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Sure enough, as expected, there was nothing in this world that could not be solved by playing cards.

However, Yuei Vu was still very sure that he has never heard of such a quest in the 1.0 version of the game in his previous life.

Obviously, in the animation of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Nightshroud was powerful, and he even had the consciousness that could drag all mankind into Nightshroud and let everyone fall into an infinite loop in their own fantasy.

That’s right, it sounded like a Yu-Gi-Oh! version of Infinite Tsukuyomi…

If such a powerful boss were to appear in version 1.0, it would have caused a lot of commotion, right

The only explanation that Yuei Vu could think of at the moment was that the Nightshroud at this stage should not have fully awakened, and it was estimated that he could at best send one or two cannon fodders to the world to explore the way.

This quest may be solved by a normal player casually, and the difficulty was not high, so even if he entered the game so early, he has never heard of it.

“Duel!” x2


T, LP 4000】

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

“It’s been a long time since I moved my muscles and bones, so let me try you out a little, human duelist.” Mr.

T’s mouth was crooked, revealing a weird smile.

“It’s up to me to go first.


I summon the ‘Dark Archetype’in attack position.

As the cards were placed on Mr.

T’s Duel Disk, the surrounding darkness seemed to be restless.

The pitch-black mist rolled closer and gathered on the field in front of him, gradually condensing into some kind of reptile entity.

It was a weird monster wearing a white mask, with four thick legs sticking out from its bulky body, like a bastard with a turtle shell on its back.

The low-Level monster with an attack power of only 1400 seemed to have no aggressiveness at all, but it gave an ominous premonition.

Yuei Vu noticed that the darkness around him seemed to be getting more intense at some point.

He found that he could not even see the stars in the sky.

“Set a card.

I end my turn.”

There was an image of a card with its back facing up at Mr.

T’s feet.

He raised his head, with a confident smile on the corner of his mouth: “Okay, it’s your turn.”

Yuei Vu narrowed his eyes: “My turn.”

Although the power of Nightshroud belonged to the god level in this world, the playing skills of Mr.

T, his messenger, was not very good.

“Summon the ‘Elemental HERO Heat’!”

Sparks burst out from the dark gap, forming a flame in the space.

The hero who controlled the flame took a gesture from it, and the moment he spread his arms, a translucent heat wave erupted.

[Elemental HERO Heat, ATK 1600]

“The effect of Heat is applied,” Yuei Vu continued, “This card gains 200 ATK for each ‘Elemental HERO’ monster I control!”

[Elemental HERO Heat, ATK 1600 → ATK 1800]

Of course, this card couldn’t be a part of his initial deck which was full of Normies.

Heat was also a new hero that Yuei Vu got after unremittingly opening packs these days.

Heat’s initial attack power was 1600, but with his own effects, he would effectively have 1800 ATK.

In today’s version of the game, it was quite useful as a Level 4 monster.

(Sparkman: Great, I finally don’t have to go to work today!)

“Fight!” Yuei Vu waved his hand, “Elemental HERO Heat, attack!”

“I’m going to activate my set card at this moment,” Mr.

T still maintained a calm smile, “Trap card – Zero Gazer.

This trap card can only be activated when a face-up Attack Position monster on my side of the field is selected as an attack target.

That monster’s ATK becomes 0 and I draw 1 card from my Deck.”

[Dark Archetype, ATK 1400 → ATK 0]

At this time, the flame hero has also reached his target.

Dark Archetype whose attack power was reduced to 0 had no power to fight back.

Its body was easily penetrated by the flames, and exploded from the inside out, and a large cloud of black mist erupted from the body.

After the flames penetrated the monster’s body, it directly impacted Mr.

T, who was the controller.

The hot shock pierced through his body—literally.


T’s body looked as if it had been shattered for a short time, and the small half of his body was blasted out by the Heat’s flame and disintegrated into countless cards in mid-air along with a large cloud of black mist.

But then those cards flew back to Mr.

T’s body on their own under the guidance of the black mist, filling up the part of his body that was blown away, and returned to their original state in the blink of an eye.

Yuei Vu suddenly realized something.

In this duel, the monsters they summoned… It seemed that it is not just a three-dimensional image, but an entity transformed by the dark power that pervades the field.

In other words, the attacks of the monsters on both sides could cause a real impact on the other side.

The reduction of LP also corresponded to the reduction of real life.

If he lost the battle, he might really die…or worse.


T, LP 4000 → LP2200】


T, whose LP has been greatly reduced, should have suffered a considerable degree of physical damage just now, but this had no effect on him who was only a dark aggregate.

He kept a calm sneer and continued to explain: “At this moment just now, the effect of Dark Archetype has been activated.

If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, I can choose 1 monster in my Deck with an ATK equal to the Battle Damage I took from that battle.

Send monsters whose total Levels equal the Level of the chosen monster from my hand to the Graveyard, and Special Summon the chosen monster.

The damage I took just now was 1800 points, so I can Special Summon a monster with 1800 ATK from the deck.

Apparently, he just used trap cards to lower the attack power of his monsters just to trigger this effect.

“Come out, Meteor Dragon!”

A beam of light shot into the sky from the deck on his Duel Disk and turned into a shooting star.

The flaming meteor dragged an arc-shaped trajectory in mid-air, drew a huge semi-circle, and swooped down toward the ground.

A dragon spread its wings in the flames, crouched on the field behind Mr.

T, and roared loudly at the flame hero on Yuei Vu’s side.

[Meteor Dragon, ATK 1800]

Yuei Vu frowned.

Jonouchi had summoned this monster before in a duel with him, and Yuei Vu naturally had an impression.

At that time, Jonouchi used Polymerization to fuse it with his ace monster, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and summoned Meteor Black Dragon with an attack power of 3500.

In this 1.0 version that’s already a pretty awesome monster.

So it seems that this Mr.

T may also be aiming for this purpose

But it stood to reason that such a rare card as the Red-Eyes Black Dragon should be unique.

Although it was not the only copy in the world, the rarity should also be the top one.

Was it possible to print any rare card that exists in this world with the power of Nightshroud

With this ability, wouldn’t he be invincible in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh

Yuei Vu: “…I end my turn”

“My turn, draw!” Mr.

T looked at him and smiled strangely, “This turn, I will show you the might of Nightshroud! I will activate Polymerization from my hand!”

It really came!

Yuei Vu’s expression tightened.

Could it be that this guy really has Red-Eyes Black Dragon in his hands

It’s too much to print cards casually.

I’m not as arrogant as you although I have a system!

“At this moment, I want to activate the monster effect of ‘King of the Swamp’ in my hand.” Mr.

T smiled and drew a card from his hand, “This card can be used as a substitute for any 1 Fusion Material whose name is specifically listed on the Fusion Monster Card.

I used it as a substitute for ‘Red-Eyes Black Dragon’!”

King of the Swamp in his hand was quickly projected and turned into a real body.

Its body began to twist and deform like a pool of mud and gradually transformed into a dragon’s body with pitch-black wings.

“I fuse King of the Swamp with Meteor Dragon on the field!” Mr.

T shouted, “Fusion Summons! Meteor Black Dragon!”

Yuei Vu: “… Wait a minute.

Dude, did you use this thing instead because you couldn’t afford money to buy the ‘Red-Eyes Black Dragon’”


T: “…”

At this time, Mr.

T, the agent of darkness, the incarnation of evil, and the truth-teller, fell into silence for a minute.

“…Nonsense,” he said.

Is there a problem with no rare cards Who do you look down on

Who said that you can’t be a villain without a rare card


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