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With a miserable groan, the physical impact embodied by the dark energy sent a player flying off the ground and rolling several times on the ground in an extremely embarrassing manner.

The player’s LP was also dropped to 0.

Faint darkness enveloped the surroundings.

A woman with a thin waist and long legs and skin as white as snow stepped forward, half of her face was hidden in the shadow of the black hood, and her red lips, which were too bright, showed a slight smile.

Sharp fangs vaguely stick out from her soft red lips.

“According to the rules of the Shadow Game,” she said with a sneer, “as a loser, your blood is mine!”

However, at the juncture of life and death, the strange duelist in front of her was not panicking at all, but just held hí head in annoyance: “MD, if I can draw that card… …”

Not only that, his companion on the side didn’t seem to panic at all, but also sarcastically: “Didn’t you say that you have redeemed a lot of good cards in a week It doesn’t seem to work at all.”

“It’s obviously because of this vampire’s face! You can see that her skin is so white, she definitely has pure European blood.

No wonder why she is so lucky……”

“Is that your reason Bull**!” Several onlookers jeered together, “Looking at yourself! Unable to draw even one usable card, do you feel any embarrassment Even Africans don’t have a dark face like you!”

“Yami Yugi is from Egypt too! Egypt is also in Africa, so Yami Yugi is also an African, right”

The vampire from Ghouls was a little confused.

She found out that there seem to be a lot of these strange duelists in Domino City these days.

Many people of this group were lost in the Shadow Game, and they were about to be drained by her and swallowed by the darkness.

But they were all as happy as the festival, and they didn’t care about death at all.

Not only that, their companions even sneered and said sarcastic words on the side…

Hey, you are his companion, aren’t you

As for your comrades, no matter how much you hate him, you must at least pretend to be sad, right

Are they all so heartless

But the rules of the Shadow Game were absolute.

Since the battle has ended, what should be done must be done.

The female vampire Tilla Mook took off her hood, revealing her enchanting face… and her fangs like a viper.

“According to the agreement,” she said with a grim expression like a ghost, “your blood is mine!”

However, the screwball player was still not afraid at all, just sitting on the ground with a posture of “do it quickly”, closed his eyes, and said, “If you want to come, hurry up, don’t grind.”

Tilla Mook: “”

No, brother, did you not understand the situation

I’m going to suck your blood now, big brother! You’ll die if you lose too much blood!

Please be a little scared and give me some face, okay

The vampire’s teeth have been pierced into the skin, and the screwball player was still shouting strangely: “Ah~ it’s comfortable! Ah~ It’s so cool to be sucked dry!”

Onlookers: “…”

Vampire Tilla Mook: “…”

What kind of screwball duelists did I bump into today

After sucking blood, the body of the player turned into nothingness and gradually dissipated.

Tilla Mook was a little surprised.

Huh My Shadow Game level should not have reached the level that can devour the flesh.

At most, her ability should only be at the level where winning could restrain the opponent’s actions.

Could it be that my dark energy level has become stronger unknowingly

But she didn’t think about it any further.

Instead, she continued to look at the remaining few people with a charming smile like sizing up his prey: “Your companions have been buried in darkness.

Who will be next”

“Oh, that trash is really not good.” Another player stood up and stepped forward, “As expected, I still have to come.”

“Go away, I’m the next one!” The second player began to stroke his sleeves.

“You all let that vampire go, let me come!” The third player began to untie his belt.

Vampire: “…”

She suddenly didn’t want to continue to suck the blood of these three screwballs.

She was afraid that the blood of the screwballs was poisonous…

Then suddenly Tilla Mook was startled and realized something.

……Damn! It’s all because of the confusing behavior of these screwballs! I forgot to take the rare card on the opposite side!

Now the deck has disappeared along with the body, it’s too late to think about getting them.

Just as she was thinking about it, another voice appeared on the other side of the street: “If you want to play Shadow Games, why don’t you come and try it with me”

Everyone looked at the sound in unison.

That’s a man who was wearing a leather trench coat with a black lining and a Duel Disk in his hand.

The hem of the trench coat behind him fluttered like a cape in the evening wind along the street.

That distinctive temperament, the unrestrained dashing…

……Can’t be wrong! Absolutely only one person!

“Wow, that’s Yuei Vu!” Some players exclaimed.

“Why did he leave the store Could it be a side story”

“No one has ever said that NPCs can only stay in one place and not go out.

Didn’t the official say it is a highly open game…”

While the players were chatting, Tilla also narrowed his eyes.

“Yuei Vu… So that’s the case, a newcomer in the underground world recently” Tilla Mook smiled, “Your reputation is really not small recently.

I heard that you beat the legendary Kaiba Seto, smashed his Blue-Eyes White Dragon head-on, and even forced out the legendary God of Destruction… It’s really incredible.”

Passers-by players quickly discovered the elements.

“Kaiba Seto… Could it be the president!”

“Nonsense! Could there be a second Kaiba Seto here Didn’t you hear her mention the Blue-Eyes White Dragon”

“Is the God of Destruction the ‘Obelisk the Tormentor’”

“Yuei Vu have played against the president Kaiba And it sounds like it’s a draw”

“6666, it’s really cool to be able to tie the giant gods.

Although I haven’t played cards before, I remember that the three Egyptian Gods with animation effects seem incomprehensible…”

In fact, the news that Tilla Mook said was wrong.

That game was not a “draw” but an “interruption”.

In the end, the president pulled the screw and turned off the Duel Disk and failed to finish the game…

If that game continued, the chances of a draw should be very small.

As a result, either Yuei Vu’s Dark Magician defeated the president, or the president’s Obelisk took him away in a wave.

Well, but he didn’t intend to correct this little detail either.

This Ghouls vampire is so sensible! It was very polite to help him act in front of the players when they first met!

It was always better for others to show off on behalf of you.

Especially when others told you how earth-shattering you are, and you pretended to be calm or didn’t seem to hear it, the audience would feel that you are more inscrutable.

…just like the reactions of several passers-by players now.

“Did you record it”

“It’s recorded!” A player patted his chest, “I’ll post it on the forum immediately, this post will be popular!”

Yuei Vu was secretly satisfied.

Now he looked at this vampire girl and felt it was more pleasing to the eye.

If she can be a little more sensible, maybe I can spare her life, accept her as a mount or something…

……Ahem, just kidding.

“Then let me try if the rumors are really true.” Tilla Mook opened the Duel Disk with a smile, and at the same time there was hunger in her eyes, “It’s just that if I win, I will not only want your card, I want your body!”

Yuei Vu opened the Duel Disk: “No problem… Eh, wait, don’t you want blood”

“For a handsome boy like you, sucking blood directly is too wasteful.” The vampire girl licked her lips with her long tongue, “I have other plans for you.”

Yuei Vu raised his eyebrows.

This stinky vampire is… greedy for my body

Darling, that’s incredible.

Hearing this, the spirit of the Dark Magician Girl also floated out, looking at the vampire ahead full of hostility.

“Master! You must not lose this duel!” Her face was full of seriousness.

“I know.” Yuei Vu smiled, “I didn’t intend to lose.”

“Duel!” x2


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