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“It’s time to duel! Let’s play Yu-Gi-Oh: World Link Online today!”

The speaker was “Miss Yuehua”, one of the streamers who recently joined the “World Link Online”.

However, this opening remark was not her original.

It was said that in any video about playing cards, at least nine out of ten used this standard format.

Everyone’s game commentary style was very different, especially like to say some classic lines such as “but there seems to be no Kansai”, “we are old XX”.

This format seemed to have been spread from the video of a top-level streamer in the poker area.

Because of the high quality, it had some influence on the later creators…

Moreover, after the launch of the server, it attracted many other streamers to enter.

Due to the superb quality of the game itself and the epoch-making ultra-high realism, even many players and streamers who didn’t know about Yu-Gi-Oh cards have jumped over to learn to play cards.

It just so happened that the 1.0 version of Link World started from the beginning of the animation.

Although the dueling rules at the moment were not strict enough, they were indeed very simple compared to later generations.

There were fewer summoning methods and no complicated mechanism unfolding.

It could be said to be extremely friendly to newcomers.

This “Miss Yuehua” was a typical representative of the players who just started… and also brought her millions of netizens into the live broadcast room.

“Recently, Konami finally released this game that has been delayed for five years.

I thought it was because the consortium was promoting it and it was too hard to come back.

I was afraid that it was going to be stillborn.

I didn’t expect it to be launched this time.

Then this wave seems to be better than Final Fantasy next door, which makes people wait for ten years.

I think when I first heard the news of Final Fantasy 15, I was still an ignorant little girl, and when it was officially released, I became a filthy demon queen…”

Although it was still very early, the comment page in the live broadcast room was already rolling.

“Hahaha, come watch Sister Yue play cards!”

“Come to see Sister Yue, the vegetable chicken, being brutally abused by the NPC.”

“What is this doing Is Sister Yue lining up”

“Is that the NPC named Yuei Vu I heard that it seems to be a protagonist-level character.”

“What Shouldn’t the protagonist of the DM era be Yugi”

“Yeah, but that’s an animation, this is an online game.

The game may only be the protagonist of version 1.0, but this Yuei Vu may be the original protagonist throughout the next few versions…”

Miss Yuehua also began to explain: “Yes, today we are going to meet the NPC rumored in the forum.

There will be a little fewer people in the queue in the morning, and I have paid to become a Premium member, it should be my turn soon…”

“Sister Yuehua is awesome!”

“Damn, you have to be members in every lineup.

There are many good things to learn, why learn from Penguin…”

The speed of being a Premium member was really different.

Miss Yuehua soon stood in front of the counter.

When she came to look at the NPC in front of her, Miss Yuehua’s eyes suddenly lit up—

–So handsome!

Before, she thought that the screenshots posted on the forum were all made of Photoshop – after all, she was using technology to make her face more beautiful in her own live broadcast room, but she found that the pictures on the forum really didn’t go through modifications.

This NPC named Yuei Vu was as good-looking as the pictures!

Miss Yuehua was distracted for a while, until Yuei Vu asked with a gentle smile, “Excuse me, customer, what are you going to buy”

Miss Yuehua suddenly came back to her senses.

Yup! I’m not here to see the handsome guy, I’m here to buy something.

So she quickly clicked on the option of the private store and began to carefully select a combination of cards.

Although she was also a famous streamer, playing cards was in her blind spot of knowledge.

Miss Yuehua’s understanding of this card game may not be much better than that of passers-by NPCs.

But as a player, her advantage was that she has strategies to watch.

It’s not a big deal if you didn’t know how to construct a deck.

Just went to the forum to copy the card list.

Some guides have long summed up the cheapest and easiest to obtain novice decks.

She only needed to exchange them one by one according to the card list,….

like a scumbag copying a scholar’s homework.

The randomness of opening packs from the system card pool was too high, and players could only open cards of Types, Attributes, or series related to the cards they already had, or some general cards that were mostly useless.

The amount of crystal in the beginner stage was limited, and the benefits of spending them all to open the system card pack were really not high.

It was more cost-effective to wait until you have completed the quest later and obtained a more promising series of cards before opening the pack from the card pool.

Therefore, with a little calculation, it was easy to come to the conclusion that it was definitely more cost-effective to use crystal to buy cards from Yuei Vu in the early stage than to directly invest in the card pool.

Miss Yuehua meticulously followed the cards copied from the forum to choose one by one, completely ignoring the instructions of viewers.

