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“My turn!” Yuei Vu drew a card from the deck, “Summon ‘Elemental HERO Blazeman’!”

The flame hero who just appeared in the previous game appeared again.

When he landed, he placed a superhero landing POSE, and a circle of translucent flames burst under his feet.

[Elemental HERO Blazeman, ATK 1200]

Everyone just saw the hero’s abilities in the duel with Kuroda, and still remembered it clearly.

President Kawasawa narrowed his eyes: “Do you want to add ‘Polymerization’ from the deck to your hand again”

Yuei Vu smiled slightly: “No, Blazeman also has another hidden special ability.

I can only use one of his effects per turn, and only once that turn.

“When Blazeman is successfully summoned, add 1 ‘Polymerization’ from my Deck to my hand” is only his first ability.

This time I’m going to use his second ability.

Yuei Vu stretched out his hand and waved: “Blazeman’s effect is activated! I can send 1 ‘Elemental HERO’ monster from my Deck to the GY, except “Elemental HERO Blazeman”, and Blazeman’s Attribute and ATK/DEF become the same as the monster sent to the GY, until the end of this turn.”

He pulled out the deck from the Duel Disk.

“I sent the ‘Elemental HERO Bladedge’ to the GY.” He said, drawing out a card and placing it in the graveyard area, “Until the end of this turn, the Attribute and ATK/DEF of Blazeman becomes the same as that of Bladedge.”

The image of the golden hero emerging behind the flame man on the field, as if his power was also absorbed into the flame man.

The flame hero stretched out his arms and let out a long growl similar to gathering Qi, and the flames around him were burning.

[Elemental HERO Blazeman, ATK 1200 → ATK 2600]

The crowd under the stage was noisy again.

“He can summon a monster with an ATK of 2600 so easily”

“This is too strong, isn’t it!”

“Hey, no, won’t the president be dealt with once again”

At this time, on Yuei Vu’s field, there was Blazeman with 2600 ATK and Wildheart with 1500 ATK, the total damage output was 4100.

On the other hand, Kawasawa Gai’s field was empty, and his LP was only 3,600.

If the attack passed, the duel should be over by now.

“I won’t be merciful, Mr.

President.” Yuei Vu chuckled lightly.

President Kawasawa narrowed his eyes, making his already small eyes squeeze even more pitifully.

“Battle!” Yuei Vu gave an order, “Blazeman, attack directly!”

The flames rolled up behind Blazeman propelled like an engine, and the burning afterimage shot out.

He flew into the air, his body flexibly revolved, and he used his hand to chop, drawing a scorching and gorgeous arc in the air and slashing down.

Direct hit!

President Kawasawa groaned and took the blow with his body.

The scorching flames really burned his body under the blessing of the Shadow Game, and the president couldn’t help but kneel on the ground.

【Kawasawa Gai, LP3600 → LP1000】

“The last blow,” Yuei Vu shouted, “Wildheart, attack directly!”

Wildheart took the order, roared loudly, drew his knife, and charged forward along the line.

President Kawasawa knelt on the ground, gritted his teeth, and shouted: “Open the set card… Continuous Trap Card – Call of the Haunted!

Targeting 1 monster in my GY; Special Summon that target in Attack Position.

When this card leaves the field, destroy that monster.

When that monster is destroyed, destroy this card.

Resurrection, Archfiend Cavalry! ”

A pitch-black storm rolled up on the ground, and the demon rode a steed back to the arena for the duel.

[Archfiend Cavalry, ATK 1900]

“Archfiend Cavalry!” Kawasawa Gai shouted, “Fight Wildheart!”

Archfiend Cavalry burst out, and the spiral spear stabbed out.

The sprinting Wildheart didn’t have time to dodge at all, and only had enough time to raise the blade in front of him to block it, but it was meaningless.

The demon’s long spear smashed the blade in his hand violently, hitting his body hard.

The latter snorted and then dissipated on the field.

Yuei Vu was speechless as he watched this unfold.

The battle replay… Forget it, he’s too lazy to complain.

At least before the Battle City competition opened, he had to find a way to go to President Kaiba to change the awkward duel rules.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP3600】

“Set a card, I end my turn.” He said, and added, “At the End Phase, the special ability of Blazeman ends, and his attack power returns to its original state.”

[Elemental HERO Blazeman, ATK 2600 → ATK 1200]

Kawasawa Gai: “Then it’s my turn.


After adding the drawn card to his hand, he suddenly hummed twice, and then couldn’t stop laughing.

“You are indeed quite powerful, and you are one of the best among all duelists I have played against.” He took out a card from his hand and turned the back of the card toward Yuei Vu, “I admit you, boy.

You are absolutely qualified to see this card.”

The audience began to get excited: “Is ‘that card’ coming”

“The president’s trump card! That ultra-rare high-level demon!”

“It’s not a loss to see the president use this card!”

