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A Level 4 monster with 2400 ATK!

Don’t tell me about this kind of thing, I’ve never heard of it at all!

2400 attack power… Even the legendary ultra-rare card, the “Red-Eyes Black Dragon” in the hand of the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom, Jonouchi Katsuya, had only 2400 attack power.

Moreover, Red-Eyes Black Dragon was also a Level 7 high-level monster, which requires two Tributes to summon.

In the current dueling environment, it was still a little difficult to gather the Tributes to make such high-level monsters.

Now a person told them that there was a monster with strength equal to Red-Eyes Black Dragon but could be summoned casually

This card is too OP, isn’t it

Are you sure this is not a fake card

Of course, there were people who doubt the authenticity of this card.

Although no one said it outright due to Yuei Vu’s face, it was natural to have such thoughts.

However, everyone present was Shadow Duelists, more or less possessing some abilities that ordinary people do not have.

The power of the Shadow Game and the dueling monster cards were closely linked, therefore the real dueling monster cards had certain supernatural properties that the imitation cards did not have.

Even a low-level Shadow Duelist could tell the difference easily.

Soon, someone took turns using their dark power perception to detect the authenticity of this card, and Yuei Vu also gave a great deal of permission.

And then soon everyone came to the same conclusion—

——This is definitely a genuine dueling monster card, not a fake replacement.

Even if the strength of this Level 4 monster seemed to be too good to be true as if its attack power seems to be handwritten by the players… But it was indeed a real card.

Of course, it was a real card.

After all, this “Chainsaw Insect” was a card drawn by Yuei Vu from the system card pool.

The products produced by the system must be high-quality products.

This was something that Yuei Vu confirmed in the game in the last life.

The cards which were drawn from the system card pool—even if there were no cards in the era of DMs, were definitely genuine cards that can be recognized by NPCs.

In fact, players have thought about “selling cards produced by the system to NPCs” before.

However, the system prohibited players from selling cards to NPCs, and the currency in World Link Online was not very useful to players.

So apart from Yuei Vu, the NPC with the system, no one really sold the system card to other NPCs.

And from Yuei Vu’s point of view, this “Chainsaw Insect” was actually… very useless.

This card was not unfamiliar to Yu-Gi-Oh real card players.

Although having high attack power for a Level 4 monster, this card has never been banned or restricted in history… and almost no one had even played the card.

The reason was very simple: Because its side effect was too great.

The special effect of Chainsaw Insect – At the end of the Damage Step, if this card attacked or was attacked: Your opponent draws 1 card.

Give the opposite a card for free!

Pot of Greed was a Thousands of Years Banned card, but in terms of advantage, it only gave players a net 1 card (After activating, the player drew two cards from the deck and consumed Pot of Greed itself, which was equivalent to earning one card).

This insect actually gave the opposite one for free every time it battled.

This kind of side effect was often greater than the net benefit, thus basically no one used it.

However, in the eyes of DMs, the duelists who have no concept of “card advantage” at all, this is a divine card that has no side effects and is about equal to a Red-Eyes Black Dragon.

What The side effect of letting the opponent draw a card

Hmm… That is just a minor flaw that can be ignored directly, right

In fact, it was not that there were completely no cards in this era with a Level 4 having such a high level of attack.

The most famous of them was “Goblin Attack Force”.

Goblin Attack Force, Level 4, ATK 2300, DEF 0.

Effect: If this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase, and its battle position cannot be changed until the End Phase of your next turn.

The limitation of this side effect was not small.

Having 0 defensive power meant that this monster would be eliminated in the next turn.

It was only one-shot, just like eating Viagra…

Even so, Goblin Attack Force was still a popular premium rare card on the market.

Compared with the side effect of “changed to Defense Position after battling”, the side effect of “letting the opponent draw a card” of Chainsaw Insect was almost nothing!

However, no one dared to bid for the first time.

Because no one has ever heard of such a powerful monster in the world, naturally no one knew how much it should be worth.

But it was certain that this kind of card, which was unique in the world and almost certainly be “the Level 4 monster with the highest attack power in the world”, could not be overpriced.

“…Yuei-san, may I ask …Where did you get this card” someone asked.

This was also a question that many people were concerned about.

In their opinion, such a card should be marked with the highest rarity “USR”, or even more.

“Some personal channels.” Yuei Vu couldn’t explain the existence of the system card pool, but he didn’t need to make up any strange excuses, “However, what I can guarantee is that this card is definitely not a counterfeit.”

This did not require him to guarantee as everyone present could confirm it.

As for the channel, since Yuei Vu didn’t want to talk about it, others didn’t continue to ask.

