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“Dark Magician… Girl” Yuei Vu was a little stunned at the moment.

“Yes, yes,” the transparent magician girl nodded again and again, “I was calling you before.

I tried to contact many duelists in this world, but no one responded to me…”

Yuei Vu suddenly understood.

It turned out that the voice that Snow Wave heard before was the Dark Magician Girl who was a Duel Monster Spirit, so that’s why he couldn’t see her…

…Not so fast! This still doesn’t explain why I draw a card that doesn’t exist in my deck!

“…But I don’t remember having you in my deck, right”

“That’s right, but now I’m temporarily possessed by you, so the card which is my real body is automatically added to your deck.”

The girl shook her head as she explained, and accidentally slipped the wide magic hat down, and the wide brim blocked her eyes.

“So now you are my master.”

As she spoke, she quickly straightened her hat back, and her movements looked a little clumsy…and a little cute.

Yuei Vu roughly understood.

All in all, it meant that the Dark Magician Girl in front of him was a spirit from the Duel Monsters Spirit World.

Although there were countless monster cards in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Monster Spirits were quite rare.

Not every monster card had a spirit inside.

The more famous ones were the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons in the hands of President Kaiba.

There was no doubt that there must be monster spirits hosted there.

The Dark Magician in Yugi’s hand was also a spirit.

In the later Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the Winged Kuriboh held by the protagonist Yuki Judai, the three Ojama brothers held by Jun Manjome, and the Crystal Beasts held by Johan Andersen were all relatively famous Duel Monster Spirits.

Oh, of course, the Dark Magician Girl in the Yugi’s hand must also be a spirit, but it’s not the same entity that Yuei Vu met right now.

Even the spirit of the same monster would have many different individuals.

For example, in the Academy Festival arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, there was also a Dark Magician Girl appearing, which should be different from the Dark Magician Girl held by Yugi.

“The world of we spirits is made up of thoughts in the world of your world, but our world, in turn, supports your world.

The two worlds are an inseparable relationship like the two sides of the same coin.”

The Dark Magician Girl began to explain: “To put it simply, there is an evil will that is trying to draw energy from our world and invade your world, master.

Although he has not fully awakened yet, once he awakens, it will be a rather terrifying evil force.

That’s what I’m here to inform the people of this world…”

At this moment, Mr.

T, who had been watching the play with his arms crossed, also spoke up, and said lightly: “Is that so, a Duel Monster Spirit trying to make trouble Since that’s the case, I will solve it together with you.

The Dark Magician Girl showed an angry expression and stared at Mr.

T with “super fierce” eyes.

“Huh~ The little magical girl is angry, it’s really scary.” Mr.

T shrugged and smiled indifferently, “but I would like to remind you that the duel is still going on.

You don’t have much time left.

If you continue to do nothing like this, I will count you as the end of your turn.”

The Dark Magician Girl rolled his eyes at him, then turned to look at Yuei Vu, holding a small fist to cheer him up: “Anyway, defeat him here first! I will do my best!”

“Well…thank you,” Yuei Vu said helplessly, “but even if you came to my hand…I can’t summon you now!”

Not to mention that Dark Magician Girl was a Level 6 monster that needed a Tribute, and couldn’t be summoned now as Yuei Vu’s field was empty; even if she could, honestly…she was not really useful.

In fact, in the last turn, Yuei Vu’s LP has dropped to 700, which fulfilled the conditions for using Draw of fate.

However, the magician girl miraculously jumped into his hand from outside the deck, and now he has missed the opportunity to activate the skill…

Dark Magician Girl covered her mouth with a “Yeah” and realized something: “I broke in so rashly, did I… did it trouble you, Master”

Yuei Vu: “…”

In fact, without her help, Yuei Vu would be affected by Mr.

T’s strange dark power in the next round, and would still lose.

It seems that there is really nothing to blame her for.

“I summon Elemental HERO Avian in defense position’.” Yuei Vu said, “I end my turn.”

[Elemental HERO Avian, DEF 1000]

“Hey, can’t you do anything other than strengthening the defense” Mr.

T sneered, “I’ll get rid of you and that unsightly spirit now.

My turn, draw!

