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Chapter 5 - The Guide To Beat Pandora

Pandora waved his hand, “Dark Magic Attack!”

The red Dark Magician flew into the air, and the green wand swung into the air.

The fluctuation of magic power poured out from the end of the staff, like a black mist condensed into a sharp bayonet, flying towards the opposite field with an entangled electric current.

With only 1600 attack power, Sparkman obviously couldn’t withstand a blow from the Dark Magician.

The dark magic power easily pierced through his body, the warrior of light groaned miserably under the mask, the whole body current overflowed like a flood, and the body was instantly shattered under the impact of magic.


Yuei Vu raised his hand to protect himself, but he still could stop neither the impact nor the drop in LP.

The pain made him involuntarily kneel on the ground, sweating profusely, as if he had just finished a marathon.

【Yuei Vu, LP 2400 → LP 1500】

“Sure enough, you are just a weakling.” Pandora hummed disdainfully and shook his head, “I don’t know how a weak duelist like you got a Duel Disk, but it’s the most unfortunate thing in your life to meet me.

It looks like your duelist career is coming to an end.”

He took out another card from his hand and inserted it into the Spell/Trap slot of ​​the Duel Disk.

“I set an S/T card on the field, and end my turn.”

Yuei Vu was half-kneeling on the ground and heard a hot and cloudy gasp from his nose.

There was a Dark Magician with an attack power of 2500 on the opposite field – it didn’t sound like it was very high, but for Yuei Vu, whose strongest monster was Sparkman, it was already an insurmountable peak.

In addition, his field was now empty, and he still had only 1500 LP left, while Pandora’s LP was almost unscathed.

Although according to the standard practice of Yu-Gi-Oh, it was not enough to meet the blood lock conditions (1), it was already unfavorable enough.

However, even in this seemingly inevitable situation, Yuei Vu couldn’t help showing a smile.

At this point, his tactics have already succeeded in half.

Of course, he knew that it was almost impossible to beat Pandora with this Normie initial deck.

Although he was mentally prepared to “accept even if the mission fails”, it was impossible for him to rush over to feed without making any preparations.

To put it simply, there was actually a strategic analysis in the forum for the task of confronting Pandora.

All the player needed to prepare in advance was one card, a crucial card that could directly turn the situation around in this duel.

Of course, Yuei Vu prepared that card in advance, but unfortunately, he has not been able to draw it so far.

This was not surprising at all.

There were forty cards in a deck, and the probability of drawing a specific one of them was actually not high.

The one who could draw whatever they wanted was called Yami Yugi, not Yuei Vu.

But it didn’t matter, because although players couldn’t use the draw of fate (2), they have their own skills given by the system——

——Destiny draw.

Destiny draw, commonly known as “D draw” by World Link Online players.

It could only be used once in a duel, and could only be triggered when your HP was extremely low or your situation on the field was extremely unfavorable.

After meeting the trigger conditions, in the next Draw Phase players could choose to activate the skill “Destiny draw” when drawing cards, and could draw the “fate card” that was set in advance when building a deck.

It was worth emphasizing that the only card that could be drawn by this skill was the card set by the player in advance.

So when setting the fate card, players tended to prefer to choose a more general-purpose powerful card, which could turn the table with one card in most bad situations.


For example, the holy power of the Knights of Hanoi…

(A slang for Mirror Force (Trap Card – When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: Destroy all your opponent’s Attack Position monsters.))

However, cards like that must be of top rarity.

Yuei Vu definitely did not have one in his initial deck.

He set another card, a strategy card specially prepared for this mission.


After Yuei Vu drew the card, he only glanced at it and added it to his hand.

“I summon Element HERO Burstinatrix!”

A ball of flame was released in the field, and the tall and hot long-haired heroine leaped out.

[Element HERO Burstinatrix, ATK 1200]

“Huh Instead of strengthening the defense, do you take the initiative to attack” Pandora began to sing.

“I can’t beat the ** out of you without attacking.”

