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Elemental HERO’s all-out attack!

The fusion heroes of the three attributes launched a fierce attack, and the output of a full 9,000 points made Keita, who was acting as a sandbag, instantly lost all of his HP!

When the duel was over, the three-dimensional image disappeared, and the uncle sat on the ground with a slumped face, his hands and feet were weak and trembling as if he had been hollowed out after a battle…

MD, are you sure it won’t hurt if you do it lightly

It’s not the same as what you said!

At this point, the task of uncle Keita has been completed – the main purpose of Yuei Vu looking for him is to let him act as a background board to help him show off.

Now that the coercion has been installed in place, he had no use of this tool man.

Yuei Vu put away the Duel Disk, stepped forward, and pulled up Keita, who fell to the ground.

As usual, they exchanged a few words and then said goodbye.

This was also a custom among duelists.

In short, the loser should tout the opponent’s brilliance after the fight, and the winner should not be too complacent, and should not forget to reply “Good game”, “Well play.”

It was similar to ancient martial artists’ tradition of clasping fists and bowing hands and being humble to each other after the fight.

After the tool man who completed the task left, Yuei Vu stayed alone and pretended to watch the scenery.

Another girl player was crazy – wow, this NPC was really amazing, even the pose looking at the scenery with his hips on his back was so handsome!

The opportunity is right in front of you, so when will you wait if you don’t go up and talk to each other

It stood to reason that this should be the case, but a group of players surrounded him in a circle pushing and shoving, and no one took the lead for a long time.

While posing and pretending to be distracted, Yuei Vu began to wonder that the quality of this wave of players was too bad

Shouldn’t you hurry up to bootlick when you see an NPC like me who is so handsome and capable What’s the ink on the side

Finally, a girl came out.

She was a short girl, and she was slender both horizontally and vertically—it’s a pity that the place where the flesh should grow is not long.

Well, this is not an exaggeration.

At the airport, flies land on it and slip, and mosquitoes land on the splits.

But the girl looks pretty good-looking, with a face like a junior high school little sister, a cute look.

Yuei Vu glanced at her ID… Moonflower

It seems to be quite artistic.

Moonflower was a kind of small white morning glory flower that bloomed in night.

“…That,” Moonflower’s soft and waxy voice pulled Yuei Vu back, “Are you a duelist”

This was obviously nonsense.

Not to mention that Yuei Vu was still wearing a Duel Disk on his arm, he just finished playing cards in front of them.

But he also knew that Moonflower was just trying to trigger the mission, so he didn’t care, he just said to himself: “The weather is really strange… it’s just a duel, yet I feel so hot……”

He said, shaking his collar.

Moonflower tilted her head and began to wander.

Wow, the character design of this game is really amazing.

I don’t know which art master designed it to draw such a handsome NPC… Even shaking his collar looks so good!

……Oh wait, no, now was not the time for being dumbfounded!

Moonflower finally noticed the new quest that popped up in the quest list in front of her.

“New quest: Give NPC Yuei Vu a cup of shaved ice, maybe there will be a surprise!”

Moonflower’s eyes lit up, the mission is here!

She looked around, and quickly noticed a small grocery store a few steps away, and quickly trotted past.

Yuei Vu breathed a sigh of relief.

She finally went.

After the edited quest was sent to her just now, the girl didn’t respond for a long time.

She stared straight at Yuei Vu, and for a moment he even thought that she was going to ravish him.

It seems that I still have to be careful to protect myself when I go out in the future.

Sometimes, being too handsome does bring some troubles that others don’t have.

Some novice quests also give money rewards, although not much, it was not a problem to buy a cup of shaved ice.

Of course, Yuei Vu’s real goal was not this.

In fact, he just wanted to send a card to the player, but it would be weird to send it all of a sudden for no reason.

Soon Moonflower came back with a cup of shaved ice: “Here!”

Yuei Vu pretended to have an accident: “Is this for me”

“Yeah.” The girl nodded desperately.

“…Okay, thank you.”

Yuei Vu took two bites and nodded: “Sure enough, you have to eat shaved ice in summer to enjoy it.”

He smiled and looked at the cute girl in front of him who was full of longing, as if looking forward to something, and asked, “Are you also a duelist who came here to participate in the Battle City competition”

Moonflower continued to nod her head vigorously.

“That’s right.” Yuei Vu pretended to suddenly remember, “If you want to participate… this card might be able to help.”

He took out a card from behind him.

The players in the front row were not calm.

Surprised! This NPC novice quest directly rewarded cards!

This kind of quest was relatively rare.

Players generally got experience, crystals, and money from quests.

A player rushed forward to see what card the other party sent…

……It’s actually an “Upstart Goblin”!

Upstart Goblin (Normal Spell) – Draw 1 card, then your opponent gains 1000 LP.

In the eyes of local DM duelists, even a bug like the Pot of Greed was a dispensable N card.

Upstart Goblin, which only allow players to draw one card, and even gave the opponent back 1000 LP, was simply trash among trashes.

Therefore, this card was quite unpopular even among N cards.

It was basically a waste that is stuffed into the pack by the card seller to make up the number and reduce the value of the good card drawn.

Thanks to this, Yuei Vu now had a dozen Upstart Goblins in his hands…

However, it was different for players!

All players of Yu-Gi-Oh! knew that anything that can speed up the card draw was definitely a divine card in this game!

At the first sight, Upstart Goblin could only draw one card after activation, made no difference.

But even the “Dark World Dealings”, which gave a -1 hand advantage, still had a market among players just because it had the ability to replace cards in hand.

Dark World Dealings (Normal Spell) – Each player draws 1 card, then each player discards 1 card.

Thinning deck was crucial in deck building, and anyone who had a little bit of knowledge knew.

On the contrary, the side effect of “your opponent gains 1000 LP”, which was regarded as a fatal weakness by the local duelists, was completely ignored by the real card players.

As long as there were LPs left, 100 LP and 4000 LP were not too different.

Anyway, 8000 LP points in the Yu-Gi-Oh! real card environment was like a thin layer of paper, thus the 1000 LP difference was simply a drizzle.

A novice quest actually rewarded such a useful thing, this NPC was really extraordinary!

Moonflower accepted this Upstart Goblin with a face full of joy.

The players in the back couldn’t calm down either.

A group of people hurriedly ran to the small shop next to them, and all of them said in unison that they wanted a cup of shaved ice, which startled the seller who was dozing off.

“Alright, alright, come one by one, don’t worry…”

The seller muttered as he sat up physically and mentally…

However, when the players bought the shaved ice with the hard-earned money they just earned today, Yuei Vu just smiled and said, “Thank you for your kindness, but I’m done eating…”

… I don’t have a grudge against my own stomach, why should I eat so much shaved ice

The players beat their chests and feet.

Soon everyone realized that this quest might only be a one-off, and only the first person could get this Upstart Goblin reward.

However, Yuei Vu soon changed the conversation and gave them hope again: “But I still appreciate your kindness.

Everyone is a duelist, so let’s cheer together in the game.

If you need help with anything, you can come to me.

I live in the ‘Dream Card Shop’…”

The eyes of the players lit up, and they seemed to see hope again.


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