“Oh, what’s the use of that one That card is a waste, so it should be replaced with this one.”

“Fuck there is XXX! Why don’t you change to XXX”

“The streamer is so noob…”

However, Miss Yuehua has not been doing live broadcasts for a day or two.

No matter which game or area she went to, there would always be people who tried to point the way.

She has learned to ignore it now.

Unexpectedly, just after choosing two cards, Miss Yuehua suddenly noticed a prompt on Yuei Vu’s head: “Favorability 5”.


Miss Yuehua was flattered.

Favorability 5 Did my eyes trick me!

Isn’t it all said in the forum that this NPC’s favorability is extremely difficult to gain, and it took a long time to increase it

Yuei Vu looked at her and smiled gently: “Very good, your choice is very interesting, you must be a strong duelist, I look forward to fighting you in the Battle City.

By the way, this card might be useful to you, so it is considered a gift.

Please accept it.

There are even gifts!

Miss Yuehua quickly accepted it, and immediately checked the card.

An “Upstart Goblin”.

However, this cute new streamer who has just entered the game was still stunned.

Looking at the effect of “draw a card, the opponent gains 1000 LP”… It sounded useless

So she turned her head and asked the guys behind her: “Is this card useful”

“Divine card!” Someone replied immediately.

“It’s very useful for checking cards and thinning the deck!”

“Forbidden card.”

“Forbidden card 1.”

“Are you two trying to make me laugh When did the Upstart Goblin become a Forbidden card”

“Everything that can draw is a forbidden card.”

“…But the NPC is really good!”

“And so handsome!”

“Isn’t it because he like our sister Yuehua ”

“Sister Yuehua, why don’t you just marry…”

Although there were signs that the players behind her were about to quarrel, in general, Miss Yuehua still understood one thing – this card was very useful!

“Thank you!” She quickly thanked her happily.

“It’s nothing.” Yuei Vu smiled and waved his hand, “If you have any needs, come back anytime, and I can do my best to satisfy it.”


Miss Yuehua happily took her unexpected gain today and jumped out.

She was so happy that she couldn’t close her legs.

When she went out, the viewers were still commenting in the live broadcast room: “Wow, Sister Yuehua, is this indifferent Everyone has made it clear!”

“Listen to the words of tigers and wolves…”

“Don’t say it.

Sister Yue said that I am a woman who wants to become a Duel King, and men are very annoying.”

When the players in the back row saw the Upstart Goblin, their eyes lit up.

Damn, is there such a good thing

They didn’t expect a hidden quest could be triggered when they queue up to buy a card.

All the players in the back row stretched their necks and wanted to know how the girl in front triggered it.

Immediately, someone inquired about what she had bought, and then they followed and went to Yuei Vu to buy the exact same card.

The result was……

…of course, nothing happened.

Some players were in a hurry at the time and hinted wildly: “Please think carefully, is there anything you want to say to me”

So Yuei Vu thought about it carefully: “…Yes.”

The player is overjoyed: “What”

“When you’re done buying, please get out of the way, and don’t block the people behind you.”

Player: “…”

Yuei Vu laughed heartily.

Oh, do you think I give this card casually

From the player’s point of view, he may randomly select lucky players, but that was actually not the case.

He also knew this “Miss Yuehua”.

He also watched her live broadcast in his previous life when he was in a hurry to play games.

At the very beginning, she was a complete newcomer.

Most of the people watching her live broadcast were going for entertainment and fun.

Everyone would be very happy watching the streamer play themselves to death.

However, after a long time, she gradually became familiar with the game and began to enter the competitive circle.

Yuei Vu remembered that she also seemed to have won a good ranking in the league between players.

…but that’s all for the future.

The reason why Yuei Vu chose her as the focus of attention now was not that she was good-looking, but because of her traffic.

It’s good to know some star players who have a large number of fans and audiences.

Through these channels, he could let players know some news that he wanted to release, which helped to promote and maintain his popularity…

In the information age, it was very important to control public opinion.

Sometimes whether you were right or wrong depends on whether your voice was loud enough.

Now he has decided to take care of the spare tire… ah, sorry, player.

There were only two.

One was Miss Yuehua, whom he just gave an extra gift.

As for the other…

Yuei Vu turned his attention to Snow Wave who was in the shop behind him, dressed in the attire of a manservant and dragging the ground sweating profusely.

Snow Wave dragged the ground smugly, wiped his sweat, and then looked at the players lining up outside with his head held high.

See I’ve already worked for Yuei Vu!

Are you scumbags envious


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