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Probably no one would have thought that there was a strange world under such a dark and lonely alley.

Passing through the last door behind the dark stairwell, an open hall was revealed behind.

A dazzling crystal chandelier hangs on the roof more than ten meters above the ground in the center of the hall, the ring-shaped wall was painted red, and the curved staircase extended all the way to the second floor.

Shadow Duelists were scattered in this hall in twos and threes.

Some of them were drinking, some were bragging, and of course, some were playing cards, perhaps exchanging skills with their peers.

When Yuei Vu passed a table, he tilted his head to look…

Why is this table of Shadow Duelists playing poker

Could it be that they got tired of dueling

In theory, any game that was bound by “rules” could meet the conditions of a Shadow Game.

As long as there were strict rules and clear conditions for victory and defeat, any form of the game could be used as a carrier of Shadow Game.

Yes, so poker and mahjong all met the conditions.

If you had the dark power, you could even secretly start a Shadow Game when you were playing League of Legends on the computer, maybe the entire team would die suddenly after being defeated…

However, Duel Monster was the only game that could maximize the effect of the Shadow Game, and it was much more difficult to take the life of the loser through other games.

Yuei Vu followed behind the muscled gatekeeper and walked through the circular staircase to the second floor.

The gatekeeper went straight to the door at the end of the corridor – Yuei Vu noticed that there was a sign “President’s Office” hanging on the door, and it was also carefully plated with a layer of gold.

The gatekeeper stretched out his hand to push the door and walked straight in.

Yuei Vu was convinced that the moment he entered the door, he saw the president behind the desk in a panic, closing a certain page on the computer, and quickly switching back to the desktop.

That action was very similar to himself when he was secretly watching a small movie on the computer when he was a student and was attacked by his mother who suddenly entered the door.

At that time, his mother slapped his face- who would believe that you have been staring at the computer desktop in a daze


President was angry, very angry.

He patted the desk beside him with a slap, and wanted to get up from the seat, but just a few centimeters away from the seat, he seemed to suddenly realize that something was wrong, and then he sat down awkwardly, going back like a rewind.

“Knock on the door before entering, which word do you not understand!” Mr.

President sat in a chair and roared at the gatekeeper, “Next time you do this again, I will directly use you as a sacrifice to the Shadow Game! Do you understand”

“Yes, I understand, President.”

The president breathed angrily, and angrily took a sip of tea from his teacup, as if he was very upset that he was interrupted just now on his head.

Yuei Vu knew that the name of the president of “Nightcrawler World” was Kawasawa Gai, and he is a type of person who “will never forget once he has seen him for a lifetime”.

The reason for such a description was not because he is domineering, powerful, etc., but because he was indeed quite distinctive.

Although it may be a little rude to say this, when Yuei Vu met the character Kawasawa Gai in his previous life, the first reaction that popped into his mind was, “I’m afraid this person was not an accident during character modeling, right”

Because no matter how you say this face, these facial features… are too incoherent, right

The originally small eyes were almost squinted into two slits, and they were squeezed together with the overly large nose.

And then there were those thick lips that looked like grilled sausages…

……It’s hard to help but admire, how carelessly did the modeler create such a character

This president was even… bald.

It was said that Mr.

President was not like this in his early years when he still had fluffy and thick black hair.

Until one day, he played a Shadow Game with another strong man who was also on the road, but he lost due to a small mistake at a critical moment.

And that game, what President lost as a losing bet… it was his bushy hair.

And according to the bet, his hair would never grow back forever, and it would be useless to use hair tonic…

After drinking a sip of tea, President Kawasawa Gai noticed Yuei Vu who was beside him.

He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

The first thing that popped into his head was—

——What a handsome boy!

“Who is this” he asked.

“A powerful Shadow Duelist.” The gatekeeper said, “I personally confirmed that I am not his opponent at all.”

“Oh” The president put the teacup aside, and sat up straight with his fingers crossed, “Then what’s the matter with this little brother coming to my place”

Shadow Duelists would show respect when they walk to each other’s boundaries.

Strength determined status and this sentence also applied in the underground world of duelists.

Yuei Vu smiled lightly: “Just because I have long admired the name, I hope to have the opportunity to join the ‘Nightcrawler World’.”

“Oh Do you want to join us” President Kawasawa raised his eyebrows.

He thought for a moment, frowned, and said, “Well, it’s not that I don’t want to accept you.

But you have to know that our ‘Nightcrawler World’ has rules.

Joining our organization generally requires a referral, or has helped the organization in business…”

In fact, the rules were not absolute.

As long as he, the president, gave permission, the members would naturally have no opinion.

Normally, President Kawasawa would very much welcome powerful Shadow Duelists to join his organization.

But the problem was … Yuei Vu was too handsome.

Few people knew that the president has a strange disease.

That was, he would feel uncomfortable when he sees handsome men, and he has symptoms similar to allergies.

If it was based on this principle, he should immediately reject it right now and keep this kid out of the house.

But what’s even weirder now was that he thought this kid seems so good-looking… so that he couldn’t even feel disgusted.

In short, it was a surreal handsomeness!

So President Kawasawa got into a tangle.

Should he be allowed to stay

However, at this moment, Yuei Vu has some misconceptions.

Because he actually knew that it was not in line with the process to come in so straight to the point.

The reason why he knew about this place was that he saw the strategies posted by other players in his previous life.

Some players completed a series of pre-tasks, and after running the ring for more than half a month, they finally joined the “Nightcrawler World” under the recommendation of a Shadow Duelist.

This kind of guild was actually similar to the faction system common in other online games.

Joining a faction means more benefits, more companions, and more chances to get quests and rare cards.

However, after reading the guide, Yuei Vu already remembered where the entrance to this “Nightcrawler World” was, so he naturally didn’t bother to do the complicated series of quests.

As for how to join the club without a referral, there is always a way.

“But the world of duelists is all about speaking with strength, isn’t it” Yuei Vu raised the dueling plate in his left hand, “Why don’t you consider giving me a chance to try, Mr.


President Kawasawa pondered for a while.

“Okay.” He finally agreed, “Then that’s it, as long as you can defeat three opponents sent by us in a row, your assessment will be passed.

How about that”

Yuei Vu nodded: “Okay, it’s a deal.”


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