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“My turn, draw!” The duel started from Yuei Vu’s side, “I summon from my hand, ‘Rapid-Fire Magician’, in attack position!”

A monster card was projected beside him, and a magician in a black robe emerged from the card.

[Rapid-Fire Magician, ATK 1600]

The three audience players were already surprised: “Huh Isn’t it an Elemental HERO”

“Didn’t you say that Yuei Vu used an Elemental HERO deck”

“Normally, don’t the characters in Yu-Gi-Oh only use one set of cards How is this NPC different from others”

“The effect of the Rapid-Fire Magician is to deal 400 points of damage to the opponent whenever the controller activates a normal spell card.

Next, I activate ‘Pot of Greed’ from my hand!” Yuei Vu said, “I draw two cards from the deck, and you take 400 damage!”

A greedy and wretched green pot appeared, and the display that originally displayed the LP value on the Duel Disk in Yuei Vu’s hand turned into the word “DRAW” to remind him to draw the card due to the effect of the spell card.

Yuei Vu drew two cards from the deck, and at the same time, the effect of the Rapid-Fire Magician was activated on the field.

He held a wand in each of his hands, and the magic power released turned into colorful spheres, which alternated between the two wands in his hands like a circus juggling act.

“Take it!”

With a clear drink, the magic ball of light flew towards the opposite side, blasting a thick black smokescreen on the face of the vampire girl.

【Tilla Mook, LP 4000 → LP3600】

The corner of Tilla Mook’s mouth curled slightly and she snorted softly.

“Set a card, I end my turn.”

“My turn, draw!” It was Tilla Mook’s turn next, “I will first summon… ‘Master Kyonshee’!”

A strange fog began to appear on Tilla Mook’s field as if corpse gas reverberated on the field.

An erratic ghost gradually condensed into a real body on her field – a purple dress and a high hat, his entire face was blocked by a talisman posted on his forehead, like crawling out of a coffin in a zombie movie.

[Master Kyonshee, ATK 1750]

“Next is this card,” Tilla Mook took out a spell card and licked the back of the card with her bright red tongue, “this card will make you realize the real horror of my vampires!”

For some reason, seeing her actions, Yuei Vu couldn’t help but remember something in his mind——

——My card is smeared with poison (licking)……

“Continuous Spell Card – Vampire’s Domain!” Tilla Mook inserted this card into the Duel Disk.

With the appearance of the image of the spell card, the whole environment became gloomy.

An ominous dark breath wandered around as if evil spirits were choosing people to eat.

Even the sky above their heads turned red under the effect of an unknown projection, like a blood-stained color.

“Due to this card’s effect, by paying 500 LP per turn, during my Main Phase this turn, I can Normal Summon 1 “Vampire” monster in addition to my Normal Summon/Set.

Come on, my faithful vampire… ‘Vampire Sorcerer’! ”

【Tilla Mook, LP 3600 → LP 3100】

A wizard in simple attire and holding a bat-shaped staff appeared on the field.

Under the brim of his hat was a pale face with dark green hair and vampire-like fangs at the corners of his mouth.

[Vampire Sorcerer, ATK 1500]

“A magician of this level is no match for my vampires!” She said proudly, “Battle! I use the ‘Master Kyonshee’ to attack the ‘Rapid-Fire Magician’!”

The zombie with the talisman on his face nimbly moved forward and flew to the magician.

The magician hurriedly tried to counterattack with his wand, but he was already a beat too late.

As we all know, the mage in close combat was equivalent to the fish on the chopping block.

The magician with even bullets was kicked by a zombie and blown to pieces without any resistance.

【Yuei Vu, LP 4000 → LP 3850】

“It’s not over yet, next is the Vampire Sorcerer!” Tilla Mook’s attack continued, “Direct attack!”

“Flip the set card,” Yuei Vu quickly counterattacked, “Trap Card – A Rival Appears! Select 1 face-up monster you controls, and I can Special Summon 1 monster from my hand that has the same Level as the selected monster.”

Tilla Mook frowned: “The Level of Master Kyonshee and Vampire Sorcerer are both 4…”

“That’s right, so the level I chose was also 4.” Yuei Vu turned over a card in his hand, “Come on, ‘Magician’s Valkyria’!”

