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 Chapter 2 - Pure Elemental HERO Deck

When a player logged in with an account, and after generating a game character, they would automatically gain a Duel Disk from the system.

It was equivalent to the novice gift pack.

The opening of the World Link Online was set in the Battle City arc of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animation.

At this point of time, Kaiba Corp has just developed Duel Disk, a card-playing device that can project three-dimensional images of monsters anytime and anywhere.

The rich and powerful Kaiba Corp has given all “recognized” duelists this new generation a Duel Disk for free.

From this detail, Yuei Vu confirmed that he was reborn earlier than the server opening.

The billboard on the side of the street in the business district said that the Kaiba Corp would host the Battle City tournament in the next month.


… a month is too short, isn’t it

According to cliches of rebirth novels, shouldn’t I be given three years to develop and wait for the players to come and cut the leeks

A month, in a “free to play, pay to win” game like this, God knows if I can acquire a decent deck…

It was worth mentioning that many cards that could be easily obtained with real cards may be highly rare in World Link Online, and even if you work hard, you may not be able to get them.

For example, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

This kind of card could never be opened in the system’s card pool, and until Yuei Vu crossed over, he never heard of any player getting it through quests.

Although there was no conclusive evidence, some people even suspect that there may be only three Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards in the world in this damned game, and all of them were in the hands of the NPC Kaiba Seto…

There were other rare cards – such as Dark Magician, although it was not so rare that there were only a few cards in the world, it was also extremely difficult to obtain, and it was impossible to open it in the system card pool.

To put it bluntly, some rare cards and decks in World Link Online were a bit like the unique secrets in martial arts games.

Whether you can get started depends not only on the player’s game level but also on chance.

It was well known that the card deck was the most powerful weapon in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world, so after Yuei Vu was reborn in this world, he naturally checked his initial deck immediately…

…and then, unsurprisingly, the set of Elemental HERO.

Wow! Start with a set of Elemental HERO! Come on, the protagonist’s deck must be very cool, right


Okay, I can accept that there is no A Hero Lives or Mask Change, but why there is no Elemental HERO Stratos

Without Stratos, who would want to play a HERO deck

(Note: Elemental HERO Stratos, 4 stars, ATK 1800, DEF 300

Effect: When this card is Normal or Special Summoned.

You can activate 1 of these effects.

1Destroy Spells/Traps on the field, up to the number of “HERO” monsters you control, except this card.

2) Add 1 “Hero” monster from your deck to your hand.


Let alone such a powerful card, the initial card set given by the damned system didn’t even have a Polymerization.

Not to mention the powerful monsters that Elemental HERO later came out with, there didn’t seem to be a single effect monster in the entire deck.

In other words, it seemed that he has to start from scratch, relying on the famous “Four (Waste) Soul Heroes” to conquer the world…

“Four (Waste) Soul Heroes” refer to the first four Elemental HERO monsters used by Yuki Judai, the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX – Avian, Burstinatrix, Clayman, and Sparkman.

Because all of them were normal monsters with no effect, and their attack power was not high, that’s why they were given this honorable title by players…

Of course, there’s nothing to complain about, because this initial deck was also chosen by Yuei Vu himself when he was a trumpet player.

When players create a character, the system would give many sets of initial card groups with different themes to choose from.

It’s just that players have researched and found that it didn’t really matter what you choose, anyway, the initial deck would only give you a bunch of normal monsters that are useless.

This kind of monster is called “Normie” by the majority of players…

So why did he choose Elemental HERO to start the game

That’s because Yuei Vu made an appointment with the audience at the end of the last video he delivered, and he will play a “pure” hero deck in the next video.

As a result, who knew that the hero was not regarded as a hero, and inexplicably took the account to travel together… (Giant Soldier Warning.JPG)

But Yuei Vu had another advantage.

That was he clearly knew all kinds of anecdotes since the game was launched, including some player-triggered sidelines and some hidden plots.

He remembered that a player in his previous life seemed to have triggered a hidden story that only happened once, and won a very generous reward.

Since then, he has become the top player in the arena since then.

Yuei Vu carefully recalled and combed through the various hidden plots and tasks with rich rewards that he remembered, but most of them either have extremely harsh trigger conditions, or require one-of-a-kind ** luck, or have very complicated processes and have hard power requirements—

——You often need to have a strong enough deck to meet the conditions for completing the task.

There are also some missions and plots that may be very dangerous, even life-threatening.

What Do you say you can kill someone by playing a card game

That’s right.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh world, there were extraordinary powers.

Among them, the most well-known one was the “Shadow Game” that ran through all generations of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Shadow Game was said to be a ritual handed down from ancient Egypt, an ancient magical ritual that can be performed by those who possess supernatural powers.

This power can be applied to any game with rules and decisions, any type of game, such as poker, mahjong, chess, or even a coin toss.

However, among all these kinds of rituals, the game of dueling monsters is the type of game with the most powerful magic.

Shadow Games based on the rules of dueling monsters often involve the souls of the contestants, sometimes even beyond life and death, and were called forbidden games.

In fact, there were many people who mastered the power of darkness under the Yu-Gi-Oh world, and it was definitely not as simple as it was shown in a few original anime works.

Each generation of Yu-Gi-Oh anime was centered on the protagonist, so what the audience saw was only what they saw from the perspective of the protagonists of the past dynasties.

But in fact, this was just the tip of the iceberg in this world.

The story of Yu-Gi-Oh involved gods and demons, the Underworld and the Dark World, time and space travel, other dimensions, etc…

In fact, there have always been people with different levels of dark abilities scattered all over the world, and the inheritance of this ancient magic ritual has never been interrupted for thousands of years.

It was precise because of this that the gameplay of World Link Online was very rich.

Players did not necessarily have to surround the protagonist group to participate in the main plot, and other regions may also trigger other plot tasks that are not found in the anime.

It’s just that these abilities are strong and weak.

The strong one is like a Millenium Item holder who can even get through the underworld and run through time and space, as for the weak…

……Probably the level at which people who lose the game can be forced to bark.

For the player, it doesn’t really matter.

Although the player’s game characters would die in the Shadow Game, they could still be resurrected.

The biggest loss to the player was the failure of the corresponding mission.

But for the current Yuei Vu, it’s different.

Although he still carried the game panel, he has become an NPC.

God knew if he can be resurrected if he hangs up in a Shadow Game.

So, to plan for the worst, he still didn’t plan to take on such a dangerous task for the time being.


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