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I Play Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

chinalightnovel9-12 minutes 14.06.2022

The Shadow Duelists had already discussed it when Yuei Vu and Kaiba went to the two ends to open the field.

“Can this newcomer beat Kaiba Seto”

“Who knows Even President Kawasawa is no match to Yuei Vu at all, maybe”

“But the opponent is that Kaiba Seto.

There are only a handful of people in this world who can win against him, right”

“Just watch it quietly.”

Manager Nanmoku, who had a bruised nose and a swollen face just now, has also sat up.

Fortunately, he was witty.

The duel with Kaiba Seto only opened the lowest-level Shadow Game.

Even if he lost, he would only suffer a relatively strong impact and fall badly, but would not die directly.

The low-level Shadow Game only made a small part of the attacks of the monsters on both sides concretize into entities, and its level was not fatal.

The reason why he only used this level of Shadow Game was that Nanmoku didn’t want to hurt Kaiba either, he just wanted to teach this arrogant guy a lesson.

For the second reason (and the main reason)… was because he estimated that he might not be able to win…

Knowing that you couldn’t beat the opponent and still play Shadow Games, aren’t you stupid Trying to suicide

However, even though he was beaten badly, he still needed to maintain his image.

Nanmoku coughed twice, wiped off the nosebleed that was about to drip while the attention of others was on the field, and said solemnly: “If Yuei Vu can win this game, he will undoubtedly become a bigshot among underground Shadow Duelists in the future.

Let’s take this opportunity to see where his limits lie.”

At this time, Yuei Vu had already walked to his half of the field to start a duel.

Can I win against Kaiba Seto

At this stage, it should be… a little difficult.

It’s the early days of DM, and President Kaiba probably didn’t have any messy White Bride like Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon, Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon, Deep-Eyes White Dragon, etc.

The cards and tactics used were relatively simple.

But even so, he was still one of the main characters, a legendary duelist.

When Yuei Vu first entered the World Link Online in his previous life, a large number of real-card players felt that they could rely on their advanced game understanding and mainstream deck construction to defeat the duelists in the original work, but they found that they thought too much.

In fact, until the end of World Link Online version 1.0 and the end of the main story of Yu-Gi-Oh DM, it seemed that no player has ever defeated the duel king Yugi Muto.

Because that guy could use divine draw at any time in a duel (always draw a card that just happens to be a turnaround); he could also print cards in time (if there is no card in the deck that can solve a situation, add a card that can solve it to hand).

After all, “everything about the strongest duelist is inevitable, even drawing cards can be created.” (Open Cheater’s Declaration)

The tactical awareness of players playing real cards would not work in front of these plot NPCs.

In the past, there was a great player who got the opportunity to play cards with Yugi during the mission.

He worked hard to gain an advantage.

Yugi lost three cards in one turn and he earned three cards in one round.

It was hard to hold on until Yugi was empty-handed, and his field was full of monsters.

When the player thought that he was about to get the achievement “Duel King’s First Blood”, Yugi played a “Card of Sanctity”, drew 6 cards, and in the next turn, Hanoi’s holy power (aka Mirror Force) blew up all the player’s monsters…

(Card of Sanctity (Normal Spell) – Both players draw until they have 6 cards in their hands.

(anime effect).)

That was to say, according to the requirements of Kaiba Corp in Yu-Gi-Oh DM, cards that “directly destroy monsters and cause LP damage to the opponent” were prohibited cards, so maybe it’s the reason Yugi only printed a mere Mirror Force.

Otherwise, he might simply and rudely take out a picture of the lightning strike and clear the field…

(Raigeki (Normal Spell) – Destroy all monsters your opponent controls.)

Therefore, although players could easily beat passers-by NPCs in the later stage, it was still a bit difficult to win against these plot NPCs.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000】

【Setto Kaiba, LP 4000】

“I’ll let you go first.” President Kaiba hummed confidently, “Let me see what you are capable of.

Don’t let me down too much.”

“My turn, draw!

The first monster I summon is this guy…Elemental HERO Sparkman! In Attack position! ”

The blue lightning warrior flew out from the three-dimensional card, and his whole body was shining with beating electric lights.

The hero who rode the lightning gave a clear drink and made a fearless pose, as if to say, “Anyway, I must be cannon fodder first.”

[Elemental HERO Sparkman, ATK 1600]

“Set a card, I end my turn.”

“Hmph, is it over just plain and simple” Kaiba hummed softly, “Then it’s my turn.

Draw! This round will make you understand that it’s pointless to put this kind of monster in front of me! Come on, ‘Vorse Raider’!”

