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Although Yuei Vu’s personal store opened a little bit, it made people feel extremely amazing, but looking at the most awesome things, it seemed that there was no one that players could buy now.

Either the price in crystal was ridiculously expensive, or it required Yuei Vu to have a particularly high favorability… In addition, there were many cards that need both favorability and crystal.

In short, in layman’s terms, it is both liver and krypton.

Of course, Yuei Vu couldn’t just put a bunch of cards that looked powerful but couldn’t actually be bought to whet the appetite of players.

If there were only a bunch of unbuyable eye-catching things in the store, he couldn’t make money.

The only effect was to stimulate players to rush to do tasks and upgrade to make money.

Yuei Vu also came out of the players at the beginning, he knew the situation of the players very well in each period.

For example, what kind of price could be afforded by novice players, and how to set the price of the product so that players felt it was very difficult, but if they worked hard, they could barely afford it…

Most World Link Online players were veteran players who had a deep understanding of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Although the environment of the current era was not the same game as the environment they were familiar with, some of the awareness they should have was still general.

Soon they found available combinations from the relatively cheap cards in Yuei Vu’s store.

“There are the ‘Marauding Captain’ and the ‘The A.


“‘Command Knight’ doesn’t seem to be expensive…”

“Then it seems that you can make a Warrior deck first in the novice stage”


The minds of the players were still very agile, and they soon found a combination of certain strengths from these “weak cards” that were ignored by the vast majority of duelists in the DM.

Marauding Captain (Level 3, ATK 1200) – Your opponent cannot target Warrior monsters for attacks, except this one.

When this card is Normal Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower monster from your hand.

In layman’s terms, “you have to attack the taunting follower first”…

Marauding Captain was also the originator of the common tactics used by Yu-Gi-Oh in ancient times.

Because this monster has its own taunting effect, as long as two “Marauding Captain” were on the field, the effects of the two captains would form a mutual protective effect, making it impossible for the opponent to select either one as an attack target.

In this way, the purpose of blocking the opponent’s attack could be achieved.

The A.

Forces (Continuous Spell Card) – All Warrior-Type monsters you control gain 200 ATK for each Warrior or Spellcaster-Type monster you control.

Command Knight (Level 4, ATK 1200) – All Warrior monsters you control gain 400 ATK.

If you control another monster, monsters your opponent controls cannot target this card for attacks.

At first glance, these cards were very weak, and in the eyes of local duelists, they were tasteless.

Raising 200 points and 400 points of attack power seemed like a drizzle.

However, if these seemingly weak cards were used together, it was actually very easy to increase the attack power of the originally weak low-star monsters to the level of high-level monsters in one go.

In today’s environment, whoever could call out high-level monsters first under the constraints of the advance summon system has already taken the initiative in most of the duel, but generally speaking, the so-called high-star monsters only had an attack power of more than 2,000.

Ultra-rare cards like Red-Eyes Black Dragon had an ATK of 2400, and in the animation, it was already known as “the top of dueling monsters”.

If you properly used the attack power enhancements, it was not difficult to exceed this number.

Not to mention that this card also came with an attack-blocking combo.

Although this kind of combination has been eliminated for a long time in the future development of Yu-Gi-Oh, in this environment, it seemed to be quite powerful.

At least it would be no problem to fight those anonymous duelists.

Forget about it!

Why do you think so much Buy, buy, buy more!

Players who went online on the first day did not actually have many crystals in their hands.

It was nothing more than the initial crystal given on the account, and a pitiful upgrade reward.

Therefore, the arrangements of all players became quite consistent in the future – go to the liver, earn crystal, and then hurry back to get a novice deck with at least decent strength before the Battle City competition started!

Of course, the novice deck definitely has more than one combination to choose from.

Yuei Vu has put a lot of cards in the low-priced novice area, and players could choose a card group to buy according to their own preferences.

Due to Yuei Vu’s proposal to revise some of the existing rules of dueling monsters, the Battle City competition was postponed for another week.

In other words, it was less than two weeks before the official opening.

Yuei Vu meticulously calculated the level of rewards for players’ new quests, the speed of players’ leveling up, and roughly estimated how many crystals each player could earn within two weeks.

Then he set the price according to this standard to ensure that as long as players work hard within two weeks, they could at least produce a suitable novice deck.

Yuei Vu felt that he was a kind person, the only NPC who was so considerate of players in the entire Link World.

Another thing that was different from reality was that players’ choices of cards in the World Link Online were not limited to strength and practicality.

The projection technology of three-dimensional images made this card game much more realistic, so the appearance of dueling monsters, which were originally unimportant, suddenly became important.

Some cards were not very strong, but as long as they were cute and moe, they could still gain a lot of favor from players!

Of course, Yuei Vu had already anticipated this, so long before the start of the Open Beta, he had collected a batch of cards that were useless but had beautiful artwork.

Then the screwball players were quickly attacked…

“AWSL! Pikeru is so cute!”

A male player used his Duel Disk to summon the “White Magician Pikeru” that he had just bought from Yuei Vu – a cute little loli wearing a long white dress and just barely reaching the waist of most players.

White Magician Pikeru (Level 2, ATK 1200) – During your Standby Phase, increase your Life Points by 400 points for each monster on your side of the field.

Although it may be basically useless in a duel, it was so cute!

A little loli in a white dress, with two pink ponytails dragging under her fluffy white hat, and holding a miniature wand in her hand.

A large group of male players was immediately attracted.

“Wow, this three-dimensional image is so real! It’s like the real thing!”

“Can I touch it”

“Don’t be stupid, it’s still a hologram after all…”

“No, no, I’m going to buy one too, it’s too cute! I bought it back and raised it as my daughter!”

“Didn’t you just say that spending money on such a useless card Is there any problem with your brain…”

“That’s my choice, do you have any opinions”


A group of players chatted around the little loli.

The summoned White Mage held the small wand in her hand, tilted her head, and looked at her new master with big, puzzled eyes.

The little head looked like she was also doubting her new owner had a problem with his brain…

“Wow!!! This is so cute!”

The female players also discovered a new continent.

A group of girls was now surrounding a “Watapon” summoned with a Duel Disk.

The small and exquisite monster was like a ball of cotton with eyes and looked so harmless.

Watapon (Level 1, ATK 200) – If this card is added from your Deck to your hand by a card effect: You can Special Summon this card..

“I want to buy this too!”

While Yuei Vu was trading with the players with a smile, his heart was filled with joy.

Whether it was White Magician Pikeru or the Watapon, they were all cards that were not valuable in the DM’s homeland or in the system card pool.

But so what Being cute means you can do whatever you want!

Beauty is justice!

At this moment, he heard a screwball player ask: “Well, in the future, do you think it is possible to buy a Dark Magician Girl”

Someone immediately echoed: “Yes, yes, my first love! If there is any, I will buy it! No matter what cost!”

Yuei Vu glanced at the Dark Magician Girl floating behind him like a ghost, and smiled coldly in his heart.

I’m sorry, I’ve already reserved this one.

Here, I suggest you go to sleep quickly, dear, after all, you can have anything you want in your dreams.


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