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Did he just say…Kuriboh!

Wasn’t that an exclusive divine card of Duel King

Anyone who watched Yu-Gi-Oh should know about the Kuriboh.

For many years, the Kuriboh has been one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s signature monsters, and it has gained a lot of popularity with its furry and cute appearance.

And it was also an unwritten rule of all dynasties that each generation of Yu-Gi-Oh would have a new Kuriboh as the mascot.

From the first Kuriboh who always saved the king at the critical moment, to the Winged Kuriboh in GX, which appeared throughout the whole anime, to the Junkuriboh, Rainbow Kuriboh, Performapal Kuribohble, Linkuriboh, and so on.

The Kuriboh family was truly loyal and devoted to helping the protagonist block the attack for 20 years.

This felt a bit like Pikachu, the signature Pokémon of the studio next door.

As usual, a new electrical mouse must be released every generation…

Yuei Vu didn’t get this card from the system card pool.

The rarity of “Kuriboh” was marked as SR in the system card pool.

This did not surprise Yuei Vu.

After all, Kuriboh was one of the few “hand traps” in the Yu-Gi-Oh! DM era – the effect could be activated by discarding the cards from the hand in the opponent’s turn.

It could be considered the originator of a large number of hand traps in the later Yu-Gi-Oh eras.

In fact, he originally thought that a rare card like Kuriboh should be exclusive to Yugi in the DM, but he didn’t expect that after opening hundreds of packs of cards a few days ago, he actually opened such a card.

In this way, Kuriboh was actually not particularly rare, but it just happened that only Yugi put it into the deck in the DM animation.

As for the reason, Yuei Vu guessed that most duelists think that a monster with only 300 attack ATK and no attack effect was trash, so all of them looked down on it.

It could only be said that the duelists of this era were still too naive and simple.

They haven’t experienced society’s cruelty and thus didn’t know the danger of hand traps.

As for now, of course, Yuei Vu deliberately chose a place where players would concentrate, and deliberately showed his card pool in front of the players.

Haha, did you see it I even have a first-generation hand trap like Kuriboh, isn’t it amazing

Do you want it

Seeing that Red Ogre’s big thick and black stick was about to fall, Kuriboh abandoned by Yuei Vu in the cemetery quickly turned into a three-dimensional image and appeared in front of him, sending out a string of cute and soft “Kuri Kuri”.

Red Ogre’s giant stick slammed down fiercely, but all the power was blocked by the Kuriboh, completely failing to touch Yuei Vu’s LP.

The girls couldn’t hold it anymore: “AWSL, this is too cute!”

“I want Kuriboh too! I want to take one home and raise it!”

“What kind of big shot is this NPC Why are the Elemental HEROes and Kuriboh in his hands”

“His name should not be Muto Judai…”


The non-mainstream uncle watched the Red Ogre return without success, smacked his mouth, and hummed, “Then I end my turn.”

He followed with a slight smile: “But even if you use the trash monsters to survive this turn, I still have an absolute advantage on the field.

With such a powerful monster as the Red Ogre, no matter what you summon, I can instantly shatter it!”

The player next to him: “It’s over, that person just called Kuriboh ‘trash’!”

“Wow, is it so fierce Haven’t you heard that in Yu-Gi-Oh, anyone who dares to call Kuriboh trash has all gone with the wind”

“Rest in peace, uncle…”

Yuei Vu smiled slightly, didn’t take it seriously, just continued the duel: “My turn, draw!”

He glanced at the cards in his hand, and his eyes moved.

It finally came!

In fact, the reason why he dueled here was that there were many players here, which attracted more attention.

One more thing, the name of the non-mainstream uncle on the opposite was Keita.

He was specially called by Yuei Vu to be the sandbag opponent.

Because if he just grabbed a passerby on the side of the road and fought, and that guy was too bad, it might not achieve the advertising effect he wanted.

Since it was a show, he must do things that could impress players the most.

Just like…

“Activate from my hand… ‘Pot of Greed’!” Yuei Vu said, “According to the effect of this card, I can draw two more cards from the deck!”

Not surprisingly, the players exploded as expected.

“Wow, Thousands of Years Banned card!”

“My buddy didn’t lie to me, it’s true that forbidden cards are everywhere in DMs!”

“555! I want a pot too…”

However, it was too early to be shocked.

“Next is the spell card… Graceful Charity!” Yuei Vu made the second strike, “I can draw three more cards from the deck, and then discard two cards.”

The players were even more excited.

“Thousands of Years Banned card again!”

“It’s too much! Two banned cards in a row!”

Yuei Vu heard their reaction from a distance, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he was very satisfied with this reaction.

It was this effect that he needed.

If players don’t jump around with jealousy, how can my business be booming in the future

But it’s not over yet!

“I set three cards in my hand on the field!” Yuei Vu put three cards in front of him, “Then activate the last remaining card from the hand…

…… Card of Sanctity!

