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“Fusion Summon, Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman!”

The divine radiance shone on the ground, and the hero covered in silver-white armor appeared from the fusion vortex.

He carried metal wings with a sense of the technology behind him, and his body was shrouded in a dreamlike divine brilliance.

[Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman, ATK 2500]

This hero was the ace monster of Yuki Judai, the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX in the early stage.

Undoubtedly, this card was also randomly opened by Yuei Vu in the system card pool a while ago.

At that time, he was very excited when he saw the unique colorful light of the UR card burst out from the card pool, but when he saw this flashing flame wingman, he suddenly had the urge to curse…

It is really a UR card, but this one… he can’t be summoned!

The fusion materials of Shining Flare Wingman were “Elemental HERO Flame Wingman” “Elemental HERO Sparkman”, and he must be Fusion Summoned.

Since Yuei Vu didn’t even have a Flame Wingman so far, how could he summon it

Unexpectedly, the attentive Mr.

T on the opposite side actually helped him solve this problem, and so thoughtfully helped him prepare a universal fusion material “King of the Swamp”.

Then Yuei Vu didn’t refuse his goodness and directly pulled out the Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman, which he originally thought that he could only leave to be dusted for months……

On the other side, Mr.

T was immediately stunned: “This… what kind of monster is this There is a card that I haven’t seen before!”

Hmm…Although he said that, in fact, he has never seen any of the Elemental HEROes that Yuei Vu has summoned so far…

After all, it’s not yet the GX era.

It stood to reason that the Elemental HERO deck has not been released in this world, so it should be the future deck.

Yuei Vu’s set of Elemental HEROes all came from the system, so of course, the other party couldn’t have heard of it.

However, Mr.

T quickly adjusted: “Although I don’t know where you got this kind of monster, but monsters with 2000 ATK and 2500 ATK can’t rival my ‘Meteor Black Dragon’!”

As if for a demonstration, the meteor black dragon floating behind him opened his mouth and roared at this moment, his voice resounding through the sky.

Yuei Vu smiled slightly: “Shining Flare Wingman’s effect – It gains 300 ATK for each “Elemental HERO” card in my GY.”

“What!” Mr.

T lost his calm again.

“There are four Elemental HEROes in my GY: Heat, Clayman, Avian, and Sparkman.” Yuei Vu raised the Duel Disk and said, “Therefore, the attack power of Shining Flare Wingman has increased by 1200!”

[Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman, ATK 2500 → ATK 3700]

“Attack power 3700!”

Frightened, Mr.

T hurriedly pushed his frame, as if he wanted to renew his health while the other side was not paying attention.

However, it was of no use.

“Next, I will also use the Spell card – Quick Attack, so that the fusion monster can attack this turn.” Yuei Vu waved his arm and ordered, “Shining Flare Wingman, attack Meteor Black Dragon!”

The armored hero unfolded his holy wings, which were light as feathers, and flew into the air.

His figure turned into a phantom, and a silver-white trail was dragged behind him, and the glittering starlight sprinkled like raindrops wherever he sprinted.

Meteor Black Dragon roared and spat out a fireball to attack, but it was meaningless.

Even a difference of mere 200 points of attack power was an absolute difference in strength in the rules of the game.

The glorious hero hit the fireball directly with his body.

The scorching flames were dispersed into a vortex of scorching spirals under the impact.

The body of Shining Flare Wingman penetrated the body of the black dragon like an arrow, leaving a huge hole.

Lava and flames erupted like volcanic eruptions from the dragon’s pierced body, causing a deafening explosion.


T, LP 2200 → LP 2000】


T gritted his teeth: “I didn’t expect that the ‘Meteor Black Dragon’ would be knocked down.

I underestimated you.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not over yet.” Yuei Vu smiled slightly.

At this moment, the Dark Magician Girl on his side who has not yet attacked has already clenched her staff and is ready to go.

The opponent still had 2000 LP left, and her attack power was also 2000.

If she could attack directly next turn, the victory would be established…

However, Yuei Vu waved his hand: “The other effect of Shining Flare Wingman is activated!”

“Huh” The magician girl blinked her emerald green eyes.

Don’t you need me to attack

“If this card destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the GY: Inflict damage to my opponent equal to that monster’s original ATK in the GY.” Yuei Vu smiled, “Meteor Black Dragon’s attack power is 3500, in other words…”


T was shocked: “I have to suffer… 3500 points of damage”

While speaking, the silver hero had landed in front of him lightly, and the divine brilliance all over his body suddenly erupted.


With a miserable groan, the holy light instantly smashed Mr.

T’s body to smithereens.

He was blasted into a cloud of black mist under the power of light, and his body disintegrated into countless cards that flew out around him.


T, LP 2000 → LP 0】

“Damn, don’t think this is the end!”

The black fog around him began to dissipate, and Mr.

T finally let out an unwilling cry, his voice echoing in the air.

“This is just the beginning, human duelist! Darkness has infiltrated the human world, and no one can stop him from awakening! You and that spirit will be annihilated in darkness by then!”

After saying that, he disappeared completely.

Although the harsh words he said seemed to be very powerful, the feeling it gave people was nothing more than a feeling like “I’ll revenge next time”.

The oppressed feeling finally completely disappeared.

The darkness all around disappeared silently, and the sound of running water under the bridge returned.

Until Yuei Vu retracted the Duel Disk and released the card projection, the black magician girl kept her head down and stared at the round staff in her hand in a daze, as if she was thinking about life.

In the end, she was summoned by her master for the first time… she did nothing but watched, and the duel was over.

Although we still won in the end, it turned out to be pretty good…

…but what’s up with her feeling like a mascot

It must be an illusion, an illusion…

[Hidden quest “The Challenge From Mysterious Man!” completed!]

[Receive a reward: UR card “Dark Magician Girl”]

[Remarks: There is a spirit in this card, cherish her!]

So this card was the quest reward

Yuei Vu took the “Dark Magician Girl” card from the Duel Disk and glanced at it.

He couldn’t help showing a satisfied smile.

Yes, yes, this was not a loss.

As a life-threatening task, this reward was really rich.

The point was not the value of the Dark Magician Girl card itself – of course, it couldn’t be because the card face was beautiful and easy to lick.

(Yuei: Do you think I am that kind of person)

The point was that there was a spirit living in this card.

This was a truly unforgettable opportunity.

In the past life, Yuei Vu has also heard that occasionally players have obtained cards with spirits inside, but the number was extremely rare.

The probability may not be much different from winning the lottery.

Having a Duel Monster Spirit in this world meant you gain some supernatural powers.

You could make the Duel Monster Spirit materialize to help you do many things (in certain cases, you may even direct the Duel Monster Spirit to beat people directly), and you can also have certain countermeasures when facing opponents who mastered the power of darkness.

In addition, Duel Monster Spirits had more sensitive senses than humans and were more likely to perceive things that humans couldn’t touch.

Players with Duel Monster Spirits would have a higher chance of triggering important quests and getting more benefits.

Yuei Vu thought about it, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Master… Master”

Dark Magician Girl floated beside him, watching her new master laugh at her card face, she couldn’t help swallowing.

Master, what is he thinking about

“Oh, nothing.” Yuei Vu put away his smile and put the card back into the deck, “Let’s go, it’s getting late, it’s time to go back.”


Dark Magician Girl nodded her head and followed behind.


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