A magician girl with a style and dress similar to “Dark Magician Girl” appeared on the field.

She wore cool leather armor, snow-white skin, and a beautiful figure, holding a black staff, and had soft red hair under the wide magic hat.

[Magician’s Valkyria, ATK 1600]

Of course, the players were not calm: “Wow! This projection is really big… No, I mean this card is really white.”

“The stereoscopic image is amazing, right Brothers, don’t stop me, I’m about to rush…”

“A magical girl with an attack power of 1600 Her attack power is higher than that of a Vampire Sorcerer.” Tilla Mook said indifferently, “Then I end my turn.”

“My turn, draw!” Yuei Vu glanced at the card he has just drawn, “Then I will summon the second ‘Magician’s Valkyria’!”

The light and shadow special effects of the flow of magic power appeared, and the second beautiful magician sister appeared on the field.

Double the joy!

[Magician’s Valkyria, ATK 1600]

“Attack the Vampire Sorcerer with the Magician’s Valkyria!”

The Valkyria on Yuei Vu’s right hand jumped up and gave a coquettish drink with a clear voice.

The staff swung, and the green magic wave hit the Vampire Sorcerer’s body.

The latter made a strange cry in a hoarse voice, and his body became illusory and distorted under the impact of magic until it disappeared.

【Tilla Mook, LP 3100 → LP 3000】

But the female vampire smiled unconcernedly: “Hey, but at this moment, the ability of the Vampire Sorcerer is also activated.

When my Vampire Sorcerer is sent to the graveyard by the opponent, I can add 1 DARK “Vampire” monster or 1 “Vampire” Spell/Trap from my Deck to my hand.

I chose… ‘Vampire Red Baron’.

Yuei Vu: A monster with the searching ability I didn’t expect to see such a card in the hands of the DM’s duelist.

“Then I’ll set another card, and I end my turn.”

At this moment, the two Valkyria sisters stood on the field one by one, each gave a coquettish shout, and the wands were intertwined in a crisscross pattern.

The green magic power fluctuations are connected to each other to form a transparent magic barrier, which protects the entire field of Yuei Vu.

“Oh” Tilla Mook saw something, “Are these two girls magicians with special abilities of defense”

“That’s right.” Yuei Vu smiled, “When ‘Magician’s Valkyria’ exists on the field, my opponent can’t target face-up Spellcaster-Type monsters other than her as an attack target.

And now there are two “Magician’s Valkyria” on the field…”

“In other words, I can’t choose anyone, thus my attack is blocked.” Tilla Mook smiled lightly, “It’s quite a beautiful tactic, it’s the so-called ‘absolute defense’.”

Yuei Vu shrugged and didn’t speak.

It’s just an ordinary use of taunt to form an attack block, and it had no resistance.

It was far from “absolute defense”, but it was definitely useful in this environment.

“But this kind of trick won’t work in front of my powerful vampire!” Tilla Mook smiled confidently, “I’ll let you see, even in the Ghouls, I belong to the high-end combat power.

This is the strength of a noble vampire!”

Yuei Vu looked at her: Even if you are a noble, you still have to play cards with me obediently…

Actually, there seemed to be a vampire named Camula in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

She claimed to be the last remaining member of her clan.

However, the world was vast.

Although this species was on the verge of extinction, there must be some remnants left in every corner of the world.

“My turn, draw! I activate another effect of ‘Vampire Sorcerer’ in the GY – I can banish this card from my GY; 1 DARK “Vampire” monster I Normal Summon this turn can be Summoned without Tributing!”

While she was talking, the “Vampire Sorcerer” in the cemetery area of ​​her Duel Disk popped up automatically, and she put it into her clothes.

(There was no banished zone in the Duel Disk of this era)

Then she raised another card from her hand, her facial features twisted, and her eyes were full of enthusiasm.

“Let you see my trump card! As the proud nobles of our blood race—

——Vampire Red Baron! ”

The darkness rolled out from the ground like a tide, and a warrior in black armor appeared in the darkness with spears and horses like underworld creatures.

He wore a helmet and a mask, and the hooves of his mount made a crisp and rhythmic sound on the ground.

Countless bats fluttered and fluttered against the red background like a dark whirlwind.

[Vampire Red Baron, ATK 2400]


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