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The author of the ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ manga, Kazuki Takahashi, was found dead in Okinawa yesterday.

To pay tribute to his work, I’ll release 3 chapters per day for 5 days.

Hope he rests in peace.

【Machina Force, ATK 4600】

“Hahahaha! This is my trump card, my strongest combined monster! You have no chance if it appears!”

The rare hunter began to boast pridefully, and it seemed that making such a glorified beatstick made him feel invincible.

Truthfully said, making a monster with 4600 ATK in the DM era was indeed quite awesome.

In those days, the game environment was far less complicated than later, and the means of removing high-attack monsters were relatively limited.

President Kaiba became a top duelist in the current environment by relying on the non-Effect Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with an attack power of 4500.

Yuei Vu didn’t know much about Machina decks, so he really didn’t expect such a big monster with 4600 ATK to suddenly appear.

A Gundam-like monster stood on the opposite field, and all kinds of guns and missiles pointed at the opponent’s head, which was quite bluffing.

“Machina Force, attack!” the rare hunter shouted, “Machine Knuckle!”

The huge robot opened fire on Yuei Vu.

The powerful firepower was overwhelming, the tail flames dragged by the missiles were intertwined in the air, and the bullets were scattered like dense raindrops.

The Sparkman on Yuei Vu’s side of the field quickly raised his arm to release the lightning defense, but it was completely meaningless.

In front of a powerful monster with an attack power of 4600, his resistance was as negligible as paper, and his whole body was instantly torn to shreds by the powerful firepower with a miserable groan.

【Yuei Yu, LP 4000 → LP 1000】

(Sparkman: MMD, I knew it! Every time I was summoned first, there would be no good thing (艸芉艸))

“In this way, your field will be completely empty,” the rare hunter laughed, “and my Commander Covington hasn’t attacked yet!”

[Commander Covington, ATK 1000]

“Come on, Covington, attack directly! I won this duel!”

“Open the set card: Trap Card – Hero Signal!”

The trap card on Yuei Vu’s field was opened, and a beam of searchlight pierced the smoke screen and threw it into the air, forming a circular mark hanging high in the air, projecting the word “H” representing a hero.

“Hero Signal is a trap that can only be activated when a monster I control is destroyed by battle and sent to the GY.” Yuei Vu pulled out the deck from the Duel Disk, “I can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Elemental HERO” monster from my hand or Deck.

I choose to Special Summon ‘Elemental HERO Avian’!”

A pale green whirlwind rolled up on the field, and the green hero spread out his snow-white wings and flew out to the field.

He landed in front of Yuei Vu, his arms staggered into a cross in a defensive posture.

[Elemental HERO Avian, DEF 1000]

“Tch, Covington’s attack power is the same as Avian’s defensive power, so it doesn’t make sense even if he attacks.” The rare hunter curled his lips in annoyance, “Then I set a card, and end my turn.”

In the rules, monsters with the same attack power would be mutually destroyed when they fought each other, but If a Defense Position monster was attacked, and its DEF was equal to the attacking monster’s ATK, neither one would be destroyed nor would there be battle damage.

The rare hunter looked at him with a sullen face: “You survived temporarily.

But in the next turn, my mecha unit will definitely kill you.”


Yuei Vu shrugged, disregarding it, and didn’t seem to be at all flustered by the overwhelmingly unfavorable situation in front of him.

“My turn, draw.” He seemed to draw a card casually.

He seemed to be drawing cards normally, but in fact, he has activated his skill at this moment.

Draw of fate!

If this was a duel between players, in this situation, they would definitely beware of the opponent’s ability to trigger the D draw.

However, simple NPCs played cards honestly and according to the rules.

How could they understand the routines of players

“I activate a Spell Card from my hand – Dark Magic Curtain!”

A three-dimensional card appeared beside him, projecting the white bones and the pitch-black curtain above his head.

“Dark Magic Curtain’s effect – Special summon a ‘Dark Magician’ from my deck by paying half of my LP! Come out, Dark Magician!!”

【Yuei Vu, LP 1000 → LP 500】

The white bones in midair lifted the curtain under him with his dry arms, and a blood-red mist floated out from under the curtain.

