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“Looking for a Polymerization”

Snow Wave felt a little strange.

Shouldn’t the NPCs you meet in the novice villages usually give you some very simple quests For example, let the player go and move some bricks, bring some bread, and so on.

Snow Wave had automatically thought of the old grandfather in the blacksmith shop in Newbie Village, waving his hand and saying, “Young boy over there, I see that your bones are exquisite.

Can you help me to dig some ores in the mine”.

However, when this NPC came up, he asked for a Polymerization… It’s like the old grandfather of the blacksmith said to you, “Young boy over there, I lack a good sword.

Why don’t you go and buy me a legendary one”

Why do I feel that this old grandpa is a bit pitiful…

No, there must be something tricky.

Snow Wave quickly activated his brain and thought about it, and suddenly felt that he had found the reason—

——The answer is, this is definitely not a novice NPC!

This should be a huge side quest – or maybe even the main quest, a key NPC that was very important in the middle and late game!

It was conceivable that when the player’s level improved and the game progressed, basic cards such as “Polymerization” should be redundant.

Giving this NPC a Polymerization should be a very simple condition, and a high probability was the key to starting a series of quests!

But now the problem was coming.

Although “Polymerization” was a card that could be seen everywhere… He didn’t have that everywhere card on his current initial deck!

Snow Wave started scratching his head in a hurry.

How can this be done

Keep this quest for now, and then bring Polymerization back to pick it up when my level is high

But what if this NPC is snatched away by other players at that time

He thought it was very possible.

If there was really an important plot hidden in this NPC, he would definitely be noticed soon.

Not to mention that this NPC was so handsome that just seeing him made a man doubt his life.

It was only a matter of time before other players find out.

It would be a big loss for such a handsome… ah, no, an important character to be taken.

Obviously, he came first.

Seeing that Snow Wave was sweating profusely there, Yuei Vu took no time to remind him in “kindness”: “You are a new duelist from other places, are not familiar with the environment, and don’t know how to get cards, right

If you want to buy a card, you can go to the “Dream Card Shop” on the side of the road two streets away.

A small number of common cards can be bought directly, and most cards can be obtained randomly from card packs.

That’s right, he was advertising the store where he worked part-time.

The cards that players buy from the card shop couldn’t be used by themselves… but they could give these cards to Yuei Vu!

Of course, Yuei Vu wouldn’t take anyone’s cards for free.

He would also allocate crystals, experience points, and money (although he currently didn’t have any) as a reward for completing the quest.

Snow Wave’s eyes lit up, as if he had suddenly found a way out.

But then he thought of something, and his brows furrowed again.

Because…he didn’t have a single penny!

How could he buy a card pack without money

But fortunately, he met Yuei Vu, a model NPC who was considerate, caring and patient, and continued to “guide” him: “Or if it is during special events in some stores, some customers may be randomly given some cards and coupons, and you can use the card coupons to redeem for some cards that you can’t usually buy.”

Snow Wave continued to frown.

Even if you say that, how could I have a card and coupon for a new account…

……Wait a minute, I seem to…really have one

Snow Wave’s eyes lit up, and he finally realized this after Yuei Vu’s repeated hints.

Each new account created by players has a card coupon presented by the system.

As mentioned earlier, the NPC account of Yuei Vu also had that gift.

However, his card coupon was used to exchange for the spell card “Last Day of Witch”, which was designed to kill Spellcasters.

By the power f that card, not only did he get a quest reward “Dark Magician”, but he also seized Pandora’s deck.

The card coupons couldn’t be exchanged for anything useful, and Yuei Vu’s exchange was already more than worth enough.

That’s right, now he’s eyeing the card coupon that came with the player’s initial account…

Should I directly exchange my card coupon for “Polymerization”

Snow Wave opened the list of cards that could be exchanged for, checked it back and forth several times, and began to get entangled.

Even if I keep this card coupon… it doesn’t seem like it can be exchanged for anything useful

Well, why not… just give it to this NPC

But he was still hesitant because after all, it was a gift for the novice period.

There was only one piece in total, and it would be completely wasteful if he didn’t get any card useful from the quest…

After struggling for a while, he raised his head and saw the clear and bright eyes of the NPC in front of him, and suddenly made a decision in an instant.

MMD, a real man should never hesitate!

Snow Wave loudly answered: “Yes!”

[Are you accepting the quest from Duelist Yuei Vu 】

Yuei Vu

When Snow Wave saw the name appearing in the quest pop-up window in front of him, he took a breath.

Wow, is still an NPC with the “Yu” prefix!

There were two well-known laws of Yu-Gi-Oh: One, anyone whose name had the “Yu” prefix was a monster.

Two, those whose name had the “Yu” prefix and had a hairstyle that resembled a certain animal or plant are even more monsters among monsters.

For example, Yugi, Yuki, Yusei, Yuma, Yuya… their hairstyles correspond to starfish, jellyfish, crab, lobster, and tomato… (It seems that it’s mostly seafood)

An NPC as handsome as an illustration in a light novel, using the famous elemental hero… and even has the “Yu” prefix! If I say this is not an important NPC, nobody will believe it.

Snow Wave immediately chose to accept the quest.

Then he did not hesitate to exchange his only card coupon for a Polymerization, then handed it to Yuei Vu.

Yuei Vu took this Polymerization and nodded slightly.

Yes, yes, good children can be taught.

The coupons that come with the system’s new account couldn’t be exchanged for anything good, and Polymerization was already the only card that was useful to Yuei Vu.

In this way, as long as he went to con… ah, no, to release a quest to the next lucky player, he would have three Polymerization cards.

He didn’t give the crystal reward for the first mission (after all, he himself was in short supply right now), and of course, he didn’t have any money, after all, he still hadn’t received his first month’s salary.

Therefore, he allocated more than 300 experience points to Snow Wave from the daily quota.

Of course, it was impossible to cheat players.

Everyone in business pays attention to prestige, and the same went for being an NPC.

Yuei Vu was well versed in the principles of sustainable development.

If the chives were cut too hard and the reputation among players was stinky, it would be not easy to get benefits in the future.

The benefits still have to be given.

Only by letting the players see that they were doing well could he keep the chives … ah, no, these respectable duelists for a long time.

But he was too lazy to go back and open the card pack now, so he might as well fill up the three Polymerization cards first.

Although it was a worthless basic spell card, it was still very important to the HERO deck.

So he took out a flyer with the address of the “Dream Card Shop”: “I need help with some things.

At seven o’clock tomorrow morning, if you are interested, bring as many friends as you can and come here to find me.”

It really was a quest series!

Snow Wave was overjoyed, and nodded again and again like a chicken pecking at rice until Yuei Vu had already left the gym and disappeared out of sight.


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