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I Play Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

chinalightnovel10-13 minutes 14.06.2022

Card of Demise was one of the divine cards of the DM era.

It had a super card drawing ability and was able to revive a duelist from the brink of death with one card.

In fact, this card had a real card version, but the difference was simply the gap between heaven and earth.

The real-card “Card of Demise” could only allow players to draw until having three cards in their hand, and they were also unable to Special Summon during the turn they activated this card, their opponent took no damage this turn, and during the End Phase of this turn, they had to send the entire hand to the GY.

According to the anime effect, “Card of Demise” was regarded by the players as a terrifying card with the same power as “Card of Sanctity”.

It could refill resources in an instant when the player ran out of cards, and may even make all the efforts of the opponent’s entire game so far be in vain.

For example, Yuei Vu watched President Kaiba fill up five cards one by one, and now he had the urge to curse “motherf*cker”…

MMD, when this duel is over, I will go back to fill my deck with three “Card of Sanctity”, three “Card of Demise” and so on.

Compared with this kind of cheating card, the Pot of Greed, which gave 1 hand advantage with neither cost nor condition, seemed to be nothing…

“Dark Magician… I didn’t expect to meet a duelist with this kind of card in a place like this.” Kaiba raised his voice which was full of enthusiasm, “but are you a duelist who is qualified to control this top magician Let me try it myself now!

Activate a Spell Card from the hand – Monster Reborn! Come back to life, my strongest servant – Blue-Eyes White Dragon! ”

Kaiba inserted the Spell Card into the Duel Disk and raised his arms while roaring loudly.

The ancient Egyptian symbol of life appeared on the field behind the Kaiba, and the wings of the white dragon spread out on both sides.

A dragon roar seemed to penetrate the barrier between the underworld and reality, and the huge body flew up from the ground.

The White Dragon of Light roared towards Yuei Vu’s half of the field as if to vent his endless anger.

“Hahahaha, surrender under the endless power of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!” Kaiba waved his arm, and the invisible wind blew the hem of his windbreaker, “Open the set card: Trap Card -Tyrant Wing!

After this Trap Card is activated, it can be equipped as an Equip Card to a Dragon-Type monster on my side of the field.

It gains 400 ATK/DEF, also it can make up to 2 attacks on monsters during each Battle Phase! ”

The silver-white wings of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon turned pure gold, shining with divine brilliance.

The power of the already powerful white dragon has been further enhanced, as if the king’s aura descended, making people feel suffocating.

[Blue-Eyes White Dragon, ATK 3000 → ATK 3400]

“Blue-Eyes White Dragon, attack!” Kaiba shouted, and at the same time began to tactically sing the president’s iconic lines, “Burst Stream of Destruction!!!”

Yuei Vu: “…”

Hearing the president’s hoarse voice, he couldn’t help but worry about the other party’s throat.

It’s just a game of cards, but the president was too deeply involved…

Anyway, he was prepared to deal with it: “Open the set card- Covering Fire! During the Damage Step, if an opponent’s monster attacks my monster: Target 1 other face-up monster I control; my attacked monster gains ATK equal to that target’s ATK, during the Damage Step! ”

He waved to the Great Tornado beside him.

“I use the Great Tornado to support the Dark Magician! Add the Great Tornado’s attack power to the Dark Magician’s !”

The hero who controlled the storm let out a low roar, and a faint green flame ignited on his body.

At the same time, the Dark Magician was also enveloped by the same power, and the power of the two superimposes each other under the effect of the trap card.

[Dark Magician, ATK 2500 → ATK 5300]

Attack power 5300!

The spectators were boiling!

For them, Red-Eyes Black Dragon with 2400 attack power was already a bigshot among dueling monsters.

Higher attack power was almost invisible in normal play.

The attack power value of 5300 was simply an unimaginable peak.

If you could control a monster with this kind of attack power, it was almost invincible!

However, for a duelist of the level of President Kaiba, things were different.

“Tricks of this level are completely within my calculation!” Kaiba shouted, “Activate Quick-Play spell – Shrink! Halved the ATK of a monster on the field until the end of this turn!”

“Oh It’s actually this card.”

Of course, Yuei Vu was no stranger to this card.

It was a very powerful and practical Spell Card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! DM environment.

President Kaiba was indeed a local tyrant, as he had no shortage of rare cards with the strong single-card ability.

And it was worth noting that the anime effect of “Shrink” was that “the ATK of the monster” has become half, not “the ATK of the monster” like its real card version.

Which meant that the attack power gained by the card effect was also counted.

In other words, if this was the real card version of “Shrink”, Dark Magician would only lose half of its original ATK of 2500, which was 1250 points.

