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I Play Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

chinalightnovel8-10 minutes 14.06.2022

“I’ll set two cards.” There were two more set cards that appeared in front of Kaiba, “I end my turn.

Come on, if you can beat me, let me see it!”

At the End Phase, the special ability of Elemental HERO Gaia has also ended, and the attack power has returned to its original state.

[Elemental HERO Gaia, ATK 3150 → ATK 2200]

“My turn!”

After Yuei Vu drew the cards, he glanced at the two set cards on the Kaiba field with some concern.

Because the opponent was Kaiba Seto, the kind of duelist that “never dead draw”, first of all, I can rule out the possibility that the opponent is bluffing by setting a Polymerization…

In the official competition of World Link Online in the previous life, there was a case where a contestant set a “Polymerization” spell card to pretend to be a trap to scare the other side (and it actually succeeded), so “setting a Polymerization” became a favorite meme of World Link Online players.

But since it’s President Kaiba whom we’re talking about, it shouldn’t be possible to do such a thing, right

But even so, Yuei Vu didn’t have any card he could play right now.

The only two monsters he has drawn had been fused into the Gaia on the field, and there was nothing in his remaining spell traps that could clear the back row.

Then it seems that the only option now was to face it head-on.

Even if he knew that the opponent’s back row may have a trap, if there was no better way, he would have to bite the bullet and step on it.

The trap would not disappear on its own, and sooner or later he would have to deal with it.

“Gaia!” Yuei Vu ordered directly, “Direct attack!”

The big hero charged forward, crossed the empty field of Kaiba, and smashed his huge metal fist towards Kaiba.

“Hmph, this level is completely expected!” Kaiba waved his hand, “Activate trap card – Counter Gate! When an opponent’s monster declares a direct attack: Negate the attack, and then I can draw a card from the deck!”

The gigantic black fist smashed on the iris-like transparent barrier, and the domineering punch was completely absorbed.

Gaia pulled away and returned to the half court on Yuei Vu’s side, while Kaiba drew a card.

“I end my turn.”

“It’s my turn!” Kaiba glanced at the card he had drawn and inserted it directly into the Duel Disk, “Activate ‘Pot of Greed’ to draw two more cards from the deck!”

If it was Yuei Vu, who was a player at the time, he would be jumping with anger now, but now his mindset has changed, and his heart was calm and unwavering.

After all, his deck was now full of three of this pot…

“From my hand, activate the effect of ‘Thunder Dragon’!” Kaiba showed a card to Yuei Vu, and immediately discarded it into the graveyard, “Discard this card; add up to 2 “Thunder Dragon” from my Deck to my hand!

Next, activate the spell card, ‘Ancient Rules’! ”

Kaiba inserted the card, and in front of him, a quaint and yellowed scroll appeared.

“I can Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from my hand.

What I want to summon is… ‘Serpent Night Dragon’!”

The curved body of the black dragon flew out of the ancient scroll and stretched out its huge body.

It has scarlet eyes, a pointed and long mouth, and short wings, and its stature was closer to a gigantic python than a dragon.

[Serpent Night Dragon, ATK 2350]

“It’s not over yet!” Kaiba pointed to his feet, “I’m going to activate the set card here! Normal Spell -Polymerization!”

Yuei Vu almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

So the president really set a Polymerization…

“I fuse two ‘Thunder Dragons’ in my hand!” Kaiba raised his right hand high, “Fusion Summon! Come on, ‘Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon’!”

The images of the two dragons disappeared in the vortex of fusion.

The fierce thunderbolt fell on the field.

The red two-headed dragon flapped its wings and fell from the thunder and lightning, and the two heads roared into the sky at the same time.

[Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, ATK 2800]

The duelists watching the battle were not calm again.

“Call out a monster with 2350 ATK and another with 2800 ATK in one turn!”

“As expected of Seto Kaiba, is this the skill of the top duelists”

Kaiba began to be arrogant again: “Hahahaha! Keep your eyes wide open, this is absolute power! Serpent Night Dragon, attack Gaia!”

The hero of the earth soon became entangled with the black flying dragon.

Gaia tried his best to resist, and the giant fist kept hitting, but the dragon was lightly dodged.