A demon holding a huge battle axe appeared on the table.

He grinned, had sharp fangs, was a head taller than Sparkman, and the giant axe in his hand was bigger than Sparkman’s entire head.

[Vorse Raider, ATK 1900]

Sparkman took a fighting stance, seemingly ready to die heroically.

“Vorse Raider, attack!” Kaiba directly ordered, “Smash that trashy monster directly!”

Yuei Vu smiled confidently.

Winning or losing this duel was secondary.

He would take this opportunity to let President Kaiba take a good look at the unscientific aspects of the existing game rules.

“Open the set card!” Yuei Vu pressed the button on the Duel Disk and waved his arm, “Spell Card – Polymerization! I fuse Sparkman who was selected as the attack target on the field…and ‘Elemental HERO Clayman’ in my hand!”

Kaiba’s eyelids jumped, and he said in astonishment, “Fusion at the moment I attacked”

“Fusion Summon!” Yuei Vu took out a card and slapped it on the Duel Disk, “Elemental HERO Gaia!”

(Sparkman: Oh yeah, I didn’t give the first blood today!)

A vortex of fusion appeared in the space, and the EARTH hero Clayman in Yuei Vu’s hand turned into a three-dimensional image and emerged, and was sucked into the swirling vortex along with Sparkman like two stones disappeared in the center of the rapids.

The center of the vortex gave birth to a strong light, which plunged into the ground.

The three-dimensional image projected the special effect of the earth collapsing, countless cracks spread all over the ground, and the huge steel body rose from the ground, like a mountain.

[Elemental HERO Gaia, ATK 2200]

“Gaia’s special ability – When this card is Fusion Summoned: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; until the End Phase, its ATK is halved and this card gains the same amount of ATK!” Yuei Vu ordered, “Gaia Shock!”

Actually, he couldn’t remember the name of the monster’s effect, after all, it wasn’t written on the card.

So he just made up a name…

The ground trembled, and the rubble splashed, ignoring that the shards were crushed into powder by the invisible air pressure in mid-air.

The Vorse Raider in the charge slanted his foot, half of his foot was inserted into the crack, his body fell involuntarily, and the axe he swung out was also crooked and out of order.

[Vorse Raider, ATK 1900 → ATK 950]

[Elemental HERO Gaia, ATK 2200 → ATK 3150]

With such a huge difference in attack power, the result was obvious.

With one punch, Gaia smashed the Vorse Raider into the ground together with the axe.

The latter’s body was embedded in it like a piece of cardboard, and he couldn’t pull it out.

【Seto Kaiba, LP 1800】

The face of Kaiba, who just lost 2200LP at the first combat, changed slightly.

His footsteps slipped half a step under the impact of the three-dimensional image, and the windbreaker behind him was also pulled straight by the wind.

He gritted his teeth, squinted his eyes, and looked at Yuei Vu.

It seemed that he finally started to pay attention.

The Shadow Duelists around were stunned: “This kid…summon a powerful monster with an ATK of 3150 in the second round”

“He actually make that Kaiba Seto lose LP first!”

“If he goes on like this, he might really be able to win!”

Manager Nanmoku’s eyes also became suspicious and looked at Yuei Vu in disbelief.

Is this kid really that strong

The huge earth hero slowly landed on Yuei Vu’s side.

Yuei Vu half-folded his arms and looked at Kaiba with a smile.

He was quite satisfied with the unfolding of the first round.

In the opponent’s turn, a Normal Spell card was activated for fusion summoning, and the “battle replay” that should have appeared when the attack target was lost did not occur, so Vorse Raider was forcibly killed by Gaia, and Mr.

President lost 2200 LP in the first turn…..

Yuei Vu felt that this should always make Mr.

President realize how outrageous the dueling rules are now, right

Sure enough, I can see that President Kaiba, who is on the opposite, has already started to tremble with anger…

As a result, in the next second, Kaiba raised his head, and he laughed again in a classic three-stage laugh, which almost scared Yuei Vu away.

“Hahahaha! It’s interesting!” President Kaiba’s eyes were burning, “As expected, my vision is not wrong, you are indeed different from those other miscellaneous fish.

Deliberately set a Polymerization and performed Fusion Summon on my turn… Not only avoided the risk of low-level monsters being attacked, but also counterattacked beautifully, and even avoided the restriction of ‘Fusion Monsters must wait one turn after they are Summoned before they can attack’…

You are indeed unusual, and you are the only duelist here who is worthy of being my opponent! ”

Yuei Vu: “”


President… You’re not angry at all for being tricked by my BISS


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