But now…

[Dark Magician, ATK 5300 → ATK 2650]

“The first-class duelists are always two steps ahead, and I am three steps ahead!” Kaiba started to boast again, wishing that his nostrils would be turned upside down, “I had long expected that you would use the card to strengthen the Dark Magician, But this kind of trick won’t work in front of the invincible Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

Yuei Vu couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

So how did you know that the card I set was an attack power-enhancing card What if I set a Magic Cylinder

Does the president admit in disguise that his cards were all just printed on the spot

Because he expected that I would increase my monster’s attack power, so he printed a counter card on the spot

That’s worthy of being a true duelist.

Even the cards used in actual combat are created on the spot.

…but it doesn’t matter!

The president thought he was three steps ahead, but Yuei Vu was actually five steps ahead.

“Open the set card!” Yuei Vu turned over the second set card on the field, “Trap card – Black Illusion! Until the end of this turn, all DARK Spellcaster-Type monsters with 2000 or more ATK I currently control cannot be destroyed by battle, their effects are negated, also they are unaffected by your card effects!”

“What!” Kaiba finally showed a look of surprise.

“The Dark Magician is the top magician, and magic is ineffective for him!” Yuei Vu shouted, “So the effect of the Spell Card’s ‘Shrink’ cannot affect the Dark Magician, and the effect of the Covering Fire is still valid!

So the attack power of the Dark Magician… remains at 5300 points! ”

[Dark Magician, ATK 5300]

[Blue-Eyes White Dragon, ATK 3400]

“You can’t stop the Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s attack order, President Kaiba.” Yuei Vu smiled, “This duel… I won!”

The audience began to boil.

“Really or not, this kid really seems to be winning!”

“No way Can he really beat that Kaiba Seto”

Kaiba gritted his teeth: “…It’s not over yet! I’ll activate a Quick-Play spell card from my hand-Interdimensional Matter Transporter!”

A dark green Spell Card appeared on the field, and a white metal machine was projected in the center of the field.

“This card can target 1 face-up monster I control; banish that target until the End PhaseI target ‘Blue-Eyes White Dragon’!”

The white mechanical device was activated, and the released energy enveloped the Blue-Eyes White Dragon on the field.

A wormhole opened in the sky, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon turned into a ray of golden light and flew into the wormhole, and disappeared from the field area.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s attack was therefore canceled at this critical moment, and at least the remaining LP of Kaiba was barely kept.

It’s just that Tyrant Wing was destroyed because the equipped monster left the field.

Yuei Vu pouted.

As expected of a plot character, he is quite a survivor.

No matter what the situation is, there must be a card in the hand that can just be dealt with…

…Wait, “Interdimensional Matter Transporter” in real life seems to be a Trap Card

So it seems that this quick attack magic may be a special edition for the president, and Kaiba himself printed it for himself…

(Note: In the anime, Kaiba used this card in the Sky Duel Colosseum against Yugi.

The animation version is Quick-Play Spell Card)

Well, it seems that the boss may still be stronger.

It is estimated that President Kaiba should be ten steps ahead.

“Set a card, I end my turn.” Kaiba hummed softly, “Then at the end of the turn, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, due to the effect of the ‘Interdimensional Matter Transporter’, will return to the field… Roar again, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!”

The entire space was once again ruled by the storm set off by the dragon wings, the wormhole opened, and the powerful and unparalleled white dragon returned to the field through the tunnel of another dimension, protecting President Kaiba behind him with his body.

[Blue-Eyes White Dragon, ATK 3000]

At the end of the turn, the effect of Black Illusion also disappeared, and the Dark Magician no longer had full immune resistance.

However, the effect of the trap card “Covering Fire” would not disappear by the end of the turn, so the attack power of the Dark Magician on the Yuei Vu’s field remained at 5300.


With this attack power, he could win with just one hit in the next turn.

If the opponent was a normal player, Yuei Vu had a high probability of winning at this time.

In such an endgame, there was a high probability that the opponent just set a bluffing card to scare people.

However, since he was facing President Kaiba, he couldn’t have such a fluke.

After all, true duelists always have cards that could be used in their hands.

Yuei Vu must assume that the president’s Spell/Trap zone was covered with something that could help him get through this turn safely…

……And there was a high probability that it would be a trap that would be triggered by an attack.

After all, there were many traps of this type in Yu-Gi-Oh!

So at this time, as a true duelist, all Yuei Vu could do was trust his deck.

Didn’t Yami Yugi always put these words on his lips

“Since you put all of your feelings into building your Deck, it can be relied on to help you win!”

He put his hand on the deck, closed his eyes, and prayed in his heart—

——Can you come, Mystical Space Typhoon!

Using Mystical Space Typhoon to blow Kaiba’s set card away, this is a sure win!


It was said that “great effort produces miracles”.

Yuei Vu learned from the magic draw poses of the protagonists of all eras, and forcefully pulled out the top card of the deck, opened his eyes, and looked at it… His expression suddenly became difficult to express.

He drew “Dark Magician Girl”.

TL’s note:


The author used pre-errata’d card text, which didn’t specify that the ATK gain will disappear.


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