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Come, come, come!

After a long wait, World Link Online finally ushered in the official Open Beta.

The players in the other world were already itching to wait in the game’s login interface at this time, and prepared to rush in to play cards.

Isn’t there a saying that says so

My right hand was already thirsty!

[The update is complete… the Open Beta begins… the link data is being obtained… the acquisition is complete! 】

[Version 1.0 of World Link Online is opened.

All duelists, please get ready! 】

There may be no warning to this world, and a large number of visitors from other worlds suddenly descended on this land.

This time was different from the Closed Beta.

Although it was only the first batch, the number of players in the Open Beta was much larger than that in the Closed Beta.

The probability of players landing in the same position was naturally much higher.

Of course, as the core stage of the Yu-Gi-Oh world, Domino City is still the first map that players come to.

The total number of people in the Closed Beta was only three digits, so most of them are logging in to World Link Online for the first time.

New players were all full of expectations for this brand new game.

“Is this really logged into the game”

“Fuck, it feels like real, so real!”

“Brother, did I log into the wrong game Why is this not a card game so realistic”

“That money-hungry K company is really not trying to exaggerate this time, this game can really be a buster!”


It’s only been a minute since the server started, and the players have already begun to show their screwball nature.

Some people were jumping, some people were rolling in place, some people were hopping left and right, and a buddy is holding a tree trunk and trying to test whether he can climb the tree.

Someone was urging their friends who were playing with them to find a brick as big as possible, and try their best to slap it to their forehead.

The reason was to test whether people can die in this game other than playing cards…

In addition, another buddy touched his whole body from head to toe, and after confirming that he could take off his clothes and pants after a test, he began to beat his chest: “Fuck! If I had known that this game was so open and so real, I would have chosen to play as a girl!”

And then unexpectedly, it got the approval of many guys around him…

“Why don’t I think of it sooner!”

“Wouldn’t it be self-sufficient if you play a female character and create a prettier face”

“If you are lucky, and the charm value is randomly higher, maybe you can seduce President Kaiba or Yugi for some benefits”

……Well, the latter one was just for talk.

After all, this was the Yu-gi-oh! world.

As we all know, the only people who could make the president feel interesting were Blue-Eyes and Yami Yugi.

And the only thing that could make Dark Yugi interested was AIBOU (1)……

In fact, the number of Open Beta slots was also limited.

The two-day Closed Beta was basically just to test whether the game was running well and whether there is any major bug or not.

It was difficult for players to progress considerably.

But the Open Beta was different.

Because the Open Beta timeline covered the plot of the entire Battle City arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM – although the Battle City arc actually happened in only a few days according to the animation, in these few days, it has condensed a crucial part of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM.

This was a plot that only Open Beta players have the opportunity to participate in.

Not to mention that in the Battle City Competition, there was the ante rule which was extremely rare.

If a player was decent, they could get a lot of cards.

However, each account has only one chance to create a character.

Once the face was created, it could not be changed unless the account was deleted and the user registered again.

But now if the account was deleted, the Open Beta qualification would definitely be scrapped.

Therefore, the idea of ​​a group of men playing the female character could only be put on hold…



After a long and agonizing wait, Snow Wave hurriedly logged into the game as soon as the server opened.

Because he was a Closed Beta player, the login location was of course the location where he logged off the last time—that was, the bridge where he triggered the hidden quest before.

But of course, there’s nothing left there by now…

Snow Wave stared at his quest list with a bewildered expression, and fell into deep thought for a long time.

What about the quest

Before, he was very sure that there was a quest called “Challenge From Mysterious Man” in the quest list before he went offline.

Although nothing was written in the quest description at the bottom, the reward and content were all inexplicable… but the title was on the list anyway!

I’m such a big hidden quest, why don’t I end it if I don’t

Could it be that… Yuei Vu finished it first by himself

Shouldn’t it be

How could there be such absurd things as NPCs robbing players of quests

Just as he was stunned, someone suddenly patted him on the shoulder from behind.

“Hey, what a coincidence, brother, we actually met again!”

The moment Snow Wave heard this very distinctive voice, he had already guessed the identity of the person who came.

He turned around and shouted in surprise, “Brother Fae!”

Yuei Cannot Escape Fae inevitably pushed his black frame, showing a “simple and honest” smile: “What a coincidence, we meet again.”

Seeing the sturdy and reliable figure of “Brother Fae”, Snow Wave immediately felt much more at ease.

The two reached an agreement during the Closed Beta and secretly established the “Yuei Vu’s Fan Club”.

There were only two of them in the whole group so far, and they planned to stay that way for a long time to come.

They wouldn’t dare to think about monopolizing Yuei Vu forever.

After all, he was an important plot NPC, and sooner or later, he must be involved in the main line and would be known by all players sooner or later.

So they wanted to take the time to bootlick before Yuei Vu appeared in front of other players, bootlicking until their Favorability was possible to exchange for powerful rare cards and become the leader among players.

In short, their goal was to become the top player who dominated the World Link Online and stood above thousands of other players!

But even if it’s all bootlicking, you had to be skillful.

First, you had to find the right target.

At this time, Snow Wave watched a bunch of newcomers in the forum who were not familiar with posts.

Some people asked how to get in and see President Kaiba, and some people were asking where Yugi’s address was so he could follow the map and bootlick the main character.

Snow Wave sneered in his heart at that time.

Heh, what a naive newbie.

What’s the use of bootlicking Yugi

He didn’t play cards with you, didn’t give you quests, and couldn’t sell you cards—even if you tried to buy cards from Yugi’s card shop, you couldn’t use them.

For Yugi, the chattering players around him may be just ordinary “Duel King’s fans”.

If you tried to bootlick him for a long time, your Favorability may drop instead of increase—because he would think you were annoying.

How could that boy be compared to our Yuei Vu

Not only would he give you quests, but also sold you rare cards, and even went out to help you do your quest when he was in a good mood!

……It’s just that occasionally if you get disconnected in the middle of the quest, maybe he would rob you of the quest……

But that’s just a little problem!

Snow Wave thought about it carefully, and felt that it should all be his own fault for disconnecting without authorization during the mission, and it couldn’t be counted as Yuei Vu’s fault!

Yuei Vu, wait for me, here I come!

TL’s note:


This is Yami Yugi’s nickname for Yugi Muto, (“aibou” means “partner” in Japanese)


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