The slender red body leaped out, flipped deftly in mid-air, and landed on the ground in a squat.

He was dressed in a red robe, with silver hair under his spell hat.

He stood up, and the dark green staff swept out an arc in front of him, and the cyclone mixed with the fluctuation of magic power blew away along the path of the staff.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500]

“Pandora’s card.” The rare card hunter narrowed his eyes, “But what is the good of summoning a Dark Magician now You have only 500 LP left, like a candle in the wind.

My Machina Force has an attack power of 4600, can you still make a comeback in this situation”

“Set two cards.

I end my turn.”

Yuei Vu couldn’t help but admire that this rare card hunter was a fearless man, who dared to say the absolutely taboo word “candle in the wind” to his opponent in a duel.

Throughout the history of Yu-Gi-Oh, anyone who dared to say the word “candle in the wind” to the opposite side in the animation, the grass on the grave has grown so long that the tombstone could no longer be seen…

Even the super BOSS of the world-destroying evil god-level couldn’t escape this law, but now a nameless Ghoul dared to touch this taboo, it was really respectable and respectable…

“My turn, draw!”

After the rare card hunter drew a card, he stared at the three set cards in the back row of Yuei Vu and thought.

His LP is only 500, but he places the Dark Magician in the attack position… Are you trying to lure me to attack That is to say, is there a reversal move in those three cards

The card on the far left was already set in the last turn.

If it can be activated, it should have been activated when the attack last round, so that should be just a pretense, a bluff.

Then, the only thing to watch out for is the two cards that were just set in the last turn.

He chuckled and took out a card from his hand: “Although you may just be bluffing, let me be a little cautious…

Activate Spell Card – De-Spell!

Due to the effect of this card, I can confirm a card that is set on the field.

If it is a Spell Card, it is destroyed.

If it is a Trap Card, return it to its original position.

Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows.

“Hey, what I want to choose is… the card on the far right!”

Yuei Vu stood calmly with his arms crossed.

The cards covered beside him stood up uncontrollably under the influence of the magic removal spell.

That’s a trap card.

Wall of Disruption – When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: All Attack Position monsters your opponent controls lose 800 ATK for each monster they control.

“I see, there are two monsters on my field now.

If I attack with Machina Force, its attack power will drop by 1600 points under the effect of Wall of Disruption.”

The rare hunter changed his conversation and raised his volume.

“But! Even if it drops by 1600 points, the attack power of Machina Force is still 3000! Your Dark Magician has only 2500 ATK, and this blow is still enough to take away your only 500 LP, so it will be my victory!

Hahaha, it seems that your approach of pinning your hope of counterattack on this trap will not work! What a pity, if I summon another monster this turn, the attack power of Machina Force will drop by 2400 points, and you can use the Dark Magician to counter-kill.

It’s a pity, but I’m still the better duelist.

Speaking of which, this short hunter felt even more insane.

At this point, the magic removal effect ended.

Because the confirmed card was not a Spell card, Wall of Disruption was set back on the field.

But rare card hunters didn’t care at all.

“The last blow! Machina Force, attack Dark Magician! Machine Knuckle!” The rare hunter began to laugh, “I will take the Dark Magician and your rare card!”

“Activate the Trap Card – Wall of Disruption!” Yuei Vu activated the set card, “All Attack Position monsters you control lose 800 ATK for each monster you control!”

[Machina Force, ATK 4600 → ATK 3000]

[Commander Covington, ATK 1000 → ATK 0]

“Muda muda (useless)!” the rare hunter shouted, “Machina Force, keep attacking! Tear the Dark Magician and this stinky boy to pieces!”

“Open the second set card and chain to the activation of Wall of Disruption!” Yuei Vu’s operation has not yet ended, “Trap Card – Covering Fire! During the Damage Step, if an opponent’s monster attacks my monster: Target 1 other face-up monster I control; my attacked monster gains ATK equal to that target’s ATK, during the Damage Step only!

I used the Elemental HERO Avian to support Dark Magician, and Dark Magician’s ATK increased by 1000 points! ”

“It’s actually a double trap!” The rare card hunter was taken aback, but he didn’t retreat, “Then I will also open my set card: Counter Trap Card – Trap Jammer!

