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I Play Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

Pot of Greed!

This card was really well known among Yu-Gi-Oh players, and it may not even be an exaggeration to say that this card has become a symbol.

Pot of Greed (Spell Card) – Draw two cards.

For a card game like Yu-Gi-Oh, which has no cost limit, a player’s hand could be directly linked to the number of resources they hold.

On the premise that players did not have the protagonist’s “when having empty hand and empty field, draw a card that can turn the table” passive skill, the actual duel was a competition of resources.

If one of the players has a large number of available cards in his hand, and the field was also filled with monsters, while the other player had an empty field and there were only one or two cards in hand, there was basically no suspense in this duel.

Compared with LP, the number of resources in hand could actually better represent the HP of the duelists.

The side with more resources could always dominate the game more easily.

Because of this, the Pot of Greed, which has the effect of unconditionally drawing two cards, was particularly perverted.

This meant that you could widen the gap of the number of cards at no cost, and even under the absolute disadvantage of the huge card gap, relying on a Pot of Greed had a greater probability of turning the table.

As long as this kind of card could be used, almost any deck would have it by the maximum number.

Of course, the premise was that it could be used.

For the Yu-Gi-Oh players of this era, Pot of Greed was basically an artifact that only existed in legends and animations, and no one has really seen its style in actual combat.

Because as early as many years ago, the Pot of Greed was listed as a prohibited card, and it was similar to “life imprisonment without bail”, and it has never been released from the small dark room for many years…

But now, they have seen such a divine card from this NPC’s personal store!

The game company has made it clear that there was no restricted card list in World Link Online now—and there would be no such restriction in the future.

As long as it’s a card that players could reasonably obtain from the game, there was no restriction on its use.

Of course, the premise was that you could get it.

First of all, it was absolutely impossible to open a card like Pot of Greed in the system card pool.

Moreover, in his previous life, Yuei Vu had played World Link Online for so many years, but he never heard of anyone who has obtained the Pot of Greed through hidden quests.

This kind of divine card seems to be the patent of local NPCs, and players had no chance to touch it.

However, thanks to the presence of Yuei Vu, a “benevolent” NPC, now players also had the possibility to obtain this divine card!

If the player directly opened Pot of Greed from the card pack bought from the local store, it could not be used.

However, if they met the requirements of special quests and obtained a card presented by NPC, then this card would be recognized by the system, counted as a special card obtained by the player during the game, and could be used.

In other words, the only way for players to obtain some cards that were originally unavailable to players but only for NPCs may be through Yuei Vu.

Snow Wave and Fae were excited about a while, but then they noticed the acquisition conditions under the UR’s Pot of Greed.

Yuei Vu’s Favorability is… 90 or more!

The two looked at each other.

This condition…isn’t possible in this lifetime

Even if you get up early and start licking hard, how can you lick this NPC’s favorability level to over 90!

Fae even doubted that if it were him, Yuei Vu’s Favorability would be lower and lower…

Then they took another look at the number of crystals needed to buy the Pot of Greed…

…… How many zeros are there

Why don’t you just write “I’m robbing”

The two rookies couldn’t help but start to go crazy.

They were just novices, and the number of crystals was only two digits.

At this rate, who knew how long it would take to buy a Pot of Greed…

Well, of course, the Pot of Greed that Yuei Vu opened was originally only marked as an N card by the publisher.

The “UR” in the private store was added at his own discretion.

At present, he only had one copy of this card in his hand, thus it was impossible to sell it to players casually.

The reason why it was placed in a private store was just to fill the facade, also for PR.

Anyway, a poor player who has just created an account would not be able to afford it…

However, Snow Wave and Fae were also stimulated by this and decided to work hard to make money from today.

Both novice card coupons were swindled, and Yuei Vu also knew that the two low-level players were useless to him for the time being, so he sent them out.

Yuei Vu remembered that the Closed Beta only lasted for two days.

It was not enough to do anything meaningful.

Yuei Vu just came across a little guinea pig by chance… ah, no, it was because he came across a player like Snow Wave, and decided to test his function as an NPC temporarily.

Therefore, he could start harvesting right after the Open Beta began, when the number of players increased.

Snow Wave and Fae were in high spirits when they escaped from the card shop, and they were full of energy.

It seemed that the sun in this game world was brighter and dazzling than before, and the future was simply bright.

The great opportunity of meeting Yuei Vu quickly established a deep bond between these two players who have never met before, forming an extraordinary friendship in an instant.

The two quickly reached an agreement–must never let other players discover this key NPC!

At that time, only the two of them in the whole game would have three Pot of Greed and three Graceful Charity in their hands.

Wasn’t that OP even with an entertaining deck

In that way, they could make a name among the players… No, even winning the World Championship was not hopeless!

So the two quickly made an agreement that Yuei Vu was a treasure that they both shared exclusively, and must not be mentioned to any third party!

Yuei Vu actually guessed more or less about what they thought.

After all, he was once one of these players.

It’s just that the two of them would soon be disappointed because the “hidden NPC” they discovered might not be as easy to hide as they thought.

Because right now, this NPC has already started to figure out how to find the player after the official Open Beta…


That night, as usual, Yuei Vu went out to the dueling arena after a day’s work, ready to continue gaining experience to get crystals.

Maybe because of the light rain in the sky, there were very few pedestrians on the street this night.

The cold current roamed the empty streets, the rain fluttered under the orange light of the street lamps, and there was a damp smell in the air.

Yuei Vu followed the usual route, walking across the block, through a short and narrow alley, and headed for the duel arena on the other street.

But today was a little different.

The moment he turned into the alley, he realized that he was being followed.


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