Emmm…why did this conversation seem familiar

(Note: The voice actor of Pandora in the Yu-Gi-Oh! DM animation is Takehito Koyasu, the same as Dio Brando in “JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure”)

Pandora’s mouth twitched, smiled contemptuously, and then pressed a button on the Duel Disk.

“Although I don’t know what you want to do… But at this moment, I activate the spell card- Beckon to the Dark!”

The folded card on Pandora’s field stood up after swiping the ground.

It was a green spell card… There was no Quick-Play icon next to the word on the spell card.

Nani Activate a Spell Card on your opponent’s turn

According to the Master Rules of Yu-Gi-Oh, spell cards could only be activated during the main phase of one’s own turn, and only Quick-Play spell cards could be activated during the opponent’s turn.

…Oh, this was the era of Yu-Gi-Oh DMs, so sorry.

In the DM animation, Yami Yugi could also activate Brain Control, Change of Heart and Monster Reborn during the Battle Phase of the opponent’s turn.

Back to the current duel: A thick black cloud began to appear over the field, accompanied by scarlet lightning.

The giant claws of the devil protruded from the depths of the clouds, and could not help but grabbed Burstinatrix on Yuei Vu’s field and dragged her into the depths of darkness.

“Hahahaha! Beckon to the Dark is a spell card that can drag 1 enemy monster into the void of infinite darkness, so your field will be empty again!” Pandora laughed proudly, “No matter what you are calculating, it’s no use!”

Yuei Vu was thoughtful.

He thought about it for a while and inserted a card into the S/T slot of ​​the Duel Disk.

“I set an S/T card on the field, and end my turn.”

“That’s all you can do Sure enough, you are just an inexperienced duelist.

Well, it’s only natural.

Facing my Dark Magician, ordinary duelists would never have won.”

Pandora became more and more arrogant and complacent.

“My turn! This is your last turn too!”

After he drew the card, the whole person became more and more floating.

“Hahaha, I’ll let you see what is the ultimate magician master!” He held up the card he had just drawn, “This is the powerful card which will be able to call out the most advanced magician!

What I want to activate is the spell card- Dark Magic Curtain! ”

A sensible white bone appeared on the field, wearing a six-pointed star’s coat of arms on its chest, and the dark and floating curtain beneath him moved automatically without wind.

“This card can be used to special summon a ‘Dark Magician’ from my deck by paying half of my LP! Come out, Dark Magician!”

【Pandora, LP 3800 → LP 1900】

A white skeleton stretched out his scrawny arm to lift the curtain under him, and a red figure flew out of it, deftly flipped in mid-air, and landed on the field half-squatting.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500]

Yuei Vu was “shocked”: “Dark Magician…there are two of them!”

“Hahaha, that’s right, I have three of the top rare cards like the Dark Magician in my deck!” Pandora continued to expand, “Cards are the source of the duelist’s strength, this is the biggest difference between the introductory duelists!

Come on, Dark Magician! Dark Magic Attack! ”

The total attack power of the two Dark Magicians was five thousand, and there was not a single monster on the Yuei Vu’s field that can only act as a wall.

But instead of panicking, he showed a successful smile at this time and even wanted to say “I’m not so sure as you” to show off… But considering that he was not the protagonist, forget it.

“Don’t worry,” Yuei Vu raised his head and smiled strangely at Pandora, “Before your Dark Magicians attack, I have to activate this card…”

“…Open the set card: Spell Card – Last Day of Witch! ”

TL’s note:


“Blood lock” is slang for YGO’s main character’s ability to draw/gain the right card in desperate conditions (usually having less than 1000 LP).

Famous examples are Yusaku’s “Storm Access” or Yuma’s Number C39: Utopia Ray.


Although they’re basically the same, to make the translation less confused, I’ll use “draw of fate” for NPC’s skill and “destiny draw” for player’s skill.

And when I use “Destiny Draw” (capital letters), it refers to this card:

The same vibe, when I use “Draw of Fate”, it refers to this card:


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