Battle! Molten Zombie, take down that trash monster! ”

Avian gritted his teeth, tensed his muscles, and straightened his waist, ready to meet the upcoming impact.

The Molten Zombie dragged the rolling fire line and rushed straight to the Winged Man, and opened his hot five fingers and pressed it towards his face.

Yuei Vu repeated the operation of the previous turn again: “I activate my trap card!”


T also repeated his old tricks.

His eyes lit up like ghost fire, and the dark spiritual energy shot towards Yuei Vu from the air, trying to interfere with his actions again like the previous turn.

This time, the energy he released hit a transparent magic circle less than half a meter in front of Yuei Vu and sputtered away.

The Dark Magician Girl waved her small staff with a swirling spheroid, puffed her cheeks and stared at Mr.

T angrily, and seemed to be very angry with his behavior in a duel.

“Counter Trap – Negate Attack!” As Mr.

T’s dirty trick was blocked, Yuei Vu finally successfully activated his card, “negate the attack, then end the Battle Phase!”

The whirlwind rolled up by the trap card blew the Molten Zombie back, and the Battle Phase was forcibly ended, and the remaining Meteor Black Dragon that had not attacked could no longer fight.


T snorted: “Cut, hateful spirit.

But it’s just lingering, the next round is the death of the two of you.

I end my turn!”

It finally made it through.

It seemed that no matter what, this was probably Yuei Vu’s last round.

“My turn… draw!”

Without hesitation, Yuei Vu directly activated the skill Draw of fate.

“…Activate ‘Pot of Greed!'” Yuei Vu inserted the newly drawn card into the card slot without even looking at it, “The effect of this card is to draw two more cards from the deck.


Yuei Vu once again drew two cards from the deck.

He squinted at the card he had drawn, and couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth.

It’s here!

“I’ll sacrifice the ‘Elemental HERO Avian’ on the field..”

Yuei Vu glanced at the girl beside him who was waving a staff and stood in front of him, met her, and exchanged glances.

“…Advance Summoned the ‘Dark Magician Girl’!”

The white whirlwind enveloped the winged hero on the field, turning into a golden light and dissipating.

A powerful wave of magic power was released, condensing a slender figure in the middle of the field.

The ghostly phantom that floated by Yuei Vu’s side disappeared, and then the entity of the magician girl emerged from the magic storm in the center.

She skillfully turned the staff several times in her hand and swept it lightly in front of her, her pink short skirt fluttering gently under the air.

Yuei Vu instantly felt the pressure in his heart ease a bit, and the darkness that had accumulated in his own half of the court seemed to dissipate a little.

“Next, I’m going to activate a Spell card from my hand… Monster Reborn!”

Monster Reborn, a Spell Card with a rarity level of SR.

This card was also a rookie gift package from Pandora… Thinking about it, Yuei Vu has really picked up a lot of good things from him in his rookie period.

That Mr.

Magician was really a good person…

“Monster Reborn,” Mr.

T chuckled, “but there is only a bunch of trash in your GY.

No matter what you revive, it is not the opponent of the ‘Meteor Black Dragon’!”

“Who said I was going to revive the monster in my GY” Yuei Vu smiled.


“What I want to revive is…” Yuei Vu stretched out his hand and pointed straight at Mr.

T’s Duel Disk, “…that ‘King of the Swamp’ in your GY!”

Monster Reborn (Normal Spell Card) – Target 1 monster in either GY; Special Summon it.


T was stunned to see a golden light released from the grave area of ​​his Duel Disk, and the King of the Swamp card flew out of it, like a magnet that was pulled into Yuei Vu’s hand, and was immediately summoned to the field.

“Thank you for lending me your all-purpose fusion material.” Yuei Vu smiled, “I activate Polymerization from my hand!

Then at this moment, I will also use the ability of the King of the Swamp to substitute it for a Fusion Material! The material I’m going to choose is… ‘Elemental HERO Flame Wingman’! ”



T looked bewildered.

Elemental HERO Flame Wingman I’ve never heard of such a monster.

“I fuse Elemental HERO Flame Wingman with Elemental HERO Spark in my hand.

Come out—

——’Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman’! “


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