game…until he wandered aimlessly to a dueling hall in the center of the city.

Only then did Snow Wave suddenly realize – wait, I seem to be here to play cards

“The duelist over there.”

Snow Wave, who had just walked in the door with a confused face, looked at the sound, and at a glance, he saw a certain square face, a passerby with a mighty physique, walking slowly towards this side.

“A new face that I haven’t seen in the gym.

Did you just come to this area recently” the man asked.

Is it a plot quest

Snow Wave was puzzled and nodded at the same time, “Yes.”

“Then do you want to fight a duel”


Of course, as a player, there was no reason to refuse the challenge of NPC.

He speculated that this could be part of a tutorial for beginners in the game.

The two sides quickly came to the open field and stood at the designated position for each other.

“Duel!” x2

It was not until the Duel Disk unfolded and five starting cards were drawn from the deck that Snow Wave suddenly realized a shocking fact——

——He forgot to confirm what cards were in his initial deck.

When the account was created, the system asked him to choose the initial deck, but he glanced at it and felt that every set was similar, so he picked a set at random and started the game directly.

I forgot to check it out, but there is no problem

Now let’s see what I have in my starting hand…

Kattapillar, Lightning Conger, Rock Ogre Grotto #2, The Furious Sea King, Mountain Warrior…

Wait, aren’t these things all Normies!

Not only all of them are Normies, but there is also no one with an attack power of more than 1,000

Looking around, the strongest monster in his hand seemed to be the “The Furious Sea King”.

It was a Normal monster.

The card description was “Grand King of the Seven Seas, he’s able to summon massive tidal waves to drown the enemy.””

Snow Wave wanted to complain at the time—you A monster with an attack power of 800, which enemy can be drowned by you

As Grand King of the Seven Seas, you don’t even have a special ability like “talk to fish”, can you be more like trash

Speaking of which, there isn’t even a monster with an attack power of more than 1,000 in this broken deck…

No, no, no, it may be just an accident… Yes, that must be the case.

Now let the other side see the bond between the real duelist and the deck!

“My turn, draw!”

Adhering to the principle of making miracles with great strength, Snow Wave used the greatest strength in his life to draw the sixth card from the deck… and then he was dumbfounded.

Psychic Kappa, attack power 400, defense power 1000.

Card Description: An amphibian with a myriad of powers to shield it from enemy attacks.

Snow Wave: “…”

Forget it, this duel is no hope.

Anyway, the first one is just a lesson for the novice.

“I summon Psychic Kappa in defense position.

I end my turn.”

[Psychic Kappa, DEF 1000]

Snow Wave was too lazy to struggle.

He only hoped that the NPC on the opposite side would quickly knock him down so that he could confirm what the situation of his initial deck was.

“My turn, draw!”

Looking at the cards in his hand from the other side, he actually showed a very struggling expression – Snow Wave couldn’t help but wonder: There is only one Normie with 1000 defense power on the field, why are you struggling

Then he saw a card played on the opposite side: “…I summon Battle Warrior in attack position!”

[Battle Warrior, ATK 700]

Then the other party gritted his teeth as if he was unwilling: “Hey, Battle Warrior’s ATK is not as high as Psychic Kappa’s DEF, so I end my turn.”

Snow Wave: “”

Brother, are you kidding me

You can’t solve a Normie with 1000 defense power

“My turn,” Snow Wave said, “then I summon The Furious Sea King!”

[The Furious Sea King, ATK 800]

“The Furious Sea King, attack Battle Warrior!”

The Furious Sea King roared and rushed up, without saying a word, he raised the harpoon in his hand… oh no, it was the divine weapon trident.

With one blow, the fighting fighters on the opponent’s field were buried under the halberd.

“Ugh!” The NPC duelist raised his hand to protect his face.

【Passerby NPC duelist, LP 4000 → LP 3900】

Snow Wave suddenly realized that maybe he could still win this duel.

Because the card on the other side… Maybe even weaker than him!


After 20 rounds of (chicken) dragon and tiger fight, the battle between the two sides has officially entered the climax! The whole duel situation was extremely thrilling.

The duelists on both sides traded monsters continuously, biting each other’s LP tightly without letting go…

In the end, Snow Wave was superior in skill and won the duel in a thrilling manner.

(Actually, he finally drew Great White with an attack power of 1600, and then the opponent couldn’t get rid of it…)

When the duel was over, Snow Wave wiped off his sweat and felt that this kind of duel between Normies could be fought so fiercely, as if it was the first time in his life…

He then walked around the dueling hall for a short time and found that most of the duelists here were similar.

The NPCs seem to just keep slapping the Normal monsters to slash them when playing cards.

There was no construction or combo at all, and even spell and trap cards don’t seem to be seen much.

Those stronger ones were just duelists who had monsters with high ATK or high level.

After watching the battle for a while, he couldn’t help but think—

——As long as I have a Cyber Dragon in my hand…

He soon noticed that a large group of people gathered in the battle area not far away, and the three floors inside and the outside blocked the venue.

What’s going on Is that a competition

Snow Wave quickly approached, and casually asked a passerby in the crowd, “Well, may I ask what’s going on here”

The man also explained enthusiastically: “Tonight, someone will challenge the new Duel King of this gym! The fight has already begun!”

Duel King

Snow Wave’s eyes lit up.

Could it be the protagonist Yugi Mutou

He didn’t realize that he had automatically ignored “of this gym” part.

Snow Wave squeezed in desperately, barely seeing the duelists on both sides through the gap.

On the left field is a shirtless, dark-skinned muscular man (Snow Wave: Why do you have to undress for a card game).

However, this one should be a mob who could be ignored directly.

As for the duelist standing on the right, Snow Wave’s first reaction when he saw it was—

——Fuck, so handsome!

He could clearly see that this character’s art style was different from other NPCs.

At first glance, Snow Wave felt that the artist has taken care of, and there is a high probability that he is an important role in the game.

Is it an important NPC

“Fight!” The young duelist on the right spoke up, shouting loudly, “Elemental HERO Nova Master, attack directly!”

Snow Wave almost fell on the spot due to being shocked.

Did he just say… Elemental what!


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