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The first moment Snow Wave and Fae saw Yuei Vu’s return, they were both delighted, and their bodies reflexively wanted to get closer.

However, when they saw the large number of players who came back behind Yuei Vu, they felt a cold depression in their hearts.

I think that I’m your only one, I didn’t expect that I’m only one thousandth…

Especially Snow Wave, he was very blue and thin now.

That kind of mentality was a bit like a child’s favorite toy being snatched away, and a bit like seeing the most beloved person holding hands with others…

Just like with Snow Wave and the others, Yuei Vu also opened the personal store function to new players.

Then, of course, the subsequent players also had the same reaction as Snow Wave and Fae.

“Fuck! Look! It’s Elemental HERO! You can exchange it directly here!”

“Fuck! There is also a Pot of Greed! The Pot of Greed can be exchanged!!”

A large group of players climaxed in place, jumping with excitement one by one as if they had already made up their minds about the heroic appearance of their decks filled with banned cards and roaming the arena.

It could be seen that not only the game quality of this group of players was average, but also the cultural level did not seem to be very good.

Players quickly realized that they hit the super golden thigh.


There have been other players who have gone to the card shop to explore before – it was only natural to log in to the card game and immediately look for the card acquisition channel.

Therefore, everyone has long discovered that it is impossible to obtain cards that they could use from the NPC card shop.

But here.

cards sold by Yuei Vu were usable!

Soon someone shouted even more excitedly: “Look, there is still a Card of Sanctity!”

“It seems to be true! It’s not the nefted version of ‘drawing two cards by banishing everything else’, it’s a true Card of Sanctity!”

The real card version of Card of Sanctity has also been released, but the effect has been severely castrated.

The original effect of unconditionally drawing six cards has been weakened to “Banish all other cards you control and in your hand (min.1 from each); draw until you have 2 cards in your hand”.

After such an epic weakening, Card of Sanctity suddenly became tasteless, and their practical value was not high (if there was any).

It could be said that this kind of “drawing cards until six cards in hand” was exclusive for NPCs in Yu-Gi-Oh! DM.

Real card players could not experience it in this life.

But now that Yuei Vu was here, this became possible for the players!

Of course, someone soon discovered the problem.

“This Card of Sanctity seems to require the NPC’s Favorability to reach 100…”

The players quickly began to check their current Favorability.

“I am 0 now.”

“I am also 0.”

“Ah Why am I minus 10” A certain player looked bewildered.

Yuei Vu gave the player a white look—especially the string of “I’ll Hang Your Mother On A Tree” ID on the top of the opponent’s head.

Do you ask why your Favorability is negative Don’t you feel your own fault in your heart

“Hey, my Favorability is 5.” The female player Moonflower, who was the first to receive the quest from Yuei Vu, was flattered and delighted.

The players immediately began to envy her: “Is this also the benefit of triggering the mission first”

“Damn, if I had come first…”

Seeing the group of screwball players moaning beside him, Snow Wave couldn’t help but snorted and opened his panel with great pride.

NPC Yuei Vu’s Favorability towards him… was a terrifying 15 points!

In fact, he himself didn’t know why.

He clearly remembered that it should not have been so high before he went offline last time.

It was a few days, but when the Open Beta came, the favorability soared so much…

But at least it proves that Yuei Vu still remembers him!

Fae, who was beside him, heard Snow Wave’s exclamation.

He couldn’t help being overjoyed and quickly opened the panel to check if his favorability had gone up in the past while he was offline.

After opening the panel, Fae was surprised to find that…

…why does it seem to have fallen

He remembered that the Favorability level had clearly stopped at -9 before he went offline.

Why was it now -12

Could it be that if you haven’t brushed your face in front of Yuei Vu for too long, it will fall off naturally

……It doesn’t make sense! Snow Wave hasn’t been up for so long, why is he still up

Fae couldn’t understand why.

It’s impossible that this NPC adjusted his Favorability while he was not online, right


At this moment, Chika silently watched the large group of “customers” who suddenly appeared on the side—and most of them were male customers.

They were closely surrounding Yuei Vu, all of them were full of enthusiasm and anticipation, and they behaved very weirdly.

Chika felt that there must be something wrong…

“Excellent men are always welcome.” The store manager’s grandfather appeared behind Chika-chan and sighed with emotion as he threw potato chips into his mouth, “Back when your grandpa was still young…”

“Also often fantasize about being so popular” Chika asked.

“That’s right…” Grandpa squinted his eyes and nodded with a smile.

Halfway through his nodding, he suddenly realized that something was wrong, “Stop talking nonsense! What’s the fantasy of being welcomed by a group of men”

At this time, Snow Wave has also come up, and like other players, he has checked Yuei Vu’s personal store.

He quickly realized that the product list was a little different from when he first encountered it.

For example, the most obvious one was that this “Card of Sanctity” was not there last time.

There were also new cards including this brand new “Machina” series, and cards like “Upstart Goblin”, which were not available last time.

Was it because some adjustments have been made during the period between Closed Beta and Open Beta

Or was it that the cards that Yuei Vu sold here would also change over time

At this time, Snow Wave suddenly noticed that Yuei Vu seemed to be… smiling at him

Snow Wave felt his heart skip a beat, a bit like being watched by a crush during her student days.

…No, it must be an illusion.

With so many players here, he must have just happened to be looking this way…

In the end, he heard Yuei Vu say, “I haven’t seen you for a while, Snow Wave.

Are you back”

All the players’ eyes immediately focused on Snow Wave.

Snow Wave’s heart suddenly burst into a storm, and his heart was ecstatic, and he even wanted to fly up to the sky to be side by side with the sun.

Yuei Vu actually remembers me!

Snow Wave hurriedly nodded like a chicken pecking at rice: “Yes, yes, I went out for a while in a hurry, and now I’m back.”

“The thing you asked me to do before has been dealt with.” Yuei Vu smiled, “Thanks to you, the evil was contained in time.

Well, we are now familiar with it.

You can see if there is anything you want for the things I have here, and I will give you a long-term 20% discount.

Snow Wave was stunned.

2… 20% off for a long-term!

Happiness came so suddenly, Snow Wave felt like a fairy.

All the players around have guessed that this was a Closed Beta player who had encountered Yuei Vu and triggered some hidden plot.

At this time, the players looked at Snow Wave with envy, jealousy, and hatred, and they were too sour.

20% off! In long term!

Who can withstand this

Snow Wave was so excited that he was about to ascend to heaven and unconsciously held his head high, as if he felt that his whole person was different.

Now he was more firm in his beliefs—

–bootlick can’t kill you, it on;y makes you stronger!

He was determined to be the number one leader of the Yuei Vu fan club! Anyone who wanted to join the club later has to ask for his consent!

Fae heard it, so he hurriedly leaned over and smiled: “Hehe, Yuei Vu, do you remember me My name is Yuei Cannot Escape Fae!”

Yuei Vu looked at his “pure” smile, those iconic glasses, that wretched face that made the hair stand up…

“Cough, I’m sorry.” Yuei Vu coughed in a very disgraceful manner, “I can’t remember clearly.”

Fae: “”


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