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Chapter 56 - Domino's White Dragon

Pot of Greed, Graceful Charity, and Card of Sanctity which he just bought from the store manager… Yuei Vu sat cross-legged on the bed, looking at the nine cards in front of him, he couldn’t help showing a smile.

The future was bright!

Yuei Vu still didn’t take these cards for free, because to be honest, he didn’t need to take advantage of this little money right now.

However, because Chika insisted so much, Yuei Vu did not pay the outrageous price offered by the store manager in the end but paid the market price of the ordinary R card.

With these nine cards added to the deck, Yuei Vu felt that even a gimmick deck for entertainment might be able to be competitive…

The spirit of Dark Magician Girl appeared on his bed at some point.

She was lying on the bed, her knees bent, her two white calves dangling in mid-air, like a naughty child.

“Master, you seem to particularly like these cards that can speed up card drawing” She turned her blonde hair aside and moved her little head curiously.

Yuei Vu glanced at her sideways, his eyes especially stopped for a moment on a certain part that was severely squeezed because of her prone position.

Because she was a spirit, it shouldn’t affect her development…


Dark Magician Girl: “”

“Oh, yes.” Yuei Vu coughed, pretending that nothing happened, “Although these cards haven’t attracted much attention yet, they are actually quite powerful.”

“Is that so”

Dark Magician Girl tilted her head in confusion, but she didn’t question her master.

Following Yuei Vu as his spirit partner for so many days, she now admired this master from the bottom of her heart.

In her opinion, she should be lucky enough to run into a top duelist as the master, so what he said was naturally correct.

“Think about it, if I have a particularly powerful combination, I only need a few cards to complete the winning formula,” Yuei Vu explained, “Then if I only put these few cards in my deck, I’m guaranteed to start with the hand I want, wouldn’t I have an absolute advantage in the beginning”

“But according to the rules of the game, the deck must have at least 40 cards, right” Dark Magician Girl said, “If there are 40 cards, there is no way to guarantee that the starting six cards are exactly the six you want, isn’t it”

“That’s right, so the fewer cards in the deck, the better.

40 cards are the best choice, which can ensure that the cards you wanted have a higher probability of being drawn.”

He picked up a Pot of Greed from the bed.

“So if I put this card…”

The girl suddenly said: “Ah, so it is.

If you draw it, you can draw two other cards immediately, which is equivalent to compressing the space…”

“That’s right.” Yuei Vu smiled, “For example, if the core of our deck is the legendary ‘Exodia the Forbidden One’, we only need to get all the five parts in the hand to win… Then if there are 35 remaining cards in our deck that is all searching and drawing cards, only five are Exodia parts…”

“It’s amazing!” The magician girl’s eyes lit up, looking at Yuei Vu’s big eyes full of admiration.

Wow! How could you come up with such a powerful strategy

My master was not only beautiful but also very skilled!

Indeed, if you can play Exodia with a set of banned cards, you should be invincible…

But that’s really overthinking it.

First, Exodia was a very rare series in the world.

The only complete set was in the hand of Yugi Muto, but it has been thrown into the sea by the Insector Haga.

So these five cards were considered out of print in this world.

There seemed to be a lot of replicas in Ghouls’ storage, but they were all fake cards and couldn’t be used.

Of course, the strengths of these spell cards were far more than that.

What Yuei Vu just explained was just the concept of “thinning deck”.

In fact, if you could use forbidden cards, there were other Traditional combos you could try.

It’s just that Yuei Vu still lacked too many cards, so he would not consider it for the time being.

As for the difference between earning cards and thinning deck, it was too laborious to explain.

Dark Magician Girl may not understand it, and Yuei Vu does not intend to mention it for the time being.

“Okay, it’s getting late, I’m going to sleep.” Yuei Vu yawned and stretched comfortably.

Tomorrow he had to go to Kaiba Corp to talk with the president.

It’s highly likely that Kaiba would pull him to play cards.

Playing cards with President Kaiba was a strained task, so Yuei Vu decided to rest early today to recharge.

“Okay!” Dark Magician Girl smiled sweetly, “Good night, master!”

“OK, good night.”

Turn off the lights.

After a while.

“…Well, Dark Magician Girl”

“I am here, master.”

“…I can’t sleep well when you are here…”



Kaiba Corp was one of the top consortiums in the world.

The Kaiba Corp was originally known to people as a world-class arms factory.

They are the leaders of the world’s technology, and the weapons they manufacture were ahead of the entire world by several generations.

At that time, the trademark of Kaiba could be seen everywhere on battlefields all over the world.

Kaiba Gozaburo was once the original founder and CEO of Kaiba Corp, and Kaiba Seto was his adopted son.

It was said that Gozaburo Kaiba, who was the world chess champion at the time, visited the orphanage in person during the charity event and was challenged by a child of the orphanage in chess with the condition that if he won, Gozaburo would agree to adopt him along with his brother.

Of course, that child was Seto Kaiba.

He won that game of chess, also won his current identity and status, and rewrote the tragic fate of the brothers.

After the death of Gozaburo, Seto Kaiba immediately took over the entire Kaiba Corp.

He was only 16 years old now, and has completely transformed the world’s top arms manufacturing industry into an entertainment company by himself, especially the chess and card game business that he cares about most…

It felt similar to Tony Stark’s claim that “we’re going to sell baby pacifiers from now on”.

It was said that Gozaburo once built a high-tech island, which gathered the advanced weapons created by the world’s top technology, which was the origin of Gosaburo’s ambition to “conquer the world by weapon manufacturing”.

But the island has now been flattened by Kaiba Seto.

It was said that Kaiba Seto also planned to transform the island into a large-scale entertainment center mainly for playing cards.

Simply put, it was a high-end chess and card room…

If Gozaburo knew anything, he must have…

…vomited blood from anger

At nine o’clock in the morning on Saturday, at this moment, Yuei Vu had also arrived in the hall of the headquarters of the Kaiba Corp, which had undergone a complete makeover.

Today’s Kaiba Corp has long left no trace of a weapons company.

It seems that all the imprints of Gozaburo Kaiba have been artificially erased from this place.

On the most eye-catching electronic screen right in front of the hall, there was a domineering image of Seto Kaiba himself, and behind him was his loyal Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

In this way, everyone entering and leaving the hall has to look at the picture.

…… He was probably the only CEO who hung his pretentious photos in the hall for fear that others did not see him.

In fact, Kaiba himself seems to be very popular among the people, especially among the girls.

His nickname was “Domino’s White Dragon”, and there were thousands of girls in his fan club.

Countless young girls have dreams of encountering a domineering president and imagine that one day they would have a romantic encounter with the president.

After all, at the age of 16, he took the CEO of the Kaiba Corp and appeared on the cover of a magazine, the second in the world in dueling skills.

Being young, handsome, rich, and powerful, Kaiba was really the perfect dream man for girls.

However, the tens of millions of his fangirls were probably destined to be disappointed.

One of the reasons was that President Kaiba only cares about playing cards, and has no interest in girls.

In contrast, if Kaiba had to be forced to choose someone to spend his life with, he might choose Yugi Muto because they could play cards together.

As for the second reason…

……Haha, want to sleep with President Kaiba Then you must first be able to withstand the wrath of the white dragon.

Yuei Vu walked through the hall and entered the direct elevator.

He leaned against the metal wall at the back of the elevator, watching the numbers on the electronic screen gradually climb to the top floor.

The next time the metal door panels were separated, the president’s office appeared in front.

Kaiba Seto leaned behind the desk in a pretentious posture, with an “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time” on his face.


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