Kawasawa Gai took this card to the Duel Disk: “I will sacrifice the ‘Demon Cavalry’ on the field.

Come on, my ace, the strongest demon…

Skull Archfiend of Lightning! ”

A thick, rolling cloud was brewing over the arena, and a flash of golden lightning fell from the black cloud.

Countless currents rushed down one after another, surrounded by a burly and huge black shadow as if welcoming the arrival of the absolute king.

The devil descended from the sky with coercion that despised everything.

The bones seemed to be connected to form armor covering it, and golden electric snakes lingered and danced around it, revealing an indescribable evil spirit.

[Skull Archfiend of Lightning, ARK 2500]

There were cheers and shouts from the audience, and all the Shadow Duelists seemed to be applauding the president for calling out such a powerful demon.

“Skull Archfiend of Lightning, attack Blazeman!” Kawasawa Gai ordered directly.

The demon in the arena burst into a loud roar, and golden high-voltage lightning was released from the rib-shaped armor on the chest.

Under the guidance of the demon, the thunder dashed towards the opposite half of the court, and the dense thunder flew towards the flame man like a silver dragon roaring.

“Open the set card,” Yuei Vu pressed the button on the Duel Disk, “Counter Trap – Negate Attack! When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: Target the attacking monster; negate the attack, then end the Battle Phase!”

“Hmph, I expected you to counterattack with traps.” Kawasawa Gai laughed, “But Skull Archfiend of Lightning is the highest-level demon commander, and traps don’t work for him!”

Yuei Vu said calmly: “The special ability of the ‘Skull Archfiend of Lightning’ is that when it is selected as the target of the effect, it can have a chance to roll the dice.

If the number of dice rolled is 1, 3, or 6, my ‘Negate Attack’ will be negated and destroyed.

But if the number of dice rolled is 2, 4, or 5, then the activation is valid.

“That’s right, there’s a 1/2 chance.” Kawasawa Gai said, “I have absolute confidence when it comes to luck!”

The audience under the stage couldn’t help covering their faces.

Boss, it’s fine for someone else to say this.

You, a loser in every gamble, have no right to say that…

Everyone always thought that such a powerful monster as the Skull Archfiend of Lightning was really a waste to President Kawasawa, because if he wanted to roll the dice, he may not be able to meet 1, 3, or 6 several times in his life…

The reason President Kawasawa could maintain his winning rate even with such bad luck was that even ignoring the effects, a Level 6 monster with 2500 attack power was already strong enough.

If the owner of this skeletal demon was not Kawasawa Gai, but in the legendary “God of Gamblers”, the combat power would at least double…

At this time, the power released by the skeleton demon has transformed into a dice of flame in the field.

The huge dice flew high with a whirl and then fell vertically with a trail of flames.

Kawasawa Gai swallowed a mouthful of saliva, staring at the flipping flame dice without blinking…

…… 6!

“Hahahaha, I got hit!” Kawasawa Gai was excited like a child, “The activation of ‘Incapacitation of Attacks’ launch is ineffective!”

The whirlwind released in the trap card dissipated instantly under the impact of the demon, and the card also split into pieces.

The ten thousand bolts of lightning pierced through the body of Blazeman on the field, and then hit Yuei Vu himself unabated.

【Yuei Vu, LP 3600 → LP2300】

The dark energy damage of more than 1,000 points made Yuei Vu grit his teeth, and also slipped half a step back.

The crowd was shocked at this time.

Just now… did President Kawasawa get a 6

Damn it!

This is a record-breaking!

Everyone immediately cast a surprised look at Yuei Vu.

What is the origin of this young man

It’s unscientific that someone has worse luck than our boss!

Yuei Vu smiled helplessly and glanced at the 20 points of luck on his data panel.

It’s not my fault that I have Lucky E-…

“See This is the strength of me and the ‘Skull Archfiend of Lightning’.” Kawasawa Gai started to act arrogantly, “I end my turn.

Come on, if you can do it, try your best to defeat me!”

Yuei Vu smiled slightly.

As you wish.

“Draw! I activate a Spell card from my hand – The Warrior Returning Alive!” Yuei Vu played a Spell card, “Target 1 Warrior monster in my GY; add that target to my hand.

I choose… ‘Elemental HERO Bladedge’!”

Kawasawa Gai suddenly realized something.

Use the effect of Blazeman to throw Bladedge into the GY from the deck, and then use “The Warrior Returning Alive” to recycle it from the graveyard.

This was equivalent to choosing a HERO monster from the deck and adding it to the hand.


What a great combo!

President Kawasawa suddenly felt like the door to a new world had opened to him.

“Then I activate ‘Polymerization’!” Yuei Vu played a Spell from the hand, “I fuse ‘Elemental HERO Bladedge’ and ‘Elemental HERO Avian’ to summon—

——Elemental HERO Great Tornado! “


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