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Yes, that’s right, at the moment when Kaiba shot his ace monster Obelisk the Tormentor, one of the three gods known as the apex of the dueling monster, his Duel Disk seemed to be unable to withstand the mighty power of the gods and burned on the spot……

Yuei Vu: “…”

So… President, does this count as pulling out a screw

(In the 5DS anime, the protagonist Fudo Yusei once lost the duel due to the failure of the D-Wheel, which caused the duel to be suspended.

Netizens joked that Yusei deliberately pulled the screw of the D-Wheel when the situation was not good, and it has become a famous meme ever since.)

Could it be that the president found that he couldn’t beat him, so he quickly summoned Obelisk the Tormentor to pull out the screws…

……No, no, the president was not that kind of person.

In any case, it didn’t look like this duel can go on.

However, for Yuei Vu, his goal should have been achieved.

After all, his original purpose of playing this card was not to win.

Kaiba glanced at the burnt Duel Disk in his hand and couldn’t help frowning.

This kind of thing has happened when doing the Duel Disk test.

However, after many modifications and improvements to the trial-type Duel Disk, the Duel Disk officially released today should be able to carry the power of God, and this was unlikely to happen.

But even if the odds were low, the possibility still existed.

This was like forcing a computer to run a large program that is just at the limit of its performance.

In theory, the computer may indeed be able to carry it, but it was not surprising that the host computer overheats and shuts down at any time.

Kaiba snorted and put away the Duel Disk.

He looked up at Yuei Vu: “What’s your name”

“Yuei Vu.”

President Kaiba was thoughtful, it seemed that he remembered the name, maybe he was still thinking of “It’s a guy with the ‘Yu’ prefix again” in his heart.

“You said before that you had an opinion on the game of dueling monsters”

“Just some personal suggestions.” Yuei Vu also put away the Duel Disk and said, “Because as you can see, I am also the most loyal fan of this game.

I believe that the president also hope that it will become better.



Kaiba turned around and threw the windbreaker dashingly—before he left, he didn’t forget to show off.

“This Saturday, if you are interested, come to Kaiba Corp.”

After he finished speaking, he left without waiting for anyone to answer.

The helicopter flew away from the scene, and the men in black also returned to the car without saying a word, and the vehicles that surrounded the port also drove away one after another.

……it is finally over.

Although tonight was completely different from what was planned in advance, for Yuei Vu, the result was quite good.

Although the mission of raiding Ghouls was completely in vain, in the process, he also triggered the faction mission of “Fighting Kaiba Seto”.

“Representing the Nightcrawler World to duel with Kaiba Seto”, no matter whether the duel was won or not, he would get a lot of rewards – of course, if he could win, the rewards would be even more generous.

However, this duel was not finished due to an accident at the end, and the result was neither a victory nor a defeat.

The rewards are given a lot of experience and crystal, which is much richer than the rewards of ordinary tasks.

It’s just that Yuei Vu was a little curious: If he won this match, what would be the additional victory reward

Since winning the Pandora gave him a Dark Magician, wouldn’t it be… a Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Shouldn’t it be

NTR-ing Kaiba’s waifu was too exciting.

…Could it be Obelisk the Tormentor

If that’s the case, it would be too painful.

In the setting of Yu-Gi-Oh, three gods were temperamental.

If it was not for the masters they approve of trying to use the God Cards, not only would they not be able to make gods work for them, it would even attract the wrath of God and be punished by heaven.

In the DM animation, it was mentioned that there were many twists and turns when the three God Cards were made.

After the slate of the Three Egyptian Gods was unearthed, the work of card making was handed over to a number of world-renowned card designers.

However, none of these designers successfully made the phantom slate into a card.

Each of them died suddenly in the middle of the night or suffered from mental illness, and spent the rest of their lives in a state of extreme fear.

In the end, it was Pegasus, the father of dueling monsters who possessed the power of Millennium Eye, to make the card of the Three Egyptian Gods.

There was no way for players to obtain the Three Egyptian God cards in the World Link Online because these three cards would not be given to players as a reward for any mission, nor can they be opened in the system card pool.

Even if the player manages to grab these three cards from the NPC, the cards were only equivalent to “quest items” to the player, and could not be used in a duel.

As an NPC, Yuei Vu shouldn’t have had this problem, but he didn’t have the confidence to control the Egyptian God for the time being.

It would be too sad if it directly caused the wrath of God to kill himself.

However, in addition to these personal rewards, Yuei Vu’s reputation in the “Nightcrawler World” has also soared thanks to the assistance of Brother Marik.

Undoubtedly, Yuei Vu instantly became the focus of the entire organization.

A duelist who was comparable in strength to Seto Kaiba!

This was at the pinnacle of the world of dueling monsters!

Although in the end, due to some unexpected situation, the winner could not be determined, from the scene, Yuei Vu really suppressed that Kaiba Seto temporarily.

That was enough!

The world of duelists revered dueling skills, especially in the world of Shadow Duelists who needed to gamble their lives.

The absolute strength immediately made Yuei Vu, a newcomer who just joined, attract the attention of the whole society.

That night, President Kawasawa Gai immediately announced that he would be promoted to the cadre of Nightcrawler World.

It was unprecedented in the history of the organization that a newcomer who has just joined for a few days serves as a cadre, but no one in the entire organization showed any dissatisfaction, because everyone knew that this was won fairly by Yuei Vu through strength.

In addition, President Kawasawa Gai also showed great concern for the fact that Kaiba Seto invited Yuei Vu to talk at the Kaiba Corp’s headquarters, and had a discussion with Yuei Vu specifically about this.

Because he was also a local force in Domino, Kaiba has always had a bad impression on their organization.

One was that Kaiba had an antipathy for things like Shadow Games, and the other was that Kaiba Seto only cared about a duelist whose skills were acknowledged by him.

In the eyes of President Kaiba, the dueling skills of this group of Shadow Duelists were all the same.

Even Kawasawa Gai was a relatively capable cannon fodder in front of him.

In his thought, a member of a weak organization was obviously a weak duelist too, so naturally, it didn’t attract Kaiba’s attention.

However, Kaiba’s attitude seemed to be at least acknowledging Yuei Vu’s strength tonight.

President Kawasawa Gai attached great importance to this.

He believes that this may be the beginning of a friendly relationship between his own organization and the Kaiba Corp, and now the key lied in Yuei Vu.

In other words, when Yuei Vu went to Kaiba Corp this weekend, he not only needed to propose to President Kaiba the standardization of the duel rules as originally planned but also shouldered diplomatic responsibilities…

However, even though he has only joined for a few days, Yuei Vu said that he still had a collective sense of honor.

Since he has this opportunity, he would naturally go all out to fight for the rights and interests of his own society.

All of this stems from his sense of responsibility and honor as a member of the Nightcrawler World… It has absolutely nothing to do with the extra three million bonus that President Kawasawa Gai gave him tonight!

Even if there were, it would only be a… million points!

But in this way, Yuei Vu’s harvest tonight was really a bit rich… So rich that he couldn’t help but want to go back and open three or five hundred packs of cards to celebrate.

Yuei Vu found that after the battle with Kaiba, having three Pot of Greed and three Graceful Charity in the deck seemed not enough to satisfy him.

Now he planned to open three “Card of Sanctity” and three “Card of Demise” …


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