After all, for Shadow Duelists, everyone had their personal channels and connections.

Most people may not be willing to share their secrets with others.

After a long while, someone finally tried to bid: “One million… No, one and a half million, can you give it to me”

Someone always had to start this.

Shadow Duelist almost never lacked money.

The reason why no one paid much for the previous two cards was that everyone felt that a higher bid would not be worth it.

For example, “Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1” was simply rare but had no practical use, and “Battle Steer” had attack power as high as 1800, which was very valuable, but that’s all.

Although low star monsters with an attack power of 1800 were rare, they were not completely absent, and could still be bought with enough money.

But now the nature of this “Chainsaw Insect” was different.

This was the kind of super-powerful card that was very unique.

Missing this chance, no matter how much money you were willing to spend, you may not be able to buy it.

“Two million.” Someone immediately raised the price.

No one thought it was surprising or excessive, or rather, everyone thought this should be normal.

For the Shadow Duelists, cards were not only game props but also weapons, and in situations where they had to bet their life, a strong card could decide dead or alive.

Then it’s worth the extra money for a stronger card.

This was also one of the reasons why Yuei Vu plans to come here to sell cards – there was no one more suitable to be a customer than Shadow Duelists who were rich and had an extraordinary desire for powerful cards.

“Two million and two hundred thousand.”

“Two and a half million.”


“Five million.”

The calm and powerful voice sounded in everyone’s ears, which surprised everyone present.

Everyone turned their heads one after another, only to see that it was a man in a black dress and a high hat, with a characteristic scar on his face, which gave people a very innocuous intuition.

Someone was suddenly surprised: “Nan… Manager Nanmoku”

Yes, in Nightcrawler World, there was a “manager” position, the most trusted subordinate directly appointed by the president Kawasawa Gai, the one who was responsible for managing the daily affairs of the members.

Gambling and private dealings among members were not prohibited, but the leadership, including the stewards, was never personally involved.

It’s not a rule, it’s just a convention.

But today the convention is clearly about to be broken.

Everyone was still surprised.

Manager Nanmoku had already squeezed into the crowd, and said indifferently, “Ten million.”

All the members were in an uproar.

As expected of the manager, his spirit is different!

Do you dare to believe that he is bidding against himself

Spending money was not the point, the point was that the money must be spent with determination, enough to give people an impression of “I must have this”.

Yuei Vu watched cheerfully, feeling like he was in the front row watching the large-scale pretending scene of an auction house in a fantasy novel.

Sure enough, it seemed that he was shocked by the manager’s aura (maybe his job title), and no one dared to make any more bids for a while.

Manager Nanmoku walked through the automatically separated crowd and walked in front of Yuei Vu, with a tick on the corner of his mouth: “Ten million, give this card to me… Do you have any comments”

Yuei Vu shrugged: “As long as no one else has an opinion.”

“Okay, then now…”

“I have an opinion!”

A powerful voice sounded.

Everyone’s faces changed, and their eyes quickly followed the sound…

“……Eh Nobody Who was the one who pretended to shout and ran away”

“……Oh, so it’s Mr.

President, sorry, you are too short.

You are blocked by the crowd so I couldn’t see it…


“Wait, does the president even have to participate in the auction in person”

President Kawasawa held his hands on his back, and his small body slowly approached, and he confronted the management officer under his subordinate.

“Twenty million.” As the president, Kawasawa said with a great bearing.

He smiled and said, “Nanmoku-kun, this card… can you give it to me”

“Twenty-two million.” Nanmoku asked blankly as he spoke, “Didn’t you say that you will only play pure Fiend deck all your life, President I thought this Insect wasn’t your thing.”

“Heh, all duelists of our generation need to trust their deck.

As long as you believe that it is a Fiend, it is naturally a Fiend.” When the president spoke, his face was not red or his heart skipped a beat.

Nanmoku rolled his eyes to show his disdain for the president’s scumbag behavior in front of the coquettish bitches with high attack power.

Although they had a superior-subordinate relationship, Manager Nanmoku and President Kawasawa have been friends for many years, and there was no psychological pressure to raise the price.

The two here haven’t come to a conclusion yet, yet another person’s voice sounded from the entrance: “Thirty million!”

Everyone in the audience gasped again (and contributed to the process of global warming), and looked towards the door in surprise.

They saw a man in a straight suit appearing at the door, with a tall nose bridge, a slender figure, and a confident and powerful pace.

That’s the manager Matsunaga!

Is today’s auction destined to be a battle of the gods

As the auction sponsor and card holder, Yuei Vu sat there quietly from beginning to end, not saying a word.

I just sit here quietly, watching you drive up the price…


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