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That’s right, Snow Wave has become the first player who has the opportunity to stay by Yuei Vu’s side and fight for him!

His main work included but was not limited to watching the store, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, and arranging the goods.

Occasionally, he was also responsible for receiving NPC customers when there is no one in the store.

Because Yuei Vu made it clear to the store manager, Mr.

Itou Shin, that he had hired absolutely free labor.

Not only Mr.Shin did not need to pay a dime of wages, but he also didn’t need to consider food and accommodation at all!

To this, Snow Wave nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, saying that “I don’t want anything, I just want a chance to stay by Yuei Vu’s side…”

At that time, Mr.

Shin had an “unbelievable” look on his face.

The world was really vast and full of amazing.

How could there be such a talkative fool

He was not a robot, wasn’t he


Shin circled Snow Wave twice and looked at him for a while, and then stretched out his hand and grabbed his face…

……Eh, it feels like a living person!

Snow Wave stood there upright the whole time as if he was really playing a dutiful robot.

As an excellent bootlicker, how could he fail because of this

Let you see what is the basic quality of a bootlicker!

Chika, who had always been suspicious of this “weird person”, was even more surprised at this moment.

There really is something wrong with this person!

He may have desired my Yuei Vu, right

However, although the store manager and Chika didn’t know, in the strict sense, Snow Wave was not a freelancer.

Because even if he didn’t eat, drink, or get paid, every time Yuei Vu told Snow Wave to do something, there was an edited quest.

In other words, his salary was EXP and some variable rewards – of course, from Yuei Vu’s personal storage.

And in fact, the EXP reward he gave is much higher than the general novice quest.

For novice quests, such as completing an advance summon, defeating three passerby NPCs, etc., because the number of duels per day was limited by Stamina, so players could only do a few of these quests.

But Snow Wave got a different treatment here!

All he needed to do is sweep the floor, stand behind the counter and smile, and occasionally do quests like “go out and meet the first passerby and say I love you” when Yuei Vu wanted to troll him.

Because the EXP that could be released every day was limited, it was impossible for Yuei Vu to distribute these experience points to all players equally.

He could only focus on training the players he liked.

As long as Snow Wave received Yuei Vu’s experience points and could upgrade quickly, he could get more crystals from level-up rewards, and buy more cards in Yuei Vu’s store.

So this could also be understood as the process of “converting the daily experience limit into crystal”.

Sure enough, players were the primary productive force.

The first batch of Open Beta players has just arrived this week, and the crystal in Yuei Vu’s hand has already reached more than 80,000.

The reason why it’s only 80,000 was that he has other businesses every day, thus not always free to sell cards to players in the store… The second was because he sold too much and the inventory couldn’t keep up.

Even those cards that were not very valuable and easy to obtain couldn’t withstand the overwhelming enthusiasm of all players.

One hundred cards with the same name were snapped up by enthusiastic players in no time.

But it didn’t matter, this speed of making money has made Yuei Vu crooked.

Thinking that when I was playing in my previous life, I had never seen such a huge amount of crystal

Every day, I get up early in the morning to dig into the dark, work hard on quests, and spend time and effort bootlicking NPCs.

Then after a round of open card packs, all sinking to the bottom, a week of hard work became worthless, GG……

This was the main impression left to Yuei Vu by the game.

And now he is looking at the five-digit spar in the warehouse…

……It’s just one word: Cool!

There was nothing to hesitate about, just All IN!

Yuei Vu glanced at the Lucky 20 on his panel and took a deep breath…

It stands to reason that this Lucky attribute… should not affect the luck of opening the package, right

He still didn’t believe it: There were more than 80,000 crystals here, could the system still sink them all for me

If it really could… well, I’ll be helpless.

But it doesn’t matter! By this time next week, there will be so much crystal again, haha!

Of course, it was impossible to sink completely.

If more than 80,000 crystals couldn’t exchange for a useful card, then it’s not simply bad luck.

Maybe it’s a superpower, the same type as “Imagine Breaker”.

Although it was still consistent according to the system, cards with unknown meanings still account for the majority – especially the Elemental HERO series.

For example, things like Spark Blaster, Bubble Shuffle, Hero Kid, etc., which was neither useful nor able to make players buy.

Like the trap card Kid Guard, he had nearly a hundred copies in his inventory now…

But of course, there were useful cards.

And after his observation, he found… it seemed that most of them belonged to the Dark Magician series.

But if thinking about it carefully, it may be an illusion.

After all, there were too many supporting cards in the Elemental HERO series.

In comparison, the card pool of the Dark Magician series was not so deep, and it was naturally easier to open useful things.

To be honest, with the help of players, Yuei Vu felt that the biggest factor limiting him should not be lacking crystals, but the depth of the card pool itself…

Like all online games, the card pool of World Link Online would definitely not be static.

With the update of the version, new cards would be added to the card pool, and new series and archetypes would be released.

This seems to be a matter of course.

It was impossible for the system to allow players to duel with NPCs with Synchro, XYZ, or Link decks in the era of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM and GX.

The environment in the Link era was no longer the same game as it was today.

NPCs simply did not have the strength to fight back.

Therefore, although there were things like Elemental HERO in the system card pool, most of them were cards that would not cause plot conflicts, or would not be unbearable in the existing environment.

Yuei Vu spent almost one night carefully browsing and researching the newly drawn cards and compared them with the cards he bought in the store by opening the card pack these days.

By now, the revision of the rules that Yuei Vu was in charge of supervising has basically been completed, and Battle City would officially open next week.

It’s a pity that in the end, he still couldn’t make the stubborn president Kaiba change his mind and persuade the other party to add a new rule that allowed “Fusion monsters can attack the turn they are Fusion Summoned”…

Under such constraints, Elemental HERO which relied heavily on fusion was quite disadvantaged.

But originally, in card games, there was no deck that could be played from the beginning until the server was closed.

He didn’t have a choice before, but now it seemed… maybe he could build a Dark Magician deck


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