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Sure enough, Yuei Vu guessed it.

President Kaiba may seem to be very scary, but in fact, he wasn’t.

He came in an airplane with an army of bodyguards who looked like Men in Black, surrounding the place tightly with an aggressive altitude…

…Actually, he just wanted to play cards.

In terms of duel addiction, there was probably no one in the world who can compare to the president of Kaiba Corp.


President’s duel addiction could really be said to have broken through the sky.

Later, he even did everything he could to develop black technology and try to use the power of technology to break the boundaries of the underworld.

His purpose To play cards with Yami Yugi again…

The team from the Nightcrawler World rushed to the dock warehouse but miss the target.

Not only that but they were also tricked by Marik.

Most people had a fit of anger in their hearts, and they have already cursed Marik and all his family.

But Yuei Vu didn’t.

When he saw the situation outside and saw President Kaiba jumping out of the plane like a Batman, not only was he not angry at all, he even wanted to say something—

– Nice!

Recently, he happened to be thinking about how to find a chance to play cards with President Kaiba before the Battle City opened, and told him that there were serious flaws in the rules of playing cards that needed to be corrected.

Now, the opportunity came to him automatically.

Thinking about it this way, Yuei Vu suddenly felt that little brother Marik didn’t seem to be hateful that much.

Who said Marik couldn’t do good things

If Marik was not a good person, then who sent the sky dragon to Yugi from a long distance

In the animation, Marik made a special trip to deliver Osiris the Sky Dragon from Egypt to Japan, handed to Yugi, and not confiscated even a dime of postal money.

Who would believe if you said he wasn’t doing charity work

At this time, facing the provocation of Kaiba, all duelists in the Nightcrawler World hesitated.

President Kaiba still has a big reputation in the duelist circle.

If Pegasus had not had the ability to cheat at the beginning, he might not be Kaiba’s opponent.

Many people in the circle have rumored that the only one who can defeat Kaiba was the duel king Yugi Muto, and Kaiba was also regarded as “under one person, above myriad people”.

However, duelists in the underground world were naturally not deterred by his reputation.

“I’m coming!”.

“No, leave it to me here, let him see the power of my Machine deck!”

Of course, Yuei Vu didn’t miss this opportunity: “Let me try it out.”

Manager Nanmoku glanced at everyone, snorted, and took a step forward to unfold the Duel Disk in his hand.

“With me here, of course, there is no reason to let the subordinates go first.” He said in a hoarse voice, with a gloomy face with a scar on his face, “I have long heard that President Kaiba’s Beatdown deck is the number one in the world.

It just so happens that I am also using a Beatdown deck that is good at suppressing with power.

Exactly, let’s take this opportunity to try it out today, who of us is stronger! ”

Kaiba hummed confidently, acting as if he didn’t care about the other party at all.




A minute later.


All the Shadow Duelists watched their managers fly off the ground under the incandescent impact.

After landing, they slipped out of the way and slammed into the outer wall of the warehouse with a bang like a cannonball.

A group of people quickly gathered around.


“Manager, are you alright!”

“Manager, wake up! Think about your Mei Mei, Mi Mi, Hwa Hwa! What will happen to these girls if you die here”


President Kaiba held his arms, and behind him was a majestic white silver dragon.

The legendary monster Blue-Eyes White Dragon floated behind him, and the aura of the dragon king seemed to break through the shackles of three-dimensional images, dominating like a divine beast.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!”

President Kaiba let out a classic three-stage laugh.

The real Yu-Gi-Oh fans didn’t need a picture, they could tell that it was the president himself when they heard the voice across the street.

“Hmph, that’s why you guys aren’t worth a slap.” Kaiba snorted disdainfully, “Shadow Duelist It’s really funny.

You third-rate duelists use fourth-rate decks, and your strength is even worse than the horse bone (referring to Jonouchi) who will only move forward with ** luck!

The road to battle never ends, the world of duelists does not need the weak! ”

(The innocent Jonouchi: Why do you have to use me as an insult)

Speaking of which, President Kaima’s prejudice against Jonouchi was really strange.

No matter how he depended on luck, he was still the runner-up of the Duelist Kingdom, and he was even recognized as one of the legendary duelists in the world future.

However, in the eyes of President Kaiba, Jonouchi was always just a useless “horse bone”.

Perhaps by the standards of President Kaima, there were only two types of duelists in the world: Better than Jonouchi, who were fine duelists, and below or equal to Jonouchi, who were all spicy chicken… (It seems that this standard seems to be a bit harsh)

None dared to be angry at the president’s ridicule.

Because no matter how annoying Seto Kaima was, his strength was genuine.

This overwhelming power… Everyone weighed it in their own hearts and guessed that they should only be killed in one or two turns if they go up to try.

Yuei Vu stepped forward.


President,” he held up the Duel Disk, “so can I give it a try”

“Huh” Kaiba raised his eyebrows and softened his tone slightly, “Are you new here”

After all, the Nightcrawler World was a local guild, so Kaiba still had a general impression of how many members they had.

He was very sure that he had never seen this young man in the organization’s data, and if he had seen it, he would definitely have an impression.

This young man looked completely different from the others.

His charm and temperament seemed to be comparable to Kaiba himself… Of course, it’s just a little bit worse.


President who feels good about himself)


It may be possible, but there are conditions.” Kaiba sneered, “If I take the trash one by one, there will be no end.

Then you represent the rest of your team.

If you lose, you must accept one condition: During the Battle City, your association is not allowed to take any action in Domino City.

Do you understand”

Yuei Vu said: “We are on the same side, President.

Our goal is also the Ghouls…”

“I can handle Ghouls by myself, and didn’t need a group of so-called ‘Shadow Duelists’ to intervene.” Kaiba was rude, “You put your head down for me, just watch from the side and you’re done.”

Yuei Vu turned his head and gestured to everyone behind him.

The Nanmu manager who was panting in the arms of a group of strong men hesitated for a moment, then nodded and gave him a positive answer.

Although they are newcomers, Yuei Vu’s strength was obvious to all.

If Yuei Vu couldn’t beat him, no one couldn’t.

“Okay, then we accept your conditions.” Yuei Vu said, “But correspondingly, through this duel, I also have a little suggestion that the president can consider.”

“Oh Do you still want to negotiate terms with me”

“I can’t talk about the conditions now, it’s just a little personal opinion on the current duel monster game.

I just hope to discuss it with the president.”

“Hmph, let’s talk about it if you can really win.” Kaiba was obviously extremely confident in himself and didn’t even consider the possibility of “losing” at all.

“Then it’s settled.” Yuei Vu reinserted the washed deck into the duel tray.

“Duel!” x2


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