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The 2nd one of the 1st day.

After the overnight duel, Yuei Vu was walking back to the card shop, flipping through the “trophies” he had just harvested today.

Yes, after winning against this new rare card hunter, he naturally pulled out the entire deck on the opponent’s Duel Disk.

Although it sounded a bit immoral to say “win the opponent’s entire deck”, but…

……who cares!

Isn’t there an old saying that goes like this – “There is no need to talk about morality with this group of evil demons!”

The mission “The Challenge From Ghouls 2” was completed, and the reward given by the system was exactly the ace used by this rare card hunter, “Machina Force”.

However, its high ATK seemed to be its only positive property.

The conditions for summoning this thing were also troublesome, thus most of the time, it would be a dead draw.

Yuei Vu flipped through every card he “won” and returned, in fact, most of them, as expected, were monsters and support cards from the “Machina” series, which were of no use to him at all.

However, UR and SR cards have also been harvested.

Even if they were useless, they were quite a good choice to expand the card library.

At that time, if these cards were put into his private store, maybe they would attract the favor of some mecha enthusiasts

When he returned to the store, Chika-chan dressed as a maid was cleaning among the rows of shelves.

Noticing that Yuei Vu entered, she temporarily stopped her movements: “You’re back.”

“I am back.”

Chika tilted her head and thought for a while, then said, “When you went out today, the two weirdoes who came in the morning came to you again.”

Weirdo She must mean about players.

“Are they both here”

“No, just one.” Chika shook her head, “It’s the one who is shorter and looks a little thinner.”

Looks… a little thinner

Hmm… that sounds like Snow Wave.

Yuei Vu had sent him out to find a quest before, but he found it so quickly

“Did he say what to do with me”


He just said that he was looking for you in a hurry, but he left when I told him you weren’t there.”

Chika looked at him suspiciously: “By the way, those two people…are they your friends”

“…It doesn’t count, I know him in the dueling gym.” Yuei Vu said, “If you have to say…it’s a customer.”

This was also true.

In Yuei Vu’s eyes, the players were all his customers, and he would definitely patronize his business a lot in the future.

“Oh.” Chika nodded her head lightly and said seriously, “Then I think you should be more careful.”

“Ah Be careful of what”

“Those two.” Chika said, “especially the one with glasses, who doesn’t look like a serious person, as if…it seems…he has an idea for you.”

Yuei Vu: “”

Girl, your thoughts are dangerous!

How could you understand this at such a young age

Chika’s serious face didn’t look like she was joking at all—of course, the girl with facial paralysis might not understand what a joke was.

The expression on her face clearly said: I suspect that those two just desire your body!

How can that be done Obviously, I came first!

“I read in the news that sometimes it is not uncommon for boys to be attacked while walking alone at night.” Chika continued to “implement education”, “Now even boys have to protect themselves, especially when they look good.

Good-looking boys need more attention.”

It’s rare that this girl took the initiative to grab him and say so many words today, it seemed that she should be really worried.

Everyone had a love for beauty.

After all, Yuei Vu’s Charisma value was so high, that it’s only natural for her to worry.

If such a handsome man just became gay like this, it would be a huge waste!

“…Well, Chika, things are not what you think…”

It took Yuei Vu a lot of effort to convince Chika that the player was really just his customer.

There was only a money relationship between them and nothing else!

But speaking of this, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but think of “Yuei Cannot Escape Fae”, and felt that this guy might have a problem…

He wondered if Snow Wave, who was hanging out with Fae, was fine now…


When the working hours were over, Yuei Vu started to browse the game forum.

Because there were only so many people who were qualified for the game during the Closed Beta, there were not many people who could speak in the forum, which was far less lively than Yuei Vu remembered after the official launch of the server.

“Wow, the authenticity of this game is too high, right When did that unscrupulous card-selling K company become so conscientious”

Apparently, it was a post that was just released.

“OMG! This game is a little too real, right I just wanted to test the details of this game on the street to see if the pants can be taken off, but the NPC girl on the side of the road pointed at me and screamed! A few people dragged me into the police station, and now I’m still receiving criticism and education in it, which made me vomit…”

“6666! I never bow to anyone before, but now I bow to you.”

“Hahaha, you deserve it.”

“It scared me to death, it was very dangerous, I almost wanted to take it off at the time, but luckily I didn’t take it off…”


“Damn, this novice deck is too useless.

Playing cards with NPCs has been hammered into pigskin! Can you tell me where I can get cheap and awesome rare cards I can’t stand this Normie deck anymore!”

“Don’t bother us, you must learn to think for yourself.”

“I advice you to go to bed, everything can be found in the dream.”


“Hahaha, I triggered a hidden mission and joined Ghouls! There are a lot of rare cards as a reward for joining!”

“Damn it, I want to enter no matter what!”

“Ghouls Could it be the gang of rare card hunters founded by Marik”

“Are you not afraid of being beaten by the Duel King in the future when he confronts Ghouls…”


The time to browse the forum always flew by quickly.

These screwball players were all talents, and they spook nicely…

However, it seemed that the players were still in the novice exploration period, and there was nothing surprising to Yuei Vu in the forum.

Most players were still doing some small daily tasks, or at most playing cards with people in the dueling arena, and no one has triggered any important quest.

Then, of course, many players immediately started to search throughout the city for the house of Yugi Mutou as soon as they landed.

After all, he was the protagonist of the anime and the only designated Duel King throughout the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

If you wanted to find an NPC to lick his boots, this high school student was undoubtedly the first choice.

Yugi’s residence was not difficult to find, and soon some players found his address.

As a matter of course, the player immediately tried to get in touch with him, but unsurprisingly, he was only responded by the opponent as an ordinary “Duel King’s fan” and failed to trigger any plot.

Yuei Vu was browsing the forum behind the counter when the door of the store was suddenly pushed open, and a person rushed in with a panic face and threw himself on the counter.

“Yu… Yuei Vu-san, please help me!” Snow Wave said straight to the point, “I encounter a ghost!”


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