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“Fusion Summon, Meteor Black Dragon!”

The two monsters were caught in the huge vortex of fusion, and a huge black dragon was born from it.

Huge wings rolled up the hurricane, and the heat wave spread among the black mist.

[Meteor Black Dragon, ATK 3500]

Here again, it was the powerful fusion monster that Yuei Vu had only seen when he fought against Jonouchi not long ago.

Unexpectedly, even if there was no Red-Eyes Black Dragon in his hand, this guy found a way to merge it out.

“Originally, according to the rules, fusion monsters cannot attack during the round they are fused summoned.” Mr.

T smiled slightly, “But now I want to activate this card…Spell Card – Quick Attack!

This card allows Fusion Monsters to attack in the turn they are Fusion Summoned! ”

Yuei Vu: “…”

How can there be such a foolish card

Fusion monsters had to rely on Spell cards to attack in the round they were summoned… This was unbelievable for modern Yu-Gi-Oh players.

“Battle!” Mr.

T said in a dull and authentic voice, “Meteor Black Dragon! Attack Elemental HERO Heat!”

The black dragon roared, flapping its wings and rolling up a hot hurricane.

It opened its bloody mouth, and a red-hot swirl rolled up in its dark and deep mouth.


The scorching fireball engulfed Elemental HERO Heat’s body, and the violent explosion tore him into pieces.

In the space, billowing black smoke with flames erupted, and the heart-piercing pain was mixed with the burning sensation of high heat.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP2300】

Yuei Vu, who was directly under the impact, couldn’t help groaning in pain.

It was the real pain as if he was in a Shadow Game, definitely not a mere three-dimensional projection-level tactile sensation.

At this moment, he could feel a burning pain in half of his arms, and even the sweat oozing from his body seemed to evaporate on the spot under the burning flame.

At this moment, he felt that the darkness around him seemed to have become more intense.

The deep and persistent black mist enveloped the two of them, and even the sound of the flowing water seemed to fade away at some point.

It was as if this duel was really sinking into deep darkness unknowingly.

Regardless of the opponent’s duelist level, the dark power they possess is undoubtedly genuine.

If I lose here, the consequences will be really serious.

“What’s the matter, are you already afraid” Mr.

T sneered confidently.

“If you are afraid, giving up is an option.

Darkness welcomes anyone at any time.”

“My turn, draw!” Yuei Vu didn’t bother him at all.

He glanced at the card he had drawn, which happened to be a trap card that he “won” from the rare card hunter (or perhaps “rob” was more appropriate), which made the attack powerless.

Although this card couldn’t get rid of Black Meteor Dragon on the opposite side, he should be able to survive the next round.

Yuei Vu made up his mind: “I summon Elemental HERO Clayman in defense position!”

[Elemental Hero Clayman, DEF 2000]

“Set a card.

I end my turn!”


T laughed a few times: “Can you only strengthen the defense But that’s right, you have no way to fight back in front of Meteor Black Dragon.

My turn! I summon Molten Zombie in attack position! ”

Flames reappeared in the dark field, and a burning zombie crawled up from the center of the scalding flames.

It staggered from left to right, its arms drooping lifelessly as if the bones had melted.

[Molten Zombie, ATK 1600]

“Let me tell you, facing the power of Nightshroud, ordinary duels are not applicable!” Mr.

T waved his arm that was wearing a Duel Disk.

“Meteor Black Dragon, attack Clayman!”

The pitch-black dragon opened its huge mouth again, and a ball of flame pierced through the darkness, dragging a bright-eyed hot track, flying toward the clay man with a scalding whirlwind.

“Activate the set card!”

Without any hesitation, Yuei Vu immediately prepared to activate the trap he set on the field, but the moment his fingers were about to touch the buttons on the Duel Disk, they suddenly stopped.


He found that his fingers just stopped less than half a centimeter away from the button, and no matter how the brain gave instructions, his fingers would not move half a centimeter.

There was a weird smile on Mr.

T’s face, and a pale blue light shone faintly behind the dark black super, which flickered in the darkness like a ghost fire.

Yuei Vu suddenly understood something.

It’s mind control!


T was using the power of darkness to influence his mind and prevent his intention to activate the trap card.


Why is this guy so dirty It is said that Yu-Gi-Oh! BOSS must abide by the rules and play cards with others

Is it okay to use superpowers to interfere with the opponent


As he was unable to activate the trap card, Clayman was instantly reduced to ashes under the impact of the fireball.

“It’s not over yet, next is the Molten Zombie,” Mr.

T pushed the glasses frame on the bridge of his nose, “Direct attack!”

Still unable to move his body, Yuei Vu still couldn’t activate the trap cards covere, so he could only use his body to resist the attack of Molten Zombie.

The scorching pain almost paralyzed his nerves, and his whole body seemed to be taken away.

【Yuei Vu, LP 2300 → LP700】

After the attack was over, black smoke began to rise from Yuei Vu’s body.

He involuntarily knelt on the ground halfway, and sweat dripped down his forehead as he gasped.

His control of the body was restored.

Yuei Vu gritted his teeth.

With only 700 LP left, the scene was also overwhelmingly unfavorable, and the conditions for triggering the skill “Draw of fate” have been met.

But if he continued to be suppressed by the opponent in a way other than duel, no matter what card he drew, it would be meaningless.

He must figure out to deal with that trouble first…

Yuei Vu was thinking about it, and a voice suddenly appeared in his ears… a girl’s voice that was crisp and sweet, and seemed a little immature.

Although it was very vague, so he couldn’t understand what she was saying, it should be the same voice as the call he heard on the bridge above.

Yuei Vu was stunned for a moment.

He looked left and right, and there was still deep darkness around him, and there was no one except him and Mr.

T on the opposite side.

Then he looked down at his Duel Disk with some uncertainty.

This voice… is it from my deck

For some reason, he looked at the back of the card at the top of his deck and had a strong premonition for no reason.

“My turn… draw!”

Yuei Vu drew out the top card.

Maybe it was an illusion, but the moment he drew the card, he felt that the tightness in his chest seemed to be relieved a lot, and the darkness around him seemed to be dispelled a little as if he had sensed something.

When Yuei Vu glanced at the card he drew, he couldn’t help being stunned.

The card he drew was…”Dark Magician Girl”.

The only designated apprentice of the top magician “Dark Magician” in the duel monster world, one of the representative monsters of Yugi Mutou…

……More importantly, it was the first love of countless players.

Blonde blue eyes, cute appearance, long wavy thighs, cool and hot magician costume, the perfect combination of cute and sexy… No otaku could resist such attributes.

However, Yuei Vu was puzzled by something else…he didn’t have this card at all!

How can I draw a card that is not in the deck at all


“I can finally talk to you, Master!”

A black magician girl with a translucent body appeared beside Yuei Vu, floating in the air like an insubstantial ghost.

“This is our first meeting.

I’m the ‘Dark Magician Girl’, please take care of me!”


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