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“Duel!” x2

[Yami Yugi, LP 4000]


T, LP 4000】


T drew five cards from the deck, and at the same time, he didn’t stop to look at the boy in front of him, trying to use his special ability to see everything through the essence of the opponent.

But he couldn’t.

To be honest, he now regretted a bit.

He felt that he may have underestimated the strength of human duelists a little too much.

He didn’t expect that among humans, there were still duelists with such powerful strength.

But that’s fine.

After all, he was nothing but a consumable item for Nightshroud, a phantom that could regenerate no matter how many times he was destroyed.

I can take this opportunity to test the strength of this so-called “Duel King”.

Thinking of this, the corners of Mr.

T’s mouth rose slightly again, revealing a smile.

“It’s up to me to go first.

Draw!” He hummed and smiled, “I summon ‘Dark Archetype’ in attack position.”

[Dark Archetype, ATK 1400]

“Set a card.

I end my turn.”

The corner of Yuei Vu’s mouth, who was watching the battle on the overpass, could not help but twitch.

Isn’t this guy not shuffling the cards every time he starts Why is this thing coming up again

However, in fact, in Yu-Gi-Oh! it seemed that everyone played cards like this, regardless of whether they were good or bad.

There were forty cards in the deck, but the starting hand always seemed to be a fixed number of cards.

The so-called “brick hand” basically only existed in the real-life duel.

Only when you played Yu-Gi-Oh! in reality, would you have to consider a series of questions like “drawing chance” and “starting hand” when constructing the deck.

Characters in manga and anime didn’t have this problem at all.

Whatever card they thought useful, they threw it into the deck, and they could draw whatever they wanted.

There was no such thing as a “brick hand”.

After playing for a long time in the previous life, players clearly understood that the player’s deck could not be compared with important plot NPCs casually because everyone was not playing the same game at all.

For example, if you gave the deck of the Duel King Yugi Muto to a normal player, there was a high probability that he would be stomped on by other players.

But if a player challenged Yugi Muto himself, there was a high probability that the player would be stomped by the NPC and didn’t want to play cards for a while…

Don’t ask, it’s because you don’t have enough bonds with the deck.

Because NPCs believe in Heart of the Cards, they could draw whatever they want.

“Okay, it’s your turn, Duel King.” Mr.

T hummed, “Let me see how you duel.”

“My turn!”

While drawing, Yami Yugi looked at the monsters on Mr.

T’s field with sharp and cautious eyes.

Dark Archetype… a monster I’ve never heard of before.

But my intuition as a duelist tells me that there must be a trick in it.

Is it the special ability of that monster Or is the problem with the set card in the backrow

In the original game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, players couldn’t check the effect of each other’s cards when they were playing.

When encountering strange monsters, everyone could only test the effect of each other’s monsters like stepping on a pit.

Yami Yugi looked at the cards in his hand, and after a little thought, he made a decision.

Even if he was afraid of the trap, he couldn’t back down.

Here he still decided to take the initiative to attack.

“Activate Pot of Greed!” Yami Yugi also played this banned divine card, “Draw two cards from the deck!”

Yami Yugi drew two more cards, and the hand quickly replenished to seven cards.

The grinning green pot that briefly appeared on the field also burst open.

“Then activate the monster effect of ‘Watapon’ in the hand!” Yami Yugi revealed a monster card and put it on the Duel Disk, “If Watapon is added from my deck to the hand due to a card effect, it can be Special Summoned from the hand!”

There was a faint white brilliance on Yami Yugi’s field, and a small, snow-white spherical monster appeared on his field.

[Watapon, DEF 300]

“Then I tribute Watapon to summon… Dark Magician Girl!”

At this moment, the Dark Magician Girl beside Yuei Vu let out an “ah” and said in surprise, “This person also has the same card as me!”

“Well, he is the Duel King in this world, and ‘Dark Magician’ and ‘Dark Magician Girl’ are his trump cards.” Yuei Vu explained.

“Hey~” The Dark Magician girl opened her eyes, “It feels amazing!”

