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As mentioned before, the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! was actually full of magic, black technology, gods, aliens, etc.

There were all kinds of strange things.

What the anime showed was just the tip of the iceberg of this world.

The holders of Millennium Items in the DM animation were the most powerful group of Shadow Duelists, but this was by no means to say that Millennium Items were the only source of supernatural power in this world.

For example, Mr.

T, whom Yuei Vu met before, and the Nightshroud hid behind him was a dark force with a completely different system from the Millennium Item.

Another example was the mysterious group “Seven Stars Assassins” that appeared in the Three Phantasms arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Everyone in the group was a Shadow Duelist of different origins, including spirit, vampire descendant, alchemist, etc…

The “Nightcrawler World” that Yuei Vu found at the moment was the place where such people gather.

To put it simply, this was a club of the Shadow Duelists, which was somewhat similar to the League of Assassins.

The members here sometimes accept some commissions through the club to complete some gray tasks.

The loser in the Shadow Game must obey the winner according to the established rules, and those with high enough abilities could completely turn the loser into his own puppet.

With this kind of power, it is easy to force obedience to people in positions of importance or of great value, and to help people easily achieve some special purpose.

And if you wanted to erase someone with a Shadow Game, you could completely drag the person into the darkness from the body to soul, leaving no clues at all, and there was no way to find out with conventional means.

If a Shadow Duelist had the power similar to Nightshroud, then he could even completely erase the existence of a certain person, including the memory of relatives and friends, through the Shadow Game, and no one would even notice that such a person has disappeared from the world.

Today, many high-ranking people in the world actually knew the existence of Shadow Games.

The organization of the Shadow Duelists has no nationality or power restrictions.

If They maintained a nearly neutral attitude and never deliberately favor any side.

They would serve any country or individual who bids the right price, and maintain good cooperative relations with many countries and forces.

It felt a little bit like a mercenary, but different.

People outside the circle take a respectful attitude towards the Shadow Duelists, because the Shadow Duelists with extraordinary power were mysterious and unpredictable from the perspective of ordinary people.

However, in the GX period, it seemed that there were some ordinary people who used tricks such as blindfolding and hypnotism to pretend to be Shadow Duelists to cheat money.

Just like Titan who was hired by Cronos to duel with Yuki Judai in the early stage, he pretended to be a Shadow Duelist by means of light refraction and hypnosis, but he was finally dismantled by Judai.

Yuei Vu was now in an era before the opening of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM’s Battle City arc.

Before that, the unique king of the underground world of the Shadow Duelists was the founder of the card game, “Father of Duel Monsters”, Pegasus J.


Pegasus had the “Millennium Eye”, one of the seven Millennium Items in ancient Egypt, had a very strong dark power, and has the ability to see through the other party’s mind, there was absolutely no doubt that he was the top grade in the current world.

When visiting Egypt, Pegasus obtained the Millennium Eye and gained a powerful and terrifying power.

At the same time, under the guidance of the Millennium Eye, he carved the stone slabs of monsters handed down thousands of years ago into cards, and invented a card game called “Duel Monsters”.

, which swept the world and became one of the most well-known high-class people in the world.

As a game designer, he specially printed a set of invincible “Toon monsters” for himself.

Coupled with the mind-reading ability of the Millennium Eye and the powerful dark power, Pegasus easily ascended the throne of the king of the underground world, and for a long time became the only recognized king of the world’s Shadow Duelists.

During that time, Pegasus’ Industrial Illusions and its affiliated hidden forces basically dominated the direction and trend of the underground world, and they were powerful forces enough to secretly influence the world pattern.

This reign didn’t end until Pegasus lost to an ordinary high school student Yugi Muto in the Duelist Kingdom Tournament he held.

Not only that but after the battle, Pegasus was even poached by someone who stole his Millennium Eye.

Since then, Pegasus has withdrawn from the battle in the underground world with his own forces and began to live a life of seclusion and retirement.

Because of this, Yugi Muto, an ordinary high school student, now had quite a high reputation among the duelists in the underground world.

(Although Yugi himself did not know about it)

Shadow Duelists all over the world generally believed that if this boy named Yugi Muto was really just an ordinary person, it was absolutely impossible for him to win Pegasus.

In addition, Yugi held the Millennium Puzzle, which was said to have the highest status among the Millennium Items, so many people believed that Yugi should be the most powerful Shadow Duelist in the world today.

But there were also quite a few people who believe that the real strongest person in the underground world was someone else.

That was the new group Ghouls, who has just joined in recently, and has broken a lot of unwritten rules in the underground world, but has helpless strength…and the leader of the group, Marik Ishtar.

Marik’s family, the Tomb Keepers, has always been a family that all parties have been quite afraid of for many years.

It can even be said that if they want, the Tomb Keepers may become the leaders of the underground world at any time.

The reason was very simple, the legendary Millennium Item with the top power in the Shadow Game, and the most powerful card in the duel monster world, “Egyptian God Cards”, have been kept in the hands of the Tomb Keepers for many years.

However, it was said that the Tomb Keepers have always strictly followed the legacy handed down from their ancestors and never abused the power of the Millennium Items and the Egyptian God Cards.

But in this generation, Marik, the descendant of the Tomb Keepers, was obviously the first one who was determined to break this rule.

He took away the Millennium Items and Egyptian God Cards that were supposed to be kept for the Pharaoh without authorization, offered various conditions that could not be refused to recruit a large number of Shadow Duelists, and formed the rare card hunter organization “Ghouls”, which quickly took its place in the underground world.

Due to Ghouls’ tyrannical and savage style, which has broken many of the rules that the Shadow Duelists have defaulted to over the years, many organizations have had friction with Ghouls in just a few months.

Fortunately, Marik didn’t seem to be interested in any fame or status.

His only purpose was to enter the Battle City and take revenge on the nameless Pharaoh in Yugi Muto’s body.

Therefore, most forces have adopted a respectful attitude towards Ghouls, allowing Marik to fight with Yugi Muto.

It would be great if Yugi could pull this lunatic out of the stage, as Ghouls’ power would naturally collapse as well.

However, the “Nightcrawler World” that Yuei Vu was planning to join is an exception.

Because, unlike others, the headquarters of “Nightcrawler World” was located in Domino City.

The Shadow Duelist Organization has a deep regional awareness, and it stood to reason that this area should belong to their territory.

The president of the organization was still a violent person.

He stubbornly thought that it was quite shameful to “let Ghouls do crimes on his own territory”.

He made it clear that if Ghouls dared to come here with a great number, then they would declare war on the spot!

If it wasn’t for the fear of Marik himself, he might have already taken his people to raid the headquarters of Ghouls by now.

But thanks to the tough attitude of the president of “Nightcrawler World”, Marik didn’t move the entire Ghouls to Tongshiye City.

After all, his goal was just the Yugi Muto (or more precisely, the Pharaoh in his body).

Although he didn’t care about people other than Yugi, he also wanted to avoid extraneous issues if possible.

This was why Marik only selected a few relatively optimistic subordinates to participate in the battle in the Battle City arc.

And at this moment, what Yuei Vu was going to do is the hidden quest related to the faction category——

——Join the Nightcrawler World!



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