Each player draws until they have 6 cards in their hand! ”

Players: “…”


“This… is it too much”

“…Does anyone count how many cards this NPC has drawn in one turn”

“Two for Pot of Greed, three for Graceful Charity, and six for Card of Sanctity… There are already eleven!”

“The referee, I reported someone for cheating!”

“Fuck! When will I be able to play like this”

Yuei Vu smiled.

The preparation was complete, the main show was about to start now.

“I activate Field Spell- Fusion Gate!” Yuei Vu’s Duel Disk flicked open the dedicated slot for Field Spell, and quickly retracted after he placed the card on it.

“With the effect of Fusion Gate, both players can Fusion Summon by banishing Fusion Materials from their hand or field without using ‘Polymerization’!”

Lightning appeared in the sky of the venue, and the black clouds condensed into a pitch-black vortex, resembling a rotating wormhole residing in the sky above the venue.

In principle, Fusion Gate was also a rare UR card in the system card pool… But after seeing the forbidden cards three times just now, players now felt nothing about “a mere UR” Field spell…

The players all have the same thoughts now——

——What is the origin of this handsome NPC

How do I feel that the things in his deck are different from other NPCs

“Open the set card: Spell card – The Warrior Returning Alive! I can select 1 Warrior-Type monster in my GY and add it to my hand.

I choose ‘Elemental HERO Clayman’!

Next was another set card: E – Emergency Call! Choose an Elemental HERO monster from the deck and add it to your hand.

I choose ‘Elemental HERO Avian’! ”

At this moment, Yuei Vu had as many as seven cards in his hand, and he picked two cards out of them and faced the pitch-black vortex in mid-air.

“First, I fuse the ‘Elemental HERO Blazeman’ with the EARTH Attribute ‘Elemental HERO Clayman’! Fusion Summon ‘Elemental HERO · Gaia’!”

The two heroes were projected and both flew into the pitch-black vortex in midair.

A beam of black light slammed onto the floor, causing debris to splash on the floor.

The giant hero in jet-black armor rose from the ground, and the earth trembled with his appearance.

“Gaia’s effect – When this card is Fusion Summoned: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; until the End Phase, its ATK is halved and this card gains the same amount of ATK!” Yuei Vu said.

[Red Ogre, ATK 2800 → ATK 1400]

[Elemental HERO Gaia, ATK 2200 → ATK 3600]

The non-mainstream uncle Keita on the opposite side gritted his teeth: “The attack power of the Red Ogre…”

“It’s not over yet!” Yuei Vu raised two more cards from his hand, “This time it’s a fusion of ‘Elemental HERO Sparkman’ and the FIRE attribute ‘Elemental HERO Heat’! Fusion Summon ‘Elemental HERO Nova Master’!”

The two heroes disappeared in the whirlpool again, and a new warrior descended with a pillar of fire that fell from the sky.

The warrior in red-golden armor slammed into the ground in flames, with their cloaks fluttering behind them, and the scorching airwaves dominated the audience.

“Then I fuse the WIND attribute ‘Elemental HERO Avian’ and ‘Elemental HERO Necroshade’! Fusion Summons! ‘Elemental HERO Great Tornado’!”

A storm descended from the wormhole of the fusion gate, and the hero of the storm descended from the black hole.

The roaring gust of wind suppressed the entire field of the enemy, and the already weakened Red Ogre was crushed to the ground by the gust of wind, and it seemed that even the mace on his shoulders was unsteady.

“Great Tornado’s effect!” Yuei Vu said, “If this card is Fusion Summoned: Halve the ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters on the opponent’s field!”

[Red Ogre, ATK 1400 → ATK 700]

The poor Red Ogre used to be a big monster with an attack power of 2800, but now it was so pitiful…


[Elemental HERO Gaia, ATK 3600]

[Elemental HERO Nova Master, ATK 2600]

[Elemental HERO Great Tornado, ATK 2800]

[Red Ogre, ATK 700]

At this moment, Keita’s face seemed to be haunted: “In one turn, you summon monsters with ATK of 3600, ATK of 2600, and ATK of 2800!”

No, I know you’re very arrogant, but this is… too exaggerated!

Yuei Vu smiled slightly and pointed to his feet: “Then I want to activate the last set card on the field… ‘Quick Attack’! Fusion monsters can attack during the turn they are Fusion Summoned.”

Gaia! Nova Master! Great Tornado! Attack! ”

The wind roared, the earth trembled, and the flames were wrapped in the whirling storm, sweeping away with overwhelming momentum.

With a total output of 9,000 points, the Red Ogre with only 700 attack power left, endured the pain that he should not endure, and was instantly shattered in the sea of ​​​​storm fire.

The exaggerated and gorgeous images engulfed Keita and burned all his LP at the same time.

【Keita, LP 4000 → LP 0】


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