At this time, a whirlpool has been rolled up on the field of Yami Yugi, and the slender figure jumped out of the storm of magic power.

The blond girl held a staff with a flat head in her hand and twirled lightly like a feather in mid-air.

[Dark Magician Girl, ATK 2000]

The Dark Magician Girl beside Yuei Vu looked at the figure below him that was exactly the same as herself, and hesitated for a moment: “The ‘Dark Magician Girl’ in the hands of the Duel King should also be a spirit.

But I always feel… It’s a little different from ordinary ones.”

Yuei Vu was a little surprised: “Can you feel it”

“Yeah.” The Dark Magician Girl tilted her head, “but it seems that I can’t tell what is the difference.”

Yuei Vu didn’t speak, but of course, he knew why.

Although there were more than one “Dark Magician” and “Dark Magician Girl” in the world, the two in the Yami Yugi’s hands were definitely unique.

Because the spirit of the “Dark Magician” in the game is the reincarnation of the Egyptian high priest Mahad from 3,000 years ago, and the corresponding spirit of the “Dark Magician Girl” was Mahad’s apprentice Mana.

They were not only servants and subordinates to the Pharaoh, but also partners who grow up and played together.

They were like a family, and they were irreplaceable to each other.

Of course, it’s just that the current Yami Yugi didn’t have the memory of his past life.

The action of Yami Yugi was not over yet: “Next, I activate a Spell card – Sage’s Stone! When there is a ‘Dark Magician Girl’ on my field, I can Special Summon from the deck, my strongest servant – Dark Magician!”

A black afterimage flew out from the deck on Yami Yugi’s Duel Disk, and a storm engulfed the field again.

The imposing manner of the powerful king swept the audience, and the magician in black lowered his green staff lightly, his eyes burning like a pitch-black torch.

The Dark Magician Girl on the field seemed very happy and excitedly waved to the master behind her.

But the latter only nodded slightly in response.

“Huh, is this your trump card” Mr.

T didn’t panic at all, just smiled at the magician and apprentice in front of him, “It is indeed a fairly powerful monster… It should also be a spirit, right An exceptional one, too.”

“Battle!” Yami Yugi didn’t want to chat at all, “Dark Magician, attack Dark Archetype! Dark Magic Attack!”

“At this moment, activate the Trap Card,” Mr.

T chuckled, “‘Zero Gazer! This trap card can only be activated when a face-up Attack Position monster on my side of the field is selected as an attack target.

That monster’s ATK becomes 0 and I draw 1 card from my Deck.”

[Dark Archetype, ATK 1400 → ATK 0]

Yami Yugi frowned: “Turn your monster’s attack power to 0”

“Hmph, my duel skill can’t be understood with common sense.” Mr.

T sneered incomprehensively, “When Dark Archetype is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, I can choose 1 monster in my Deck with an ATK equal to the Battle Damage I took from that battle.

Send monsters whose total Levels equal the Level of the chosen monster from my hand to the Graveyard, and Special Summon the chosen monster.”

“So that’s the case, is that your purpose”

Yami Yugi smiled confidently.

“But it looks like you have no chance to summon a monster!”

“What” Mr.

T’s face changed suddenly.

“I activate a Spell card from the hand… ‘Dark Magic Twin Burst’!” Yami Yugi quickly played a card, “Only in this turn, a Dark Magician on my field gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all “Dark Magician Girl” currently on the field!”

The Dark Magician Girl’s small staff was placed on her master’s aquamarine staff.

The magic power of the master and apprentice converged, and it was like a black stream of water that climbed to the tip of the staff along the staff.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500 → ATK 4500]


T suddenly became uneasy: “Attack…Attack power is 4500!”


The magician and his apprentice uttered a clear battle cry at the same time, and the spheres formed by the interlaced magic power smashed into the air.

The body of Dark Archetype was smashed into pieces in the magic storm, and Mr.

T’s body was also torn to pieces in a long series of miserable groans.


T, LP4000 → LP 0】



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