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【Kuroda, LP0】


The entire audience was stunned, and no one even reacted and cheered for a while.

Although Kuroda has a debuff from President Kawasawa, everyone has already decided that he would lose this game, was this… too exaggerated!

To be fair, in the first turn, he summoned a monster with 1800 ATK to stand on the field, and set a powerful trap such as “Widespread Ruin”.

Everyone thought that even if they were in his shoes, they could not do better.

But even this opening was easily broken by Yuei Vu.

For the duelists whose cognition of these duels was still in the era of “I attack you, you attack me”, it was simply outrageous.

Kuroda, whose LP had returned to zero, also stayed where he was, sitting on the ground in a daze, looking at the boy in front of him in disbelief… and the two domineering heroes that had slowly disappeared from his field.

“Too…too strong…” Kuroda murmured to himself, “It’s not an opponent at all…”

Even Yuei Vu’s spirit Dark Magician Girl appeared and clapped with her transparent little hands: “Wow! Master, you are amazing!”

The spirit girl’s eyes lit up, and she admired this beautiful master so much.

Yuei Vu coughed lightly.

Be humble, be humble.


Isn’t it just a slap in the face, it’s no big deal.

He himself didn’t think it was that great.

After all, in this turn, he consumed all six cards in his hand, and if this round of offensive was countered by the opponent, or he could withstand it, it may be difficult to fight next.

But of course, these were all card-playing habits brought on by previous lives.

Yuei Vu also knew that playing cards in this era were different.

In the early stage of Yu-Gi-Oh, the card pool and environment were very different from the later ones.

The current decks neither have the powerful summoning ability as later nor do most of them have excellent replenishing.

Whether it was an advance summon or a fusion summon, it was destined to lose cards.

This was also the law of the environment in the era of Yu-Gi-Oh – you could only exchange for a high-level monster with high attack power if you consume two or three cards.

A deck that could refill cards in the hand and kept summoning powerful monsters like the later generations did not exist in this era.

And then there’s a bigger problem…

Yuei Vu reluctantly pulled out the magic card “Quick Attack” from the Duel Disk, his face twitched.

If it weren’t for this idiotic rule that President Kaiba fixed, saying “the fusion monster cannot attack in the turn it is summoned”, who would bring such a stupid card…

Yuei Vu pondered that it would definitely not work if he rushed directly into the Kaiba Corp’s building and asked to amend the rules.

Have you ever heard of a game player who was dissatisfied with the planning and went to the company headquarters to complain to the chairman, so he readily accepted the player’s opinion

But if the target was Seto Kaiba, it’s not hopeless.

Because it is well known that President Kaiba was a real card-playing addict.

Want him to listen to you It’s actually quite simple, as long as you could beat him at dueling.

Or even if you couldn’t beat him, at least you had to impress him enough in the duel.

So the question now was, how to find an opportunity to play cards with the president…

But that problem could wait.

At this moment, Mr.

Kuroda, as the loser of the Shadow Game – even if it was just an entertainment Shadow Game, still had to accept the game punishment he has set…

… strip dance in the ring.

The punishment of the Shadow Game was mandatory.

Unless there was a dark power far superior to the opponent, no one could resist it.

The men in the audience who had come to their senses at this moment had already begun to shout loudly.

Some people shouted emotionally with red faces, and they didn’t know what to be excited about watching a muscular brother and noble colleague dance.

Dark Magician Girl blushed and said “Yeah”, turning into a light and retreating back into Yuei Vu’s deck.

Hmm… Such a scene might be a little too exciting for girls.

Even Yuei Vu couldn’t help covering his eyes, otherwise, he felt that his mind might be polluted…

…… A minute later, the “punishment game” was finally over.

Sweaty Mr.

Kuroda hugged his clothes and slipped off the stage with an ugly face amid the roars of his colleagues who were extremely unsympathetic to brotherhood.

“Okay, according to the agreement, I still need to defeat two more of them, right” Yuei Vu stood on the ring and smiled, “Then which senior will teach me next”

The crowd that was noisy just now suddenly quieted down.

He glanced at it, and the strong men avoided his gaze one by one, and no one said a word.