Taking advantage of its flight, the black dragon launched a thrusting thrust, biting through the hero’s pitch-black armor with its sharp teeth.

Soon Gaia’s body was torn apart and disappeared on the field.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP 3850】

Yuei Vu’s field instantly became empty, and in turn, two powerful high-level monsters had spread out over the Kaiba.

But he didn’t panic at all, instead, he smiled: “What a pity, President.”

“Huh” Kaiba frowned, “What do you want to say”

“I want to say that if your Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon can attack this turn, my LP will drop to 1050, and the gap between our LPs can be reversed.” He shrugged, “But Fusion Monsters can’t attack in the turn they are Summoned.

It’s a pity.”

Kaiba snorted and ignored it, only announcing coldly, “I end my turn.”

“Then it’s my turn, draw!

I activate ‘Graceful Charity’, draw three cards from the deck, and discard two cards.

What You asked how could I get the forbidden card again

That’s right.

If your deck was also full of three Pot of Greed and three Graceful Charity, you would also find that it’s easy to get these things, which was simply too cool.

Yuei Vu smiled slightly and said to Kaiba, “Fusion Summoning can quickly summon powerful high-level monsters without Tributes, so we need to add the restriction of ‘cannot attack during the summoning turn’, right, President”

Kaiba: “…”

“But as a price, fusion also needs to consume multiple cards in one turn.

If you can’t attack immediately, you will make yourself passive.” Yuei Vu said, and drew a card from his hand, “because there is far more than one way to immediately summon high-level monsters without Tributes.”

Speaking of which, Yuei Vu’s graveyard area flashed, and a monster card was ejected from the graveyard.

“Activate the effect of ‘Elemental HERO Necroshade’ in the Graveyard.

Once, while this card is in the GY, I can Normal Summon 1 Level 5 or higher “Elemental HERO” monster without Tributing.

So I don’t need sacrifices to summon this card directly from my hand – Come, ‘Elemental HERO Bladedge’! ”

[Elemental HERO Bladedge, ATK 2600]

“I see, you use the effect of ‘Graceful Charity’ to discard Necroshade into the GY, so as to quickly summon high-level monsters” Kaiba snorted, “It is indeed a beautiful tactic.

But this level of attack is not strong enough to defeat my ‘Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon’.”

“It’s not over yet.

Activate a Spell card from my hand, ‘H – Heated Heart’, and increase the ATK of Elemental HERO Bladedge by 500 points until the end of the turn.”

[Elemental HERO Bladedge, ATK 2600 → ATK 3100]

“Huh, does the attack power exceed that of the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon”

“Bladedge, attack the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon!”

The golden hero took the command and sprinted straight, and the engine behind him spurted golden tail flames.

The sharp metal blade slashed through the huge body of Thunder Dragon, and a large amount of current spilled out, and the two-headed dragon exploded into a huge firework in mid-air.

【Seto Kaiba, LP 1800 → LP 1500】

“I end my turn.” Yuei Vu said, “At this moment, the effect of the H – Heated Heart disappears, and Bladedge’s attack power returns to its original state.”

[Elemental HERO Bladedge, ATK 3100 → attack power 2600]

A certain onlooker swallowed: “It’s really a breathless duel.”

“How easy it is to continuously summon high-level monsters, and either side can quickly defeat the opponent’s summoned high-level monsters…”

The people around felt that it was unimaginable.

It was as if these two people were not playing the same game with them.

“My turn.” Kaiba narrowed his eyes when he saw the card he had drawn.

“It looks like this guy wants to fight you too.”

Yuei Vu: “”

Kaiba showed a smile.

“Then I’ll let you guys get to know each other.

This is the legendary ultra-rare card, my strongest servant…”

Yuei Vu’s face turned pale.

Are you coming

“Activate a Spell card from the hand – Cost Down! By discarding a card, the level of the monster in my hand is reduced by two levels.” Kaiba pulled out a card, widened his eyes, and held the card with an almost grim expression, raising it above his head.

“I will tribute the ‘Serpent Night Dragon’ on the field… Come, my strongest servant——

——Blue-Eyes White Dragon! “


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