This card can negate and destroy a Trap Card activated by my opponent during the Battle Phase! ”


The rare card hunter showed a wicked smile: “The activation of Covering Fire is negated, so the attack power of your Dark Magician will not increase!

This time is really the last blow – Machina Force! Kill him for me! ”

However, at the last moment of this decisive attack, Yuei Vu twitched the corner of his mouth, showing a triumphant smile.

“What… what What are you laughing at, brat” The rare card hunter panicked.

Yuei Vu chuckled: “According to the effect of the ‘Hero Signal’, I can choose any Level 4 or lower Elemental HERO from the deck to special summon… Why do you think I choose Avian Why not a HERO with higher ATK and DEF”

(Avian: Master, don’t put salt on my wounds==)

“Why… why” The rare card hunter began to panic a little.

“This is the reason.

Look, now this is the real final blow!”

With a wave of his arm, Yuei Vu opened the last card on the field—the same card that was ignored by the rare card hunter and was set in the previous turn.

“Counter Trap – Feather Wind!” Yuei Vu shouted, “When a Spell/Trap Card is activated while I control a face-up ‘Elemental HERO Avian’: Negate the activation and destroy it!”


The rare card hunter turned pale in shock, and then suddenly thought of something.


“Feather Wind… This guy set this card last turn, so he chose to Special Summon Elemental HERO Avian when he activated ‘Hero Signal’… Could it be… at that time, you already calculated the chain of counterattacks now”

His pupils contracted and his eyes widened in disbelief.

This little kid… who he really is

How can he be so strong!

At this time, Elemental HERO Avian in the defensive state had already flapped his wings and flew into the air, and the flapping of his wings created a whirlwind on the field.

Countless white wings pierced through the rare hunter’s “Trap Jammer” like flying knives, smashing the card into pieces.

“Your ‘Trap Jammer’ has been negated!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “So the activation of Covering Fire is still effective! Add the attack power of Avian to Dark Magician!”

Winged Man made a pose similar to that in Dragon Ball, and began to open his mouth and shout, “Ki-ai,” as if a green flame was burning all over his body.

His power was then superimposed on the Dark Magician under the effect of the trap card.

(The Peak of Winged Man’s Life.JPG)

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500 → ATK 3500]

[Machina Force, ATK 3000]

“Dark Magician, fight back!” Yuei Vu shouted.

The huge mecha robot released a dense barrage attack on the Dark Magician, but in the current situation of reversal of strength and weakness, it has long been unable to pose the slightest threat.

Dark Magician stretched out one palm and released a dark red magic circle from the palm of his hand, which understated all the opponent’s offensive.

Countless ammunition bounced off the array, and the missiles exploded with gorgeous flame light effects and billowing smoke, but none of them could shake the defense in the slightest.

Immediately after, the Dark Magician raised his staff gently, and the tip of the crystal green staff brewed a thunderous rolling magic ball.

Dark Magic Attack!

The magic wave mercilessly pierced the robot’s body in one fell swoop.

The huge robot body swayed, and the body was pierced from front to back, and electric sparks continued to burst out.

Finally, it exploded with a “bang” after a burst of current screams, and the whole robot was torn apart.

[Rare Card Hunter, LP2000 → LP1500]

The rare card hunter stared blankly at the three-dimensional image that disappeared in front of him.

“No… no way My strongest mecha is… defeated”

It took him nearly a minute to regain his senses – but the whole person was already in a state of extreme confusion.

“But… Damn, there must be other means!”

He began to frantically check his hand, check the GY, and look for all possible means of counterattack.

However, it was clear that the hunter has panicked to the point where he was not very sane.

Because until the end of the turn operation time that was limited by the rules, not only did he fail to play a single card, but he even forgot to change Commander Covington, whose ATK had been lowered to 0, to the defense position.

But of course, in this situation, even if he turned Commander Covington to the defense, the outcome was not different.

“My turn! This is the real last turn.”

Yuei Vu gave the order: “Dark Magician, attack Commander Covington!”

The magician flew out, and the pitch-black magic power pierced the warmaster who had only 0 ATK and also took away the last remaining LP of the rare card hunter.


[Rare Card Hunter, LP 1500 → LP 0]


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