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The quest location was still a little far from the Dream Card Shop.

When Yuei Vu crossed most of the city and returned to the card shop, it was almost 2 AM.

What surprised him was that the lights were still on in the store.

The whole street fell into a deep sleep, the lights along the street went out, and there was no one on the road.

Only the shop on the corner was still lit with incandescent lights, like a bright beacon on the endless ocean under the night, guiding the direction of passing ships.

Yuei Vu pushed open the glass door and walked in.

Chika was still sitting behind the counter in that maid costume.

There was an open magazine in front of her, her right hand was holding her cheek, and she looked half asleep.

Her little silver head was crooked, like a long-lost “nodding magic”.

Yuei Vu still remembered that when he was a student, he practiced this divine skill to the level of transcendence and sanctification, especially in the advanced mathematics class.

He was able to meditate and take a nap while keeping his sitting posture undisturbed, and sometimes he nodded slightly as if he had realized what the lecturer said on the stage…

That’s all, everything has passed, and the real hero didn’t mention the past.

Chika suddenly woke up when he pushed the door in, and sat up in a daze: “W…welcome.”

Then she realized that it was midnight.

“It’s so late and you haven’t slept yet” Yuei Vu closed the door.

Chika rolled his eyes at him angrily.

Why do you think I haven’t slept yet


Isn’t it because someone ran out with a strange man in the middle of the night, making people feel uneasy

Isn’t there a saying like that recently

Lonely and widowed, there must be a loss!

That is to say, if two men live together alone, there will always be a loss for one of them!

“Where’s that person” she asked.

Knowing that she was referring to Snow Wave, Yuei Vu shrugged: “I’m in a hurry, I’ll go first.

I think I’ll be back in a few days.”

In half a month, when the game is officially launched, it will definitely be time to come back.

“Okay, it’s very late today, go to bed first, if you have anything to say tomorrow.” Yuei Vu said.



After a brief wash, Yuei Vu returned to the bed in his room and lay down flat.

The duel with Mr.

T was fiercer than a normal duel, and his Stamina gauge has been mostly empty after playing such a card.

Although his Stamina was much higher than when he first came to this world, it still didn’t seem to be enough.

Otherwise, according to the current development trend, it may be easy to be squeezed dry in the future…

Cough cough, what are you thinking about What I’m talking about here is that there will be no shortage of fate cards to play in the future, and it will definitely be beneficial to exercise more.

……It has absolutely nothing to do with the beautiful female spirit he just brought back!

Speaking of which, this new spirit lady was floating in the room in a state that was close to “spiritualization”, looking around in curious.

“Is this where you live, Master” She blinked, “It feels a little smaller than I thought.”

Yuei Vu: “…”

I’m really sorry that I am poor and unable to buy a house.

He didn’t have the time to think about it before, but now Yuei Vu suddenly realized some problems.

It must be a good thing to have a spirit by his side, which means that in this world, in addition to playing cards, he also possessed superhuman combat power.

In addition, it is well known that the spirit partner was also one of the criteria for measuring the strong under the Yu-Gi-Oh! world.

Throughout the past eras of Yu-Gi-Oh, all the characters with their own spirit behind their backs were all duel masters, the kind that “starting hand is Heavenly Hand (1), lucksacking (2) when having an empty field.”

(Author’s note: The spirit partner in Yu-Gi-Oh generally referred to the spiritual being that always be with the protagonist, such as Yami Yugi for Yugi Muto, or Yubel for Yuki Judai.)

Having the “Yu” prefix and a spirit partner, Yuei Vu felt that he was only the last step away from being invincible, and that was to gain a seafood hairstyle…

However, a problem that he never realized when watching the animation was that it could sometimes be troublesome to have a spirit partner.

For example, when you wanted to go to the toilet, when you want to take a shower, and when you want to browse some “study materials” on the computer and “release excess protein”…

Yuei Vu suddenly wondered how Yugi Muto solved this problem, or whether he and Yami Yugi had been together for too long, to the point where they could meet frankly and informally.

If that was the case, he could only say admiration.

But now…

He turned his head and glanced at the Dark Magician Girl who was lying on the windowsill watching the night scene.

……Sure enough, this was still a little too exciting.

Players in the past must not have had this problem.

After all, players were ruthless quest-seeking and card-playing machines in the game.

They didn’t need to eat or sleep, even with the spirit behind them.

Yuei Vu felt that he might have a lot of things to get used to in the future.

“That’s right, master!”

Dark Magician Girl fluttered back from the window sill with a serious face, as if she suddenly remembered something.

“Although the enemy was defeated this time, the matter is not over yet.”

Sure enough.

Yuei Vu cheered up.

Just now, Mr.

T said, “Darkness has penetrated into the human world” before he was wiped out.

With years of experience in the game, he immediately realized that this hidden branch must have a follow-up.

“I just wanted to ask.” He said, “What’s the origin of that guy”

Dark Magician Girl shook her head: “I don’t know the specifics, but I think… it should be malicious from some other dimension, an entity transformed from pure dark energy.

It will use the darkness in the human heart to strengthen its own power and become stronger by devouring it.

Right now, its body should still be very weak, so it can only send subordinates like the one just now to the human world to find food to supplement its spirit.

But if left alone, it will consume more and more duelists and become stronger and stronger! No one can stop it by then! ”

Yuei Vu nodded to show his understanding.

Actually, about the origin of Nightshroud, Yuei Vu, who has watched GX anime and played the follow-up version of Link World, may know better than her.

Linked World has developed a main storyline about Nightshroud, but that was all the GX version of the story, which was still a long way from now.

“That is to say, next, we have to find out all the clones of that guy that invaded reality, and then destroy them as soon as possible, right”

“Yes!” Dark Magician Girl nodded vigorously.

Sure enough, the quest interface in front of Yuei Vu was updated again.

[Hidden mission is triggered: The Invasion Of Mysterious Man!]

[Description: Find the whereabouts of other Mr.

T scattered in Doshino City with the help of the Dark Magician Girl, and destroy them one by one!]

[Winning Reward: Unknown.]

[Defeat Penalty: Unknown.]

Sure enough, it was also a quest series like the previous “The Challenge From Ghouls” series!

For players, such quests involving Shadow Games and supernatural powers were high-level quests that not everyone has the opportunity to trigger.

By the so-called “high risk, high reward” rule, the rewards of such tasks were generally the most generous.

For example, this time, after defeating Mr.

T, Yuei Vu directly obtained the spirit of the Dark Magician Girl.

But then again, if Snow Wave, the player who initially triggered this quest, hadn’t come to him, he probably wouldn’t have had this chance.

And Snow Wave was forced to go offline at the last minute, therefore he didn’t even get any mission experience…


Yuei Vu decided to wait for him to come back next time, just give him a little favor to show his gratitude.

For example, special offers such as 50% OFF in the private store for him.

Snow Wave will definitely be very moved by then… It should be.

TL’s note:


Heavenly Hand – A term comes from Mahjong, referred a starting hand made entirely from useful cards.


Lucksacking – A slang for a situation in which the player is at a large disadvantage and draws a card that ends up turning the game in their favor.

Also referred to in this novel as “the bond with the deck” and “believing in Heart of the Cards”.


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