The scene was very like a crowd who kept shouting “I will definitely do it”, but when it was about to go up, no one volunteered.

A few seconds later, a steady and low voice sounded: “I’m coming.”

The crowd followed the prestige and were amazed to see their president himself, who had already passed through the crowd and stepped onto the ring.


President himself wants to go himself

This was strange.

Since the establishment of the association, members have never heard of a new person joining the association who was approved by the chairman himself.

Although President Kawasawa looked rather apologetic and his gambling luck was beyond the horizon, no one dared to question his dueling skills.

In terms of the dark power he possessed and the level of dueling skill, President Kawasawa was a well-deserved number one member of the club.

Because the president seldom acts in teams with other people on weekdays, and when he accepts commissions, he always accepts high-level commissions alone, so even members of the same club rarely have the opportunity to see him act with others.

The people have already started to get excited.

It seems that there will be a good show to watch today.

Yuei Vu looked at the short president who had put on the duel plate and stepped onto the stage, and smiled lightly: “Mr.

President, do you want to go up in person I’m really flattered.”

“It’s been a long time since I moved my muscles and bones, so I just came to practice my hands.” Kawasawa snorted and smiled, “Besides, if I can’t do it, I’m afraid no one in this room can face you.”

“You are overestimating me.”

During the conversation, the two had exchanged the decks face to face, and inserted each other back into their respective Duel Disk.

Then they turned around, walked back to their designated positions on the ring, and opened the Duel Disk.

“Duel!” x2

【Yuei Vu, LP4000】

【Kawasawa Gai, LP4000】

“I’ll let you go first, boy.” Kawasawa Gai folded his arms.

Yuei Vu smiled: “Is it okay”

“Of course, you can.” Kawasawa Gai waved his hand, showing an expert demeanor of “letting you do three tricks”.

Someone in the audience whispered, “Are you afraid that Mr.

President will be OTK-ed again like just now…”

Kawasawa Gai’s eyes swept over coldly.

The person who spoke quickly shut up and stopped talking.

“Then I’ll go first, draw!”

Yuei Vu glanced at his hand.

Hmm… As expected, it’s not realistic to expect that every starting hand was Heavenly Hand.

But anyway, if you go first, you don’t have to rush to attack.

“Summon ‘Elemental HERO Wildheart’ in attack position!”

[Elemental HERO Wildheart, ATK 1500]

“Set a card, I end my turn.”

“My turn! What I want to summon is…’ Archfiend Cavalry’!”

A demon in red armor appeared on the field, and underneath it was a dark horse that looked like it came from the underworld.

He has a skull-like white head, scarlet eyes, and holds a spiral spear.

[Archfiend Cavalry, ATK 1900]

“See the suppressing power of the Archfiend deck, I will take the initiative in this duel!” Kawasawa Gai shouted, “Archfiend Cavalry, attack!”

The demon pulled the reins, and the horse roared in the sky.

He sprinted towards the barbarians on the Yuyu field at high speed, his spear pointed straight forward, and his hooves beat on the floor with a clear and rhythmic rhythm.

Yuei Vu stood still and snapped his fingers gracefully.

“Trap Card – Wall of Disruption! All Attack Position monsters you control lose 800 ATK for each monster you control!”

The transparent wave was released from the trap card, hindering the momentum of the knight’s charge.

The spiral gun in the latter’s hand seemed to be unstable, and the horse’s hooves began to become a little messy.

[Archfiend Cavalry, ATK 1900 → ATK 1100]

“Wildheart!” Yuei Vu ordered, “Fight back the demon’s attack!”

The rough-looking Elemental Hero received the order and jumped up to meet him with a “ha”.

With precise dynamic vision and superb skills, he sideways dodged the demon’s stab and slashed back with a backhand.

The blade slid down the spiral spear, and sparks flew from the metal friction.

The sword light flashed, and the demon’s head flew out in a whirl, and the body shattered into pieces with a bang.

【Kawasawa Gai, LP4000→LP3600】

“Damn,” President Kawasawa gritted his teeth, “Then I’ll set a card.

Turn ends.”


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