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One last week before the Battle City started.

“Special mission” Yuei Vu asked strangely while standing in President Kawasawa’s office.

“Well.” Kawasawa Gai nodded, “You seem to have told someone before that you had a clash with Ghouls”

“Yeah.” Yuei Vu said, “As soon as I came to this city, I met a Ghouls’ rare card hunter, the magician named Pandora.”

“Oh Pandora is a great general.

His ‘Dark Magician’ is quite good.

It is said that many well-known duelists in the underground world have been defeated by him.” Kawasawa Gai raised his eyebrows, “You beat him already”

Yuei Vu didn’t say anything, just silently took out his “Dark Magician” to show him.

Kawasawa Gai gave a thumbs up: “It’s awesome.”

He has always heard that Ghouls robbed other people’s things.

This is the first time Mr.

President has seen the rare card hunter being robbed of a rare card.

“Afterwards, they sent someone to attack once, but I solved it too.” Yuei Vu shrugged, “It’s a good match.”

Kawasawa Gai smiled and patted him on the shoulder: “It doesn’t matter.

It just so happened that our club also had some clashes with them, and this mission is actually the same.

You know that the city will hold a tournament named Battle City next, right ”

Yuei Vu nodded.

“Originally, this should be a good thing.

The functions of the entire city have been suspended.

Making such a large-scale duel competition, I am afraid that only the Kaiba Corp was capable of hosting such a thing in the world.

Of course, it should be a good thing for our local dueling association… but someone is planning to take advantage of this convention to make trouble in our territory.

“Ghouls” Yuei Vu quickly reacted.

“That’s right.” As soon as the name was mentioned, the president became angry, “That bastard Marik thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he has the God Card and the Millennium Item in his hand.

He almost broke all the default rules of the world’s dark associations for many years, looted the rare cards of duelists around the world, and copied a large number of counterfeit cards to destroy the environment of duel monsters.

Not to mention that they often use some contemptible means, unscrupulous in order to achieve their goals.

The reputations of our underworld duelists have all been ruined by these people.

President Kawasawa spoke with resentment, and that reaction made Yuei Vu even think that the President in front of him was not a duelist who controlled the dark power, but a decent and respectable leader.

“Then we…are we going to attack them” Yuei Vu guessed a little.

“The official declaration of war is not enough, but those guys have already been found in a hidden stronghold in Domino City.” Kawasawa Gai snorted and said, “Just tonight, we are going to take people to raid.

At least give that boy Marik a wake-up call, let him know that the Domino City belongs to us, and let him at least be afraid when he does it, so that when the Battle City starts, it will not cause too much disturbance.

Speaking of which, Yuei Vu already fully understood.

To put it bluntly, you were showing your strength to Ghouls and sending them a message – Every move in Domino City is under our monitoring.

You’d better take it easy and don’t be too arrogant.

“It is reasonable to say that this kind of task can only be participated by members who have long enough qualifications and are excellent enough.” President Kawasawa continued, “but you are a special case.

If you are willing to join, I can specifically approve you to participate in this time.”

After the cause and process were finished, the system finally gave Yuei Vu a prompt.

[Mission: Raid The Stronghold Of Ghouls!]

[Description: Ghouls have become lawless, and more and more rare card hunters are appearing on the streets of Domino City.

Someone must take action to dampen their spirit!

Together with the raiding team of ‘Nightcrawler World’, attack the stronghold of Ghouls.

You can choose to accept or decline!]

Sure enough, this time it was a type of quest that the player can actively choose whether to accept or not.

Accept it, of course!

Not to mention anything else, looking at the large amount of EXP and crystal in the quest rewards below, Yuei Vu felt that refusal was really sorry for his conscience.

Where do you usually go to find such lucrative quests

Yuei Vu nodded without hesitation: “It’s my honor to be able to contribute to the organization.”

President Kawasawa grinned happily – although it made his already shabby face look even more apologetic: “Okay! I would be more relieved if you were here.”

After all these years in the underground world, President Kawasawa was quite confident in his own strength.

However, with his dueling level, he was completely vulnerable in front of Yuei Vu, which made him quite optimistic about Yuei Vu.

In his opinion, as long as the top players like Pegasus, Kaiba Seto, and Yugi Muto did not involve, an average duelist was not Yuei Vu’s opponent at all.


That night, the sky just darkened, and the dark duelists began to act.

The target address was an abandoned warehouse on the dock… Of course, there was nothing particularly surprising.

As we all know, the abandoned warehouses were the residence of all kinds of strange forces, including but not limited to underworld criminals, terrorist organizations, aliens, super villains, etc.

all year round.

Anyway, no matter what country or background, bad guys always loved the abandoned warehouses on the docks.

The time was almost up.

Manager Nanmoku who was in charge of leading the team made a gesture and gave the order, and everyone set off in unison.

The burly dark duelists wearing black clothes rushed in from all the entrances.

They broke open the door, smashed the window, rushed into the warehouse like a devil entering the village, and immediately raised the duel plate as a weapon.

For a while, Yuei Vu thought this scene was a bit funny.

Can you imagine the scene of a group of strong men dressed like CIA agents breaking into the door, and as a result, they raised their Duel Disks and insisted on playing cards with you

That was probably the picture he saw now.

But unexpectedly, when they broke through the door and window and rushed into the warehouse, it was empty without a ghost.

Everyone looked at each other.

Was the information wrong

Manager Nanmoku took the lead and walked inside, and the others followed.

Darkness enveloped the entire warehouse, and the space was filled with a musty stench, and there was no smell of living people.

The moon cast a pale shimmer from the zenith window, in which dust particles fluttered softly.

Passing through most of the warehouse, they finally saw a figure at the corner of the deep… But it’s hard to say whether it was a living person.

It was a man with a bald head, his body slumped like noodles, sitting on a dusty seat, his head tilted to one side.

He opened his eyes without blinking, his muscles seemed to be rigid, and his facial features even seemed a little distorted.

He looked like a corpse in every way, but the slight heaving of his chest indicated that the body was still doing its last breath to stay alive.

Just when the group was at a loss as to which song it was singing, the limp body suddenly moved.

He jumped on the chair like an electric shock, and then his limbs began to twitch uncontrollably, startling everyone around him.

The bald head’s back suddenly straightened like a stick, his eyes were round, and a golden third eye opened on his forehead.

Then his lips moved mechanically, and he made a voice that didn’t belong to him: “Welcome, everyone in the Nightcrawler World.

My name is Marik Ishtar, and the one you see before your eyes is